Everything Dinosaur can confirm that it will be stocking the PNSO Mungo the Meraxes dinosaur model. This figure is due in stock later this spring (2023). Mungo the Meraxes was announced earlier this week and whilst we expect the output from PNSO to slow down a little this year, the number of new figures the company has produced recently has been remarkable.

Meraxes dinosaur model (PNSO)
The carcharodontosaurid from the Late Cretaceous of Argentina Meraxes gigas. The PNSO model will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in the spring (2023).

Meraxes gigas

Meraxes (M. gigas) was formally named and scientifically described in 2012 (Canale et al). It is a member of the Carcharodontosauridae family of theropods and at approximately 11 metres long and weighing 4 Tonnes (estimated 4.26 Tonnes), it was probably the apex predator in its Late Cretaceous environment. Another giant carcharodontosaurid Mapusaurus (M. roseae), is also known from the Huincul Formation of Argentina, but Meraxes fossil material is associated with geologically older strata.

To read Everything Dinosaur’s blog post from 2012 but the discovery of Meraxes: New Giant Carcharodontosaurid from Argentina.

Lateral view Mungo the Meraxes
PNSO Mungo the Meraxes gigas in lateral view.

PNSO Mungo the Meraxes

The PNSO Mungo the Meraxes has an articulated lower jaw, and it will be supplied with a clear plastic support stand, a poster and a 64-page, illustrated colour booklet.

PNSO Mungo the Meraxes with an articulated jaw.
The Meraxes model will have an articulated lower jaw.

A Carcharodontosaurid Dinosaur Model

An almost complete right arm is known. The arm is proportionately quite small and suggests that as with the abelisaurids and the later tyrannosaurids reduced forelimb size is an evolutionary trait of the Carcharodontosaurinae.

The PNSO model shows the reduced forelimbs and the striking colouration chosen for the figure is reminiscent of the Wild Safari Prehistoric World Giganotosaurus model that was introduced some years previously.

Giganotosaurus dinosaur model.
Wild Safari Prehistoric World Giganotosaurus dinosaur model.

Skull material, (Meraxes gigas has one of the best-known craniums of all the Carcharodontosauridae), enabled palaeontologists to estimate the size of other Cretaceous theropods such as Acrocanthosaurus (A. atokensis) and Giganotosaurus carolinii.

PNSO Mungo the Meraxes poster and booklet.
The model is supplied with a transparent support base, a poster, a full-colour, 64-page booklet and a QR code on the box provides access to a video showing how the model was made.

Model Measurements

The PNSO Meraxes measures 30.2 cm in length with a head height of 10.4 cm. Although PNSO do not declare a scale for this figure, team members estimate that based on an 11-metre-long animal, the figure is in approximately 1:36 scale.

PNSO Meraxes model measurements.
The Meraxes model measures 30.2 cm long and has a head height of 10.4 cm.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur confirmed that this figure along with the recently announced new version of the PNSO Lucas the Giganotosaurus model would be in stock in the late spring.

The spokesperson added:

“It is great to see PNSO expanding their theropod dinosaur model range.”

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