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28 02, 2021

Caldey’s Zuniceratops

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Caldey’s Zuniceratops Illustration

Our thanks to budding palaeo-artist Caldey who sent into Everything Dinosaur her illustration of the Beasts of the Mesozoic Zuniceratops figure and what a splendid illustration it is!  We have received numerous horned dinosaur drawings from Caldey in recent months, we can now add her Zuniceratops christopheri artwork to our collection.

Caldey’s Illustration of Zuniceratops christopheri

Zuniceratops christopheri by Caldey

A beautiful illustration of the Late Cretaceous horned dinosaur Zuniceratops (Z. christopheri) by Caldey.  Previously, Caldey has dispatched to Everything Dinosaur drawings of Diabloceratops, Medusaceratops, Triceratops and other horned dinosaurs.

Picture credit: Caldey

Illustrating Zuniceratops

The colourful and enigmatic Z. christopheri with its vivid facial markings and flashes of blue is cleverly contrasted with the monochrome foreground and vegetation that Caldey has incorporated into her drawing.  A tuft of bristle-like hairs on the rump of this dinosaur has also been added.  Although there is no fossil evidence to indicate whether this ceratopsian possessed such a feature, it is known in other members of the Ceratopsia, such as Psittacosaurus, a dinosaur that Caldey has also illustrated.

Zuniceratops is regarded as a transitional form of horned dinosaur.  It roamed what was to become New Mexico around ninety million years ago and its fossil remains show a mix of primitive and more derived anatomical traits, so why not give it bristles too?

Caldey’s Illustration of Psittacosaurus

A drrawing of Psittacosaurus.

Caldey’s illustration of the early member of the Ceratopsia – Psittacosaurus.  There is evidence to suggest that this small, plant-eating dinosaur had a fan of bristle-like structures at the base of its tail.  Palaeontologists remain uncertain as to their function.

Picture credit: Caldey

These illustrations are based on horned dinosaur figures and models.  Specifically, these drawings have been inspired by the Beasts of the Mesozoic model range.

To view this range: Beasts of the Mesozoic Models and Figures.

The artist has carefully picked out and highlighted the individual scales on the Zuniceratops.  This is particularly evident on the head, where even the tiny jugal (cheek horn) has been illustrated.

A Close-up View of the Head of the Zuniceratops

A close-up of the head of Zuniceratops as illustrated by Caldey.

The individual scales have been carefully picked out and highlighted by the artist.

Picture credit: Caldey

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“It is always a pleasure to receive artwork and we do get lots of pictures sent into us.  We do look at them all and we are really grateful for all that we receive.  Our congratulations to Caldey for her splendid drawing of Zuniceratops.”

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

27 02, 2021

New for 2021 Safari Ltd Models in Stock

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New for 2021 Safari Ltd Models in Stock

The first of the new for 2021 Safari Ltd prehistoric animal models are in stock at Everything Dinosaur.  The Wild Safari Prehistoric World Baryonyx and the Mythical Realms armoured Triceratops have arrived at our warehouse.  These figures were due in March, but we were able to get these two models a little earlier than scheduled.  Safari Ltd will introduce a total of five new models this year, three dinosaurs and two armoured dinosaurs in the Mythical Realms series.

Safari Ltd Prehistoric Animal Models

The Daspletosaurus, quadrupedal Spinosaurus and the armoured Tyrannosaurus rex in the Mythical Realm series are due to arrive in April, but as with the armoured Triceratops and the Baryonyx models, Everything Dinosaur team members will try and get these a little ahead of schedule if possible.

The New for 2021 Wild Safari Prehistoric World Baryonyx Dinosaur Model

Wild Safari Prehistoric World Baryonyx dinosaur model.

The new for 2021 Wild Safari Prehistoric World Baryonyx dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Putting armour on dinosaurs is an intriguing idea. It permits Safari Ltd to extend their range of models in their Mythical Realms series which incorporates strange animals from legend and folklore such as werewolves, dragons, mermaids and the Yeti.  The armoured Triceratops figure reminds us of the sort of dinosaur associated with the fantasy world Dinotopia created by artist and author James Gurney, who wrote a series of books about an island populated by people and dinosaurs.

The New for 2021 Armoured Triceratops Dinosaur Model

The Mythical Realms Armoured Triceratops.

The Safari Ltd Mythical Realms armoured Triceratops dinosaur model is now in stock at Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

An “Amoured Dinosaur”

This brings a whole new meaning to the term “armoured dinosaur”.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“There are huge problems with global logistics at the moment.  The global coronavirus pandemic has left worldwide shipping in chaos.  There are extensive delays when it comes to the moving of goods around the world, the recent Chinese holidays associated with the Chinese Spring Festival otherwise known as the New Year Festival have added to the difficulties.  However, we had anticipated these problems and put contingencies in place which allowed us to bring in these two new for 2021 Safari Ltd figures slightly earlier than scheduled.”

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

The Five New for 2021 Safari Ltd Prehistoric Animal Models That Everything Dinosaur Will Stock

Five new for 2021 Safari Ltd prehistoric animal models.

The five new for 2021 Safari Ltd prehistoric animal models that Everything Dinosaur will be stocking.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The spokesperson added that the three remaining new for 2021 Safari Ltd figures (armoured T. rex, Daspletosaurus and the Spinosaurus), were scheduled to arrive in late April but team members would do all they could to get these models into stock as quickly as possible.

To view the range of Safari Ltd prehistoric animal models in stock at Everything Dinosaur including the Baryonyx and the new armoured Triceratops: Wild Safari Prehistoric World.

26 02, 2021

Concentrated Levels of Iridium Found at Chicxulub Impact Site

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High levels of the rare Earth element iridium have been found in drill cores taken from the peak-ring sequence of the Chicxulub impact site located on the Yucatan peninsula (Mexico). This evidence further supports the theory that the extra-terrestrial space object that smashed into our planet some 66 million years ago is linked to the Cretaceous-Palaeogene (K-Pg) mass extinction event.

Extra-terrestrial Object Hits Earth

The day that everything changed. Scientists have found more evidence linking the Chicxulub impact event to the K-Pg mass extinction.

Picture credit: Map from Nature Geoscience / illustration courtesy of NASA

In 2016, IODP-ICDP* Expedition 364 drilled into the Chicxulub crater’s peak ring, an irregular ring of hills that surrounds the crater’s centre bringing around 835 metres of rock to the surface for detailed laboratory analysis.

* IODP (International Ocean Discovery Program) and the ICDP (International Continental Scientific Drilling Program).

The Chicxulub Impact Site

Iridium is extremely rare on Earth, although a spike in levels has been recorded at numerous sites around the world that represent deposits laid down around 66 million years ago. The researchers state that the iridium levels found in the drill cores are four times more concentrated than elsewhere. The scientists found iridium levels were highest across the transition into early Paleogene sediments (Danian faunal stage).

A Geophysical Map of the Chicxulub Impact Site

Geophysical Map of the Chicxulub Impact Crater
A geophysical map of the impact crater and the Chicxulub crater peaks from which the drill cores were taken.

Picture credit: NASA

A Vapourised Bolide

Writing in the academic journal “Science Advances” the researchers conclude that this evidence combined with the spike in worldwide iridium deposits at the time of the mass extinction event, constitutes indisputable evidence that the suspected dinosaur-killing bolide that created the Chicxulub crater was indeed the culprit.

Commenting on the significance of this research, co-author Professor Joanna Morgan (Imperial College London) stated:

“This asteroid was vaporised and ejected from the impact site at high speed. Iridium, and other asteroidal material, then circled the Earth above the stratosphere within a fast-moving dust cloud and may have taken up to two decades to settle through the atmosphere and ocean before being deposited at the impact site.”

Lead author of the study, Professor Steven Goderis of the Free University of Brussels-VUB added:

“It’s quite remarkable that we found concentrations this high within the impact structure itself. In the first hours to months after the impact, the crater was a highly turbulent environment affected by tsunamis and earthquakes. Luckily, the iridium layer was preserved. This unquestionably ties the formation of the crater to the mass extinction event that marked the end of the Cretaceous and confirms that the asteroid impact and dinosaur extinction are indisputably linked.”

The Iridium Clay Layer Marks the Impact Event

Identifying the K-T Boundary (Iridium Clay Layer)
Identifying concentrations of the rare Earth element iridium in a clay layer. At various locations around the world geologists have identified an iridium rich clay layer that marks the end of the Cretaceous and the beginning of the Palaeogene (K-T boundary).

Picture credit: The Open University/Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur acknowledges the contribution of a media release from Imperial College London in the compilation of this article.

To read a related article looking at how palaeontologists interpret fossil evidence of a global impact event: Quarry Site Might Reveal Evidence of Cretaceous Mass Extinction Event.

The scientific paper: “Globally distributed iridium layer preserved within the Chicxulub impact structure” by Steven Goderis, Honami Sato, Ludovic Ferrière, Birger Schmitz, David Burney, Pim Kaskes, Johan Vellekoop, Axel Wittmann, Toni Schulz, Stepan M. Chernonozhkin, Philippe Claeys, Sietze J. de Graaff, Thomas Déhais, Niels J. de Winter, Mikael Elfman, Jean-Guillaume Feignon, Akira Ishikawa, Christian Koeberl, Per Kristiansson, Clive R. Neal, Jeremy D. Owens, Martin Schmieder, Matthias Sinnesael, Frank Vanhaecke, Stijn J. M. Van Malderen, Timothy J. Bralower, Sean P. S. Gulick, David A. Kring, Christopher M. Lowery, Joanna V. Morgan, Jan Smit, Michael T. Whalen and the IODP-ICDP Expedition 364 Scientists published in Science Advances.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

25 02, 2021

Coins Commemorate Mary Anning

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Coin Collection Celebrates the Contribution of Mary Anning

The Royal Mint in collaboration with the London Natural History Museum has launched a commemorative coin collection honouring the celebrated palaeontology pioneer Mary Anning.  From selling seashells on the seashore to a coin collection which includes a gold proof coin valued at over £1,100.00 ($1,540.00 USD) featuring an image of an ichthyosaur, the contribution to science of the most famous former resident of Lyme Regis in Dorset is being honoured in a very special way.

Celebrating Mary Anning

One of the Commemorative Coins Features an Ichthyosaur

A coin features an ichthyosaur (Temnodontosaurus).

One of the coins that commemorates Mary Anning features an illustration of an ichthyosaur (Temnodontosaurus).

Picture credit: The Royal Mint

The “Tales of the Earth” Series

This is the second coin collection in The Royal Mint’s “Tales of the Earth” series, celebrating the remarkable fossil record of the British Isles. Whilst the original series featured the first dinosaurs to be named and described (Iguanodon, Megalosaurus and the armoured dinosaur Hylaeosaurus), there are no dinosaurs on these three coins, after all, dinosaur fossil remains from the “Jurassic Coast” are exceptionally rare.

The marine shales explored by the Anning family in Georgian times revealed the remains of huge sea monsters and occasionally pterosaurs, such as Dimorphodon which features on another of the coins that make up this set.

Honouring Mary Anning – The First Fossil Remains of Dimorphodon Were Found in 1828

Coin honours Mary Anning.

From the Royal Mint, a coin has been issued which honours the discovery of the first pterosaur fossil in England by Mary Anning.

Picture credit: The Royal Mint

The renowned British palaeo-artist Bob Nicholls who designed the trio of dinosaurs that featured on the first set of “Tales of the Earth” commemorative coins, returns to bring back to life three prehistoric creatures that reflect the contribution to palaeontology made by Mary Anning.  The third coin features a beautiful illustration of a Plesiosaurus.

A Plesiosaurus Features on One of the Commemorative Fifty Pence Coins

Honouring Mary Anning (Plesiosaurus 1823).

Picture credit: The Royal Mint

Coins Designed by Bob Nicholls

With the assistance of Sandra Chapman of the Earth Sciences Department at the Natural History Museum, each of the coin design’s created by Bob Nicholls are a scientifically accurate reconstruction of the creatures and their ancient Early Jurassic environment.  By using the latest colour printing techniques, the intricate characteristics of each of the prehistoric marine reptiles have been captured to illustrate accurately how these creatures looked like on Earth millions of years ago, making them appear dynamic and adding a new level of visual fidelity to the coins.

Commemorative Coins to Celebrate the Contribution of Mary Anning

Coins minted to honour Mary Anning.

A trio of coins that have been minted to honour the contribution to science of Mary Anning.

Picture credit: The Royal Mint

Commenting on the addition of this coin collection, the Divisional Director of Commemorative Coin at The Royal Mint, Clare Maclennan stated:

“It is an absolute pleasure to continue the popular Tales of the Earth commemorative 50p coin series in conjunction with the Natural History Museum.  The next collection in the series celebrates fossil hunter and pioneering palaeontologist Mary Anning, with three coin’s featuring Anning’s astonishing discoveries of Temnodontosaurus, Plesiosaurus and Dimorphodon.”

The coins each with a face value of fifty pence are available in a number of formats at various price points permitting coin collectors and dinosaur fans the opportunity to acquire them.  For the record, the gold coin valued at over £1,000 is a limited edition piece, just 250 have been produced.

The Temnodontosaurus Coin in a Presentation Acrylic Block

Acrylic block containing one of the Mary Anning commemorative coins.

An acrylic block which features the 50p commemorative Temnodontosaurus image honouring Mary Anning.

Picture credit: The Royal Mint

For models and replicas of prehistoric animals: Prehistoric Animal Figures.

A Mysterious Coin Found at Lyme Regis

Back in 2015 Everything Dinosaur reported on the discovery of a mysterious metal token that was found by a metal detectorist at Lyme Regis.  It was speculated that this coin-like object could have been the property of Mary Anning.  We wonder what Mary would have made of the coin collection created by The Royal Mint commemorating her contribution.

Did This Metal Token Once Belong to Mary Anning?

The Mary Anning Disc

Stamped on the disc are the words “Mary Anning and the year 1810 marked in Roman numerals.

Picture credit: Lyme Regis Museum with additional annotation by Everything Dinosaur

To read more about the Mary Anning disc: Mysterious Token Linked to Mary Anning.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

24 02, 2021

Selecting a Rebor T. rex for a Customer

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Recently we were contacted by a collector in Russia who wanted to add to his Rebor figure collection by acquiring a Rebor GrabNGo T. rex dinosaur model.

The Rebor GrabNGo range was launched in 2019 with the introduction of the amazing Komodo dragon replica, a stunning half metre long model of the largest living lizard in the world. Our Russian customer wanted one of the Tyrannosaurus rex figures that were introduced into this range last year, specifically the Rebor GrabNGo T. rex dinosaur model – type A.

Rebor Komodo dragon 1:6 scale replica.
Rebor GrabNGo Komodo dragon model. The first figure in the GrabNGo range to be introduced by Rebor (2019).
The Rebor GrabNGo T. rex (Type A)
The Rebor GrabNGo T. rex Type A dinosaur model. Two colour versions of this model were introduced, both are likely to be retired and replaced with new versions in the near future.

Choosing the Model

Our customer asked whether we could help him by taking photographs of the model before he made his purchase on-line. Our dedicated team members were happy to do this. We would pick out a Tyrannosaurus rex model for him, photograph it and set it aside on our reserve shelf in our warehouse. The customer could then place his order and we would than marry up his order with the model reserved for him and send it out.

The stunning Rebor GrabNGo T. rex dinosaur model
Lateral view of the Rebor GrabNGo T. rex dinosaur model (Type A). The customer in Russia wanted a replica with a finely detailed head and tight seams so we took photographs of a model we had especially selected for him so that he could approve the figure prior to placing an order.

The customer wanted a Rebor GrabNGo T. rex replica (type A), but one with lots of detail on the head and tight seams between the head and the rest of the body. We carefully chose a model from our extensive inventory, photographed it and emailed the images for the customer’s approval.

A close view of the head of the Rebor GrabNGo T. rex model (Type A)
Close view of the head of the Rebor GrabNGo T. rex model (Type A)
The Rebor GrabNGo T. rex Dinosaur Model (Type A)
The Rebor GrabNGo T. rex dinosaur model (Type A).

Customer Approved

Team members sent plenty of photographs so that the client could get a good look at the figures and select the one they liked the best. We used our studio to take lots of detailed pictures of the head and the front of the body to assist our customer in their selection.

Rebor GrabNGo T. rex Type A (ventral view)
Showing the underside of the Rebor GrabNGo T. rex (Type A) the seam on the head. We took pictures of the underside of the model and sent these to the customer to assist them with their selection process.
The head of the Rebor GrabNGo T. rex model (Type A)
A view of the details on the head of the Rebor GrabNGo Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur model.

The customer selected the Rebor GrabNGo T. rex model they wanted and emailed to say:

“It [the Rebor GrabNGo T. rex model] suits me and I am ready to place an order. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Thank you very much. I am very grateful to you for your help and as promised I will leave all the stars and positive feedback.”

We were happy to help out.

To view the Rebor GrabNGo T. rex models (Type A and Type B) plus the rest of the Rebor replicas and figures in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Rebor Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.

23 02, 2021

W-Dragon Spinosaurus Dinosaur Model

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W-Dragon Spinosaurus Dinosaur Model

Everything Dinosaur have commissioned a limited production run of the fantastic W-Dragon Spinosaurus dinosaur model.  This brilliant 1:35 scale Jurassic Park III replica comes complete with a display base.  It’s a very rare figure and it has just arrived in stock!  For dinosaur model collectors and fans of the W-Dragon range here is your chance to grab a piece of dinosaur model making history.

In Stock at Everything Dinosaur the W-Dragon Spinosaurus 1:35 Scale Dinosaur Model

W-Dragon Spinosaurus dinosaur model (1:35 scale).

The W-Dragon Spinosaurus dinosaur model (1:35 scale).  The PVC/resin figure is supplied with its own detailed display base.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Spectacular Figure

Measuring around 43 centimetres in length and with that beautifully painted sail some 22 centimetres off the ground, this is a spectacular dinosaur figure.  The model is surprisingly heavy.  It is made from a combination of PVC and resin, the resin component is concentrated in the legs and the centre of the body providing stability and ensuring that the legs on this stunning theropod do not warp over time.  The figure is so stable that it can balance without the need for its display base.

The W-Dragon Spinosaurus Model Stands Without the Need for a Display Base

The W-Dragon Spinosaurus model stands unaided (without the display base).

The combination of PVC and resin permits this dinosaur model to be extremely stable.  The W-Dragon Spinosaurus can stand without the need to place it on its display base.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Fantastic Details

The figure has been skilfully crafted.  Individual scales can be seen and the skin texture with its folds and creases is exceptional.   The colour scheme is superb and we appreciate the attention to detail such as the clear indication of an ear opening and the carefully painted green eyes.  Even the different sized teeth and their position in the jaw have been carefully replicated to provide an accurate representation of the dentition associated with the upper and lower jaws as found in the fossil record.

A Close-up View of the Beautifully Detailed Head of the W-Dragon Spinosaurus

W-Dragon Spinosaurus - a close view of the head.

A close-up view of the head of the W-Dragon Spinosaurus model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

This is a most impressive Spinosaurus model.  Only a limited number have been made.  Everything Dinosaur commissioned a special production run of this highly collectable figure and with W-Dragon now focusing on their contract with Universal Studios it is unlikely that more Spinosaurus figures will be made for some considerable time.

A Most Impressive Addition to Any Dinosaur Model Collection

W-Dragon Spinosaurus dinosaur model.

The W-Dragon Spinosaurus dinosaur model on its display base.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the W-Dragon Spinosaurus and the rest of the range of dinosaur models available from Everything Dinosaur: W-Dragon Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.

22 02, 2021

A Jurassic Park Inspired Dinosaur Diorama

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A Jurassic Park Inspired Dinosaur Diorama

Our thanks to James who sent into Everything Dinosaur some photos of his Jurassic Park inspired dinosaur diorama.  James has used many of the prehistoric animal models he purchased from Everything Dinosaur to recreate some of his favourite scenes from the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World movie franchise.  There are lots of different dinosaur models and replicas featured in the photographs.

Can you identify all the prehistoric animal replicas and toys?

A Pack of Papo Velociraptors Confront a Dilophosaurus

Four against one! Velociraptor pack versus a Dilophosaurus.

Four Velociraptors confront a Dilophosaurus.  Four Papo Velociraptors confront a single Dilophosaurus.  The Dilophosaurus replica is the ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus figure.  A splendid and very colourful frill has been added to the Dilophosaurus making it very reminiscent to the Dilophosaurus “spitters” that were first seen in the original 1993 film Jurassic Park.

Picture credit: James

A Tyrannosaurus rex About to Eat a Goat

A goat meets a T. rex

A goat about to have an unfortunate encounter with a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Picture credit: James

The photograph (above), shows a T. rex about to consume a goat, a recreation of a famous scene from the film Jurassic Park, when the Tyrannosaurus rex makes its debut in the movie franchise.  The goat model is a PNSO Animals of Asia replica, can you work out which T. rex model is in the picture?

Tyrannosaurus rex Battles a Carnotaurus

T. rex defeats a Carnotaurus.

Tyrannosaurus rex fights a Carnotaurus.  In a dramatic recreation of a famous scene from the most recent film in the movie franchise, a Carnotaurus is attacked by a T. rex.

Picture credit: James

For dinosaur and prehistoric animal models: Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.

A Dinosaur Diorama

In the latest film to be released in this franchise (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom), that came out in 2018, there is a scene in which the hero Owen Grady (played by Chris Pratt) is saved from a Carnotaurus by the island’s T. rex.  James has recreated this scene and (below), he has depicted the scene that precedes the T. rex attack when the Carnotaurus does battle with a horned dinosaur.

A Carnotaurus Battles Sinoceratops

Carnotaurus battles Sinoceratops.

A Carnotaurus does battle with a Sinoceratops.

Picture credit: James

The Carnotaurus is the Wild Safari Prehistoric World replica that was introduced in 2019.  The horned dinosaur is the excellent Nanmu Studio Sinoceratops dinosaur replica.

A Pair of Horned Dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park Paddock

Horned dinosaurs at Jurassic Park.

Pachyrhinosaurus and Sinoceratops roaming around Jurassic Park.  Horned dinosaurs at home in Jurassic Park.  The PNSO Pachyrhinosaurus can be seen in the foreground.

Picture credit: James

Everything Dinosaur Comments

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Our thanks to James for sending in such a fantastic collection of images.  We think we can guess what his favourite film franchise is.”

A Close-up View of the ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus 

ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus in a Jurassic Park diorama.

The ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus dinosaur model features in the Jurassic Park diorama.  James has added small rocks, pieces of bark and made his own plant models.

Picture credit: James

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

21 02, 2021

Microraptors on Display

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Team members at Everything Dinosaur came across this image of a pair of Microraptors displaying to each other. The image shows two Wild Safari Prehistoric World Microraptor models and the picture was sent to Everything Dinosaur by Safari Ltd in 2017 or thereabouts. The picture has not been used by Everything Dinosaur before.

Wild Safari Prehistoric World Microraptor models
A pair of Microraptors compete in intraspecific combat. Visual displays were probably very important to these small dromaeosaurs.

Wild Safari Prehistoric World Microraptor

The image (above), was one of several sent to Everything Dinosaur by Safari Ltd to promote their range of newly introduced prehistoric animal figures. That year (2017), was a bumper year for new prehistoric animal model introductions from Safari Ltd. In total, there were thirteen new replicas introduced. As well as the Microraptor, there was a new model of another member of the Dromaeosauridae, albeit from a different subfamily to Microraptor. Safari Ltd added a feathered Velociraptor to their product portfolio.

A Pack of Hungry Velociraptors
A quartet of Velociraptors (Wild Safari Prehistoric World Velociraptor models). In 2017, Safari Ltd launched two, new Dromaeosauridae models – Velociraptor and Microraptor.

The picture (above) shows a pack of Velociraptors (Wild Safari Prehistoric World Velociraptor dinosaur models).

The list of new figures from Safari Ltd in 2017:

  • Coelophysis
  • Deinocheirus
  • Diplodocus
  • Einiosaurus
  • Giganotosaurus
  • Kronosaurus
  • Microraptor
  • Parasaurolophus
  • Psittacosaurus
  • Quetzalcoatlus
  • Tylosaurus
  • Tyrannosaurus rex (feathered)
  • Velociraptor (feathered)

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“What a splendid year 2017 turned out to be for new prehistoric animal models from Safari Ltd. In 2014, the twenty-eight year collaboration between the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Safari Ltd had ended just a couple of years before. More prehistoric figures had been promised by the American-based manufacturer and in 2017 collectors began to see the results of Safari Ltd’s development work.”

Safari Ltd have continued their trend of increasing the number of prehistoric animal figures they produce. Even a pandemic has not stopped them, Everything Dinosaur will stock a further two new Safari Ltd dinosaur models this year.

Wild Safari Prehistoric World Baryonyx dinosaur model.
The new for 2021 Wild Safari Prehistoric World Baryonyx dinosaur model. This new for 2021 dinosaur model is currently in stock at Everything Dinosaur along with the armoured T. rex and the armoured Triceratops dinosaur models. The Wild Safari Prehistoric World Daspletosaurus and the new Spinosaurus figure will be available from Everything Dinosaur shortly (April 2021).

To view the Wild Safari Prehistoric World models available from Everything Dinosaur: Wild Safari Prehistoric World Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.

20 02, 2021

No Fake Reviews on Everything Dinosaur’s Websites

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No Fake Reviews on Everything Dinosaur’s Websites

All the reviews on Everything Dinosaur’s websites are 100% genuine.  We are very proud of our reputation for 5-star customer service and the thousands of Feefo reviews and product reviews published on our website: Everything Dinosaur are provided by real customers providing honest opinions.

We have recently been awarded (once again) the highest accolade that Feefo (an independent ratings company) offers, the Feefo Platinum Service Award.

Everything Dinosaur is an Award-winning Company

The Feefo platinum service award.

The Feefo Platinum Service Award.  Everything Dinosaur are award winners again!

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

With such a high profile it is not surprising that we get a few emails, some of them a little more unsavoury than most.  Take for example, this email we received earlier today.

“Hi Everythingdinosaur,

I will write and publish reviews on your business profiles from the verified/unverified accounts.  I will post each review on your requirements and specific time, which will increase your search results, ranking, ratings, sales, etc.

I will provide you reviews/comments on all reviews platforms, Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Facebook, Google, Kayak, eBay, Guildquality, Goodreads, ResellerRatings, Walmart, B&N, GlassDoor, Getapp, FanReviews, Quora, Angieslist, Financesonline, Choice, BBB, TestFreaks, Tripadvisor, Yellowpages, Foursquare, Appexchange, Consumer reports, and all other similar reviews websites.

We also provide ratings and reviews on Appstore, iTunes, Google Play Store, YouTube Subscribers, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Business page, Facebook posts, likes, comments and followers, Facebook Group members, and all other similar services.

Our group is spread around the world, that’s means I am able to provide you any specific country IP-based reviews/services “France, Spain, USA, Canada, UK, China, PK, Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, Australia, etc”.

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Unfortunately, there is a growing market in fake reviews.  Everything Dinosaur’s customers, fans and followers can be assured that every review on our websites or social media pages is absolutely genuine.  We would never employ such deceitful practices, the email was picked up by one of our many spam filters and rest assured it was subsequently deleted.

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19 02, 2021

A Happy Dinosaur Model

By | February 19th, 2021|Dinosaur Fans, Early Years Foundation Reception, Everything Dinosaur Products, General Teaching, Key Stage 1/2, Main Page, Photos of Everything Dinosaur Products|0 Comments

Aaron the little T. rex dinosaur model, which is one of 48 small prehistoric animal figures currently manufactured by PNSO, is proving very popular amongst young dinosaur fans. We received an email from a mother whose daughter had just received her parcel sent by Everything Dinosaur containing some of these PNSO figures. Mum wrote to say how delighted her daughter was with her dinosaurs and she had stated that the little T. rex replica (Aaron) seemed to be a very a happy dinosaur as the model had a smile on its face.

PNSO Aaron the little Tyrannosaurus rex
A smiling T. rex dinosaur model. The PNSO Aaron the little T. rex. Is this dinosaur smiling?

Happy Dinosaurs

Ascribing emotions to a dinosaur is somewhat challenging. After all, such traits are not represented in the fossil record. However, those near relatives of the “tyrant lizard king”, the birds, do demonstrate a range of behaviours that indicate emotions and even empathy towards others.

People who keep birds as pets have stated that they can sense emotional states and energy levels and the birds change their behaviours accordingly. Parrots, pigeons and budgerigars can sulk, show jealously, excitement and affection towards their human owners. Bird intelligence has been studied for many years, Darwin considered avian intelligence and pondered on their emotional states.

PNSO Aaron the little Tyrannosaurus rex
The PNSO Aaron the little T. rex seems to be smiling. It is a very happy looking dinosaur model.

A Contented T. rex?

It is the configuration of the jaw line that perhaps gives Aaron the little T. rex dinosaur model an appearance of smiling. With his big eyes and the indication of feathers on the top of his head, his look might be interpreted as a happy, contented dinosaur.

As scientists learn more about the behaviours and cognitive abilities of extant animals in combination with rare fossils that shine a light on nesting/brooding, herd behaviour and intra-specific interactions, then we are going to see more palaeo-artists producing artwork that develops these themes.

For the young girl and her dinosaur collection, if she thinks that Aaron the little T. rex is a very happy dinosaur then this is fine by us. Aaron and the other PNSO models will help her to develop through play as she uses her imagination and creativity.

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