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11 07, 2022

Everything Dinosaur Helping to Fund Science

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On July 7th (2022), a new scientific paper providing a review of the Early Cretaceous Eotyrannus lengi was published. Everything Dinosaur helped to fund the publication of this research. The authors, Dr Darren Naish (School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Environment and Life Sciences, University of Southampton) and Andrea Cau (Parma, Italy) concluded that E. lengi was a valid tyrannosauroid taxon from the Barremian Wessex Formation of the Isle of Wight.

In order to make a new study into the dinosaur Eotyrannus open access, so that everyone could view this research, the authors set up a GoFundMe campaign. Everything Dinosaur helped to fund this study. We are happy to support this excellent paper and we are helping to make such studies possible. Your purchases from Everything Dinosaur genuinely help science.

Everything Dinosaur helping to fund research.
Team members at Everything Dinosaur were happy to assist with funding a newly published paper on the early tyrannosauroid Eotyrannus lengi.

The publication costs of this manuscript were supported by a successful gofundme campaign (July 2018). The fund target was reached in less than 24-hours and Everything Dinosaur was happy to make a substantial contribution to ensure that this research could be published allowing free access.

Our congratulations to all the other funders, who helped make this possible.

We hope to produce an article on this excellent scientific paper in the very near future, after all, it sheds light on an amazing dinosaur dominated ecosystem. The researchers conclude that Eotyrannus was a mid-size predator with much larger megalosauroid or allosauroid apex predators present. There were certainly many different types of theropod in the environment including carcharodontosaurian allosauroids, baryonychine spinosaurids as well as probable compsognathids and members of the Maniraptora.

To read a recent Everything Dinosaur article about two, newly described spinosaurids from the Isle of Wight: Two New Spinosaurids from the Isle of Wight.

Two new Isle of Wight spinosaurs
Two new species of spinosaurids described from the Isle of Wight Ceratosuchops inferodios (foreground) challenges a Riparovenator milnerae (background) over the carcase of an iguanodont. Picture credit: Anthony Hutchings

To read a related article about the discovery of an even bigger spinosaurid on the island: Super-sized Carnivorous Dinosaur from the Isle of Wight.

Customers purchasing dinosaur models and dinosaur toys from Everything Dinosaur are helping to support research.

To visit Everything Dinosaur’s website: Everything Dinosaur.

The scientific paper: “The osteology and affinities of Eotyrannus lengi, a tyrannosauroid theropod from the Wealden Supergroup of southern England” by Darren Naish and Andrea Cau published in PeerJ.

21 05, 2022

Mary Anning Statue Unveiled at Lyme Regis

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A statue commemorating the life and work of the pioneering palaeontologist Mary Anning has been unveiled in her hometown of Lyme Regis. Mary Anning (1799 – 1847), made some remarkable fossil discoveries along Dorset’s “Jurassic Coast”, although during her lifetime, her contribution to the nascent sciences of geology and palaeontology was not fully recognised.

The statue, created by artist and sculptress Denise Dutton, is placed on the seafront close to the sea defences, permitting Mary a view of Lyme Bay and the cliffs and shoreline that she explored with her brother Joseph as a child. During her lifetime she made several highly significant fossil discoveries in the Lower Jurassic marine beds, including the first ichthyosaur specimens to be scientifically studied, plesiosaurs and the first pterosaur fossil to be found outside Germany.

The unveiling of the Mary Anning statue at Lyme Regis (Dorset)
The statue commemorating the life and work of Mary Anning is unveiled. Picture credit: Mary Anning Rocks

Mary Anning Rocks

Young Evie Swire was the inspiration behind the charity Mary Anning Rocks, when she enquired on returning from a fossil hunting trip at Lyme Regis “why isn’t there a statue to Mary?” A fund-raising campaign was organised and on what would have been Mary’s 223rd birthday, Evie, now a teenager and her fellow campaigners unveiled the beautiful statue commemorating a key figure in the history of the Earth Sciences.

Mary Anning statue unveiled at Lyme Regis
Crowds flocked to see the new statue of Mary Anning unveiled, some people even dressed up like Mary. Picture credit: Mary Anning Rocks.

Supporting and Celebrating the Role of Women in the Sciences

Everything Dinosaur was one of the first organisations from outside Lyme Regis to back the campaign and to help raise awareness. Since the charity’s inception, Everything Dinosaur has helped to promote and support the fundraising.

Mary Anning’s discoveries in the 19th Century helped shape scientific understanding of prehistoric life, but her work was never properly credited due to the fact that she was a woman and because of her lowly social status. A large crowd turned out for the unveiling, and team members at Everything Dinosaur are looking forward to one day soon returning to Lyme Regis and paying our respects to Mary Anning and her statue.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We did so want to be there at the unveiling. The statue of Mary is not only a tribute to her, but it also helps to raise awareness of and celebrate the role of women in the sciences.”

Mary Anning Statue Unveiled
A close view of the statue of Mary Anning which was created by leading artist and sculptress Denise Dutton. Mary is holding an ammonite fossil in her left hand. Picture credit: Mary Anning Rocks.

Anya Pearson one of the hard-working trustees of the Mary Anning Rocks charity exclaimed:

“It was a monumental day for a monumental Woman – At last!!!”

Our congratulations to all those people who have worked so hard to ensure that Mary Anning can be honoured in this way.

21 05, 2022

The “Prehistoric Secret Science Show” at Wollaton Hall (Nottingham)

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Those enthusiastic scientists and educationalists at Wollaton Hall (Nottingham), are hosting an exclusive “Prehistoric Secret Science Show” on Tuesday 24th May, 2022 (4.30pm to 8.45pm). It will feature a veritable cornucopia of talks, presentations and workshops plus the chance to meet professionals engaged in current scientific research on Tyrannosaurus rex!

Prehistoric Secret Science Show at Wollaton Hall (Nottingham).
Led by the Nottingham City Museum’s Learning and Education team, the evening event (Prehistoric Secret Science Show), will showcase a range of speakers from the University of Nottingham, the University of Birmingham, Rutland Water Nature Reserve, as well as Nottingham City Museum’s Curator of Natural Sciences, Dr Adam Smith.

An Exclusive Event

Organised by those dedicated and talented members of Nottingham City Museum’s Learning and Education team, this evening event “Prehistoric Secret Science Show”, will showcase a range of speakers from the University of Birmingham, Rutland Water Nature Reserve and the University of Nottingham. Palaeontologist Dr Adam Smith (Nottingham Museum’s Curator of Natural Sciences), a world authority on Mesozoic marine reptiles will also be presenting.

More details about this exciting event can be found here: Wollaton Hall “Prehistoric Secret Science Show”.

Titus T. rex is King in secret science show.
Those enthusiastic scientists at Wollaton Hall (Nottingham) are hosting an exclusive “Prehistoric Secret Science Show” which will feature a tour of the “Titus” T. rex is King exhibition as well as chance to meet some of the scientists currently studying this iconic dinosaur.

Natural Science and Dinosaurs

This exclusive event is ideal for anyone interested in prehistoric life, palaeontology, Natural Science and dinosaurs, it has been especially designed for children at upper primary or secondary school, college, university and adults. It looks set to be an interesting evening that covers a wide range of topics, plus gives everyone the opportunity to meet “Titus” the Tyrannosaurus rex exhibit too!

Wollaton Hall secret science show (May 2022).
Meet scientists including leading palaeontologists at the “Prehistoric Secret Science Show” being held at the “Titus” T. rex is King exhibition at Wollaton Hall.

Event Details

Date: Tuesday 24th May (2022)

Location: Wollaton Hall (Nottingham)

Entry: 4.30pm

Event ends: 8.45pm

Ticket Prices – Adult: £15 Ticket Prices – Child £10

Schools and other large groups have one free adult per ten children with additional adults at the usual £15. Contact the event organisers for more information.

Event is open to all ages, including children at secondary school, college, university and adults. It is aimed especially for children over ten years old, although anyone with a keen interest in dinosaurs would be welcome.

Free entry for carers when accompanying a paid ticket. Please note car parking charges apply.

Further details can be found here: Wollaton Hall “Prehistoric Secret Science Show”.

18 05, 2022

Cheltenham Science Festival – “Here be Sea Dragons”

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The 2022 Cheltenham Science Festival starts next month (7th – 12th June) and as always, this festival is jam-packed with amazing events, presentations and activities covering just about every aspect of the sciences. The Earth sciences are strongly represented once again this year and award-winning palaeontologist Dr Dean Lomax will be delivering a talk entitled “Mary Anning and the Sea Dragons” at the centrally located Helix Theatre on the evening of the 8th June.

Dr Dean Lomax working on the skull of the Rutland ichthyosaur.
Dr Dean Lomax working on the skull of the Rutland ichthyosaur, the largest and most complete ichthyosaur fossil ever found in the UK. Picture credit: Matthew Power.

Hic Sunt Dracones – “Here be Dragons”

The Latin expression “hic sunt dracones” which translates as “here be dragons”, was used by Medieval cartographers to highlight unexplored territories on maps or regions where monsters were thought to roam. Join Dr Lomax on a guided tour through 200 years of fossil discoveries, shedding light on the ichthyosaurs, those enigmatic “sea dragons” that thrived during the time of the dinosaurs.

In “Mary Anning and the Sea Dragons”, Dr Lomax, a recent recipient of the prestigious Halstead Award from the Geologists’ Association, tells the amazing story of these marvellous marine reptiles, from the first fossil discoveries and the work of Mary Anning right up to the latest research including the excavation of the monstrous “Rutland Sea Dragon”, led by Dr Dean. Described as one of the most important finds in British palaeontological history, this huge ten-metre-long specimen is the biggest and most complete ichthyosaur fossil ever found in the UK.

Aerial view of the Rutland ichthyosaur excavation site.
An aerial view of the Rutland ichthyosaur excavation site. Dr Dean Lomax provides the scale. Hic sunt dracones! Picture credit: Matthew Power.

Following in the Footsteps of Mary Anning

Mary Anning was an extraordinary pioneering palaeontologist from Lyme Regis in Dorset. She discovered the first ichthyosaurs (or “sea dragons”) brought to the attention of science and helped to put the science of palaeontology firmly on the map. Palaeontologist, author and renowned expert on ichthyosaurs Dr Lomax has spent much of his illustrious career following in the footsteps of Mary Anning, even acting as a consultant for a short film about her exploits fittingly entitled “Sea Dragon” which will be shown as part of Dean’s presentation at the Helix Theatre (Wednesday, June 8th 5pm-6pm).

Dr Dean Lomax and ichthyosaur fossils.
Dr Dean Lomax with ichthyosaur fossils on display at the Natural History Museum London. Picture credit: Dr Dean Lomax.

Mary Anning and the “Sea Dragons”

Dean’s presentation – “Mary Anning and the Sea Dragons” is ideal for families and for children from seven years plus. Plot a course to the Helix Theatre for 5pm on June 8th to catch up with one of the UK’s leading scientists in the field of palaeontology.

For further details and to book this event at the Cheltenham Science Festival: Dr Dean Lomax – “Mary Anning and the Sea Dragons”.

A 21st Century Palaeontologist

Dr Lomax is currently involved with several important research programmes as well as media projects, and although he spends his working hours looking back into time, he is very much a 21st century palaeontologist with a passion for outreach work and science communication. Dean has recently written three books, reflecting his wide-ranging interests and engaging communication style.

As always, Dean will be happy to answer questions and to chat to any budding young palaeontologists, their parents and any fossil enthusiasts and he will be signing copies of his latest books – “Locked in Time”, “Prehistoric Pets” and “Dinosaurs Ten Things You Should Know”.

Three books written by Dr Dean Lomax.
Dean has recently completed three books – “Locked in Time” (left) which is illustrated by Bob Nicholls. “Prehistoric Pets” (centre) and (right) “Dinosaurs 10 Things You Should Know”. Dr Lomax will be signing copies at this Cheltenham Festival Event.

Event Details

  • Event: Cheltenham Science Festival.
  • Presentation: Mary Anning and the “Sea Dragons” by Dr Dean Lomax.
  • Venue: Helix Theatre (located on the Cheltenham Science Festival site at Imperial Square, directly behind Cheltenham Town Hall).
  • Date: Wednesday June 8th.
  • Time: 5pm to 6pm (Ticket price £7.00)

Book “Mary Anning and Sea Dragons”: Book Tickets for the Presentation.

Visit the Cheltenham Science Festival website here: The Cheltenham Science Festival.

16 05, 2022

A Knitted Geological Time Scale

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It can be difficult to visualise the immensely long geological time scale and to demonstrate what lifeforms developed along the way, so, why not knit one and use prehistoric animal models to illustrate key moments in the history of life on Earth.

That’s exactly what Sue Mallender, Learning Programmes Science Officer, (Nottingham City Museums) and the Learning and Engagement team did – creating a colourful and striking depiction of the evolution of life on Earth.

Knitted geological time scale.
Sue Mallender, Learning Programmes Science Officer, Nottingham City Museums (UK) has found a novel way of demonstrating deep time. The geological time scale has been knitted and prehistoric animal models placed on it at the appropriate point to demonstrate the evolution of life on Earth. Picture credit: Sue Mallender.

Visualising Geological Time

In order to study the history of life, scientists need to locate important evolutionary events such as the development of animals with exoskeletons and the evolution of vertebrates within the geological time scale. Planet Earth was formed around 4.57 billion years ago. Geologists have divided the history of our planet into time intervals of varying duration. This time scale was devised in the 19th century, (although amendments to it and revisions continue to be made). The boundaries between the time intervals mark notable events such as dramatic changes in the type of fossils found in strata.

Knitted geological time scale.
Demonstrating deep geological time in knitted form. The geological time scale knitted by Helen Crowfoot. Picture credit: Sue Mallender.

It is difficult to understand geological time and a knitted time scale, with each boundary carefully produced in a contrasting-coloured wool provides a novel and very innovative way of demonstrating this fundamental aspect of geology.

This colourful visualisation of the age of our planet was created by dedicated knitter Helen Crowfoot.

The “Slow Burning Fuse” to Complex Life

The long interval of time from the origin of the Earth to the start of the Cambrian is referred to as the Cryptozoic Eon (meaning hidden life). This enormous time interval is also referred to as the Precambrian. Its length in comparison to the Phanerozoic Eon (visible life) – the time interval to the present day, is dramatically demonstrated in the knitted time scale by the burgundy-coloured strip.

Some palaeontologists have described the Cryptozoic Eon as the “slow burning fuse to complex life.”

Demonstrating the Cryptozoic Eon in knitted form.
A novel way of demonstrating the Cryptozoic Eon, informally known as the Precambrian – the immensely long period of time before complex life evolved on Earth. It is depicted in the time scale in burgundy. Picture credit: Sue Mallender.

Cambrian Creatures

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that they had been contacted about this innovative project and ask to recommend prehistoric animal models that could be placed along the time scale to depict the sort of creatures that evolved during the main geological periods.

The Everything Dinosaur spokesperson explained:

“We started with the Cambrian, suggesting some figures that could represent some of the first, large complex animals and then worked forwards from there recommending various models that could be used to populate the knitted time scale.”

Cambrian animal models on knitted time line.
The Safari Ltd Cambrian Toob models placed on the knitted timeline. Picture credit: Sue Mallender.

The spokesperson added:

“What a super idea! This is a fantastic way to visualise geological time and we congratulate Sue and the Learning and Engagement team for such an innovative and creative way of demonstrating how life on our planet has changed over millions of years.”

8 03, 2022

Celebrating International Women’s Day

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Today, Tuesday the 8th of March is International Women’s Day, a day that is celebrated across the world, recognising the achievements of women in business, the arts, politics and of course in the sciences. A movement that began in the early years of the 20th century has expanded to encompass all aspects of gender equality.

The theme for International Women’s Day 2022 is “breaking the bias”.

Celebrating women in science
A collection of women scientists part of a poster montage spotted during a school visit. Celebrating International Women’s Day.


Using the hashtag #BreaktheBias the official website states that whether deliberate or unconscious, bias makes it difficult for women to move ahead. Knowing that bias exists is not enough. Action is needed to level the playing field. Many academic institutions, museums and educational bodies are working to improve opportunities and to support gender equality.

Imagine a world with gender equality, collectively we can all #BreakTheBias.

13 01, 2022

Everything Dinosaur Receives a Little Thank You

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Earlier this month (January 2nd, 2022), Everything Dinosaur published the fantastic news that Dorset Council had approved the erection of a bronze statue honouring Mary Anning at Lyme Regis on the famous “Jurassic Coast”. Team members at Everything Dinosaur have supported the charity “Mary Anning Rocks” that was set up to raise funds and to campaign for a permanent memorial to Mary Anning to be established.

To read our earlier post about the Dorset Council approval and to see images of the proposed statue: Mary Anning Statue Approved by Dorset Council.

As a small token of the charity’s gratitude, we received a little note and a gift.

Everything Dinosaur is thanked for their campaign support.
Everything Dinosaur is thanked for their support of the Mary Anning Rocks campaign to have a statue erected in Lyme Regis to honour the pioneering palaeontologist and fossil collector Mary Anning.

Honouring a Pioneering Palaeontologist

Our chum, Brandon Lennon who leads fossil walks at Lyme Regis and like Mary Anning before him, sells fossils that he finds on the beaches around Lyme Regis, sent us the gift which includes a personal thank you from the patrons of the charity and an informative booklet on Mary Anning’s life and work written by Nigel J. Clarke.

Brandon Lennon, a patron of the charity himself wrote:

“Thanks so much for all your help, in the early days”

Everything Dinosaur was one of the first organisations from outside Lyme Regis to back the campaign and to help raise awareness. Since the charity’s inception, Everything Dinosaur has helped to promote and support the fundraising.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“It is wonderful to have seen the plans for a statue come to fruition. The unveiling will probably take place in the late spring, we would love to be at the event but due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to make plans to visit Lyme Regis at this time. We congratulate the organisers and fundraisers for all their hard work in ensuring a permanent memorial to Mary Anning. Her statue will remind all the visitors to the area of her contribution to the nascent science of palaeontology and will help to inspire the next generation of scientists”.

Mary Anning - A life on the rocks
The inside front cover of the Mary Anning booklet by Nigel J. Clarke (edited by Sue Clarke) features the iconic portrait of Mary Anning and her dog Tray and the “Sea Sells Seashells” poem which is believed to have been inspired by Mary’s fossil finds.
4 01, 2022

Aiding an Ammonite

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Team members at Everything Dinosaur, try their best to help their customers. Our knowledgeable staff can provide lots of information and advice when it comes to prehistoric animals, but our contacts and connections are not just confined to models and model collecting.

For example, when a customer enquired about getting a fossil ammonite that he had found prepared and cleaned, we were able to provide assistance.

Fossil ammonite (geological hammer provides scale).
Large ammonites preserved on the beach. Everything Dinosaur team members get asked all sorts of questions related to dinosaurs and fossils. They can even point customers in the direction of professional fossil preparators.

A Mollusc Fossil from the Midlands

The Everything Dinosaur customer explained that they had found an ammonite fossil when visiting a large construction site in the midlands (UK). The mollusc fossil dates from the Jurassic and they wanted to have it cleaned and conserved, with the iron pyrites elements that did not constitute the fossil removed.

We were able to text them with the contact details of a talented nearby preparator who was very experienced in cleaning and preparing ammonites and had probably worked on a few examples from the same location.

An ammonite fossil find.
An ammonite partially eroded out of a nodule. We think this is an example of Dactylioceras commune. A professional fossil preparator can turn this specimen into a stunning display piece.

We are happy to help with customer’s enquiries and do our best to put them in touch with professionals who can assist them with their fossil collections.

3 12, 2021

Festive Theropod Gift Ideas

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Searching for an unusual festive gift for a dinosaur fanatic can be a bit of a challenge. However, those hard-working and dedicated staff at Wollaton Hall, currently curating the Titus the T. rex is King exhibition, have it all in hand.

If you are looking for new and exciting stocking filler present ideas for dinosaur fans of all ages, look no further with Titus T. rex is King unique Christmas gift vouchers and official merchandise.

Titus the T. rex Christmas gift experience
Have yourself a “roarsome” Christmas and take the stress out of looking for an unusual festive gift for the dinosaur fanatic(s) in your life, with a range of gift vouchers and official Titus the T. rex is King merchandise. Picture credit: Wollaton Hall.

For Dinosaur Fans of All Ages

This festive season, give a gift like no other with a truly unique experience to visit the first real Tyrannosaurus rex to be exhibited in England for over a hundred years.

For a limited period up until, Friday 24th December – exclusive festive-themed ticket vouchers will be available to purchase from the Wollaton Hall website. To ensure delivery in time for Christmas, the last chance to purchase the vouchers will be Sunday December 12th.

Visit the Wollaton Hall website to learn more about the Christmas 2021 offers: Visit Wollaton Hall website.

A range of special merchandise developed to accompany the exhibition is also available, including a limited-edition guidebook which provides a comprehensive overview of the discovery of Titus, the on-going research into the specimen and gives a glimpse of life 66 million years ago in the Hell Creek of Montana. There are plenty of stocking fillers including pens, bags, t-shirts and a limited-edition hardback companion guide – all ideal for dinosaur lovers of all ages.

Titus the T. rex Skull and Jaws
The skull of the T. rex exhibit on display at Wollaton Hall until August 2022.

The Titus: T. rex is King exhibition at Wollaton Hall Natural History Museum (Nottingham), which runs until August 2022, is a once in a lifetime experience and the perfect gift for friends and family of all ages.

General tickets for TITUS T. REX IS KING are on sale now, set at £12 for an adult, £8 for a child (under 16 years), students and concessions, £32 for a family ticket (two adults and two children under 16 years) and under 3s and carers have no entry fees to pay. Excludes booking fee.

2 10, 2021

T. rex Joins in Halloween Fun

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All Hallows Eve is fast approaching. Halloween a time of spooky stories, murderous monsters and scary skeletons, all harmless fun but 66 million years ago real monsters roamed our planet and one of the most frightening of them all was Tyrannosaurus rex, a giant carnivorous dinosaur that could have swallowed a small child in one gulp!

Visitors to Wollaton Park in Nottinghamshire will get the chance to experience the fearsome T. rex up close as “Titus the T. rex is King” exhibit will be open this October half-term. Staff members have laid on a separate spooky skeleton trail in the grounds and the Deer Park, as the stunning Grade I listed mansion gets ready for the bewitching hours.

Titus the T. rex Halloween fun at Wollaton Hall
This Halloween take time out to take in a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton at Wollaton Hall.

“Titus the T. rex is King” Exhibition

Covering some 4,000 square feet across four exhibition galleries, visitors to the “Titus the T. rex is King” exhibit will get the chance to view a skeleton of the “tyrant lizard king”, complete with its terrifying, bone-crushing teeth. Experience the excavation, fossil study and preparation, examination and the rebuilding of one of the largest, land predators of all time. Some monsters might be imaginary, but this cleverly constructed exhibition tells the story of a living animal and the actual T. rex fossil bones incorporated within the display provide an insight into the life of an apex predator, a giant reptile, the last of its kind, the result of over 100 million years of evolution which resulted in a 7-tonne dinosaur with super senses tuned to hunting and killing.

Titus the T.rex exhibit
The spectacular Titus the T. rex exhibit at Wollaton Hall.

A Bone-chilling Journey of Discovery

Set to excite and engage all ages with digital and interactive virtual media displays, the exhibition allows visitors to dig for dinosaur bones, unpack the skeleton anatomically and re-create Titus. To further prepare young visitors for perhaps encountering a terrifying T. rex one day, Wollaton Hall’s Learning & Education team are running a series of dinosaur themed Family Workshops which will be available during the October half-term.

Nottingham City Council’s Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture, Cllr Eunice Campbell-Clark, commented:

“We are thrilled that the exhibition Titus: T. rex is King enables families to experience a real life skeleton of a T. rex, and discover and explore Natural History, evolution and the environment. It has been enjoyed by local residents and visitors from far afield, and if you haven’t visited already, what better time to see the skeleton of a giant dinosaur than at Halloween!”

Halloween Fun at Wollaton Hall

Wollaton Park will also see the return of the Traditional Rides fair with a Halloween twist and fair food, including mushy peas, burgers, hot dogs, bonfire marshmallow milkshakes and pumpkin spiced lattes in the café kiosk for a variety of Halloween fun this October half-term.

Rachael Evans, Museums Development Manager at Nottingham City Museums added:

“Coming face to face with an actual T. rex is an experience very few in the world can claim. Even in skeleton form, Titus’ power and presence is unmistakable – we have had to dedicate the largest room at Wollaton Hall just to him alone. Titus T. rex is King will take you on a truly unique journey discovering all there is to know about this dinosaur – the largest predator in its ecosystem. The sheer size and scale of the skeleton takes your breath away. It is a truly an amazing discovery and an absolute must-see.”

Can you spot the prehistoric animals? Can you find “Titus the T. rex”?

Tickets and Details

Tickets for “Titus T. rex is King” are on sale now (October 2021). Priced at £13 for an adult, £8.75 for a child (under 16 years), students and concessions, £34 for a family ticket (two adults and two children under 16 years) and under 3s and carers have no entry fees to pay. (Includes booking fee).

Family Workshops tickets vary based on the activity. The ‘skeleton’ outdoor trail is available in Wollaton Hall’s shops & cafés for £2.

For further information and for ticket details: Wollaton Hall “Titus T. rex is King” Exhibition.

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