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31 01, 2016

Win with Everything Dinosaur in a Free Competition

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Go Pink with Everything Dinosaur!  Win a Super Megaloceras Soft Toy

Still time to enter Everything Dinosaur’s super, soft toy giveaway.  We have one big, pink and very cute soft toy which needs a home.  It is a reindeer and very sweet and cuddly it is too, but our palaeontologists have been pretending that it is a Megaloceros baby  – can you give our soft toy a new home?

Please note this competition has now closed.

Win a Very Pink Soft Toy Member of the Deer Family

Soft toy Megaloceros and Everything Dinosaur.

Deer little thing!

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Whether it is a Megaloceros or a baby Reindeer, it certainly is very cute and one very lucky person is going to win it, can you give this soft toy a new home.

Competition to Win a Super Soft Toy with Everything Dinosaur

All you have to do is “Like” Everything Dinosaur’s FACEBOOK page, then comment on the pink deer picture including a suggestion for the name for this super and very sparkly soft toy.  It is certainly a “deer little thing”  but he/she needs a name!  We can’t think of one can you?

Our Facebook Page: “LIKE” our Facebook page and enter the competition!

The name caption competition closes on Friday 12th February.  We “deerly” hope you win!

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of super prehistoric animal soft toys: Prehistoric Animal Soft Toys.

Terms and Conditions of Soft Toy Name Caption Competition

Automated entries are not permitted and will be excluded from the draw

Only one entry per person

The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative will be offered

The Everything Dinosaur name a soft toy competition runs until Friday 12th February 2016.

Winner will be notified by private message on Facebook.

Prize includes postage and packing

For full terms and conditions contact: Contact Everything Dinosaur.

Please note this competition has now closed.

30 01, 2016

New Rebor “Punch and Judy” Dimorphodon Models Reviewed

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Rebor “Punch and Judy” Dimorphodon Models Reviewed

The eagerly awaited Rebor Dimorphodon replicas are now in stock at Everything Dinosaur and what a splendid pterosaur diorama these figures make.  The Rebor “Punch and Judy” Dimorphodon models are in approximate 1:6 scale and represent a male and female of the species (D. macronyx).  The male, nick-named Punch, is depicted as sitting on a log and like “Judy”, the female, it is available separately, but Everything Dinosaur are also offering the two models as a set, as when joined together they really do make a spectacular addition to any model fan’s collection.

Two Dimorphodons (Male and Female) by Rebor

A very well crafted Pterosaur dioramra.

A very well crafted pterosaur diorama.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rebor Dimorphodon Models

The diorama allows Rebor to explore the idea of sexual dimorphism in pterosaurs.  A number of fossils indicate that it was the males of the Pterosauria that were likely to possess more flamboyant crests and ornamentation than the females.  Although, the dimorphodontids lack cranial crests, Rebor has opted to give their male a more colourful snout and a bright red tail rudder.  These are in stark contrast to the female (Judy), which tends to have a more muted colour scheme overall.

“Punch” the Flamboyant Rebor Dimorphodon Model

The male of the pair (Punch).

The male of the pair (Punch).

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Early Jurassic Pterosaur

Rebor are to be congratulated, they have depicted the deep skull, the dentition and robust limbs of this Early Jurassic pterosaur very effectively.  Intriguingly, the male is only just a fraction bigger than the female (eighteen centimetres compared to sixteen and a half centimetres).  The fossil record suggests that the males and females of the species (Dimorphodon macronyx), were generally similar in size.  This is in contrast to later pterosaurs, such as those that make up the genus Pteranodon.  In the pteranodontids, it is the males that are believed to have been much larger than the females.

For dinosaur models and other prehistoric animal figures: Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models and Replicas.

The male is depicted as sitting on a log.  Clearly, Rebor have taken into consideration some of the more recent research into dimorphodonts.  It was once thought that these flying reptiles were the Mesozoic equivalent of Puffins and that they lived near the coast and dined on fish.

Studies into the teeth, jaw mechanics and the anatomy of these Raven-sized creatures indicate that they were in all likelihood insectivores and not particularly agile fliers.  They have been depicted as animals of the forests, grubbing around in the leaf litter for insects, larvae and other small animals.  The presence of a log for the male Dimorphodon to perch on pays homage to this idea that these flying reptiles were very much at home in woodlands.

“Judy” Soaring over the Skies

Lots of detail to be admired.

Lots of detail to be admired.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Judy – The Flying Dimorphodon Figure

The female is supplied with a stiff metal rod, which measures twenty centimetres in length.  One end of this rod is inserted into a small hole in the chest of the model, the other end can be inserted into a discrete hole in the base.  This permits the collector to depict this pterosaur in a flight.  The overall height of the model is around twenty-two centimetres, no glue is required, we found that the rod held the female pterosaur model securely without the need to resort to a permanent fix.  Both models have articulated lower jaws and the paintwork and detailing around the jaws is particularly noteworthy.

Anatomical studies indicate that Dimorphodon was a relatively poor flier.  Wing morphology and loading suggests that this deep-skulled pterosaur would have had limited aerial manoeuvrability and may have been actually quite reluctant to take to the air.

Leading pterosaur expert, the very talented Mark P. Witton, has speculated that Dimorphodon was a Mesozoic equivalent of an extent Rail or a Grouse and that flight would have been quite strenuous, perhaps only taking to the air for very short flights – hops between trees for example.  The wingspan of the female (Judy) is twenty-four centimetres and at 1:6 scale this roughly approximates to the known fossil record (wingspan up to 1.5 metres).

The Pair of Rebor Dimorphodons (Punch and Judy)

Although very splendid replicas in their own right, the models really come into their own when united and displayed in a single diorama.  The log which the male sits on can be positioned onto the base that comes with Judy.  In fact, Rebor have engineered their models to ensure that there is a snug fit between this base and the log.  The female can be depicted flying over the male whilst he sits, perched as if in readiness to join her in flight, who knows, a courtship between these two beautiful model pterosaurs perhaps?

Punch and Judy can be Displayed Together

The "Punch and Judy" show!

The “Punch and Judy” show!

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The view the Rebor Dimorphodon models and all the Rebor replicas: Rebor Replicas and Prehistoric Animal Models.

Superb Rebor Dimorphodon Models

Commenting on the addition of these models to the Rebor replica range, a spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“The two models work really well together and Rebor have obviously strived hard to provide a very effective pterosaur diorama.  It is great to see a flying reptile like Dimorphodon added to the Rebor range, Punch and Judy are very exciting additions to the Rebor product portfolio.”

There is certainly much to be admired from the latest Rebor introductions.  The base of Judy even comes with a little lizard figure.  Once the two models are united, this little reptile can be posed peeping out from underneath the log, as if it is hiding from the two dimorphodonts, just in case they decide to make a meal of him.

The Female Dimorphodon Replica (Judy) Comes with a Lizard Figure

Nice detail on Judy's base including a movable lizard figure.

Nice detail on Judy’s base including a moveable lizard figure.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

 Well done Rebor!  Both models are very well made and together they make a fantastic pterosaur diorama.

Highly recommended.

29 01, 2016

Everything Dinosaur Launches New E-news Format

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E-news for Everything Dinosaur

Call them “shouts”, “updates”, “e-news” or “e-zines”, Everything Dinosaur has re-formatted their email newsletter and will this year send out to the subscriber database a new bulletin every fourteen days.  This new service starts on the 1st of February and it is being rolled out in response to increasing requests from customers to be kept informed regarding new models and other product developments at Everything Dinosaur.

Everything Dinosaur

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s website: Everything Dinosaur.

The New Format “E-zine” from Everything Dinosaur

Product information, new fossil discoveries, competitions and updates.

Product information, new fossil discoveries, competitions and updates.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson for the international mail order company explained:

“We will still strive to answer all the letters, emails and other correspondence from our customers and we have been sending out information in an e-zine format for some time.  However, in response to requests from our customers we will now be rolling out information in a standard e-shot format every fortnight.”

Product Information

Like all of Everything Dinosaur’s commercial activities, subscribers have to opt in to receive the information.   The customer database is regularly maintained and team members dedicate quite a considerable portion of their time to ensuring the information provided by customers is up to date and secure.

If blog readers would like to subscribe, then you have to give us your permission, this can be done by contacting Everything Dinosaur by email: Contact Everything Dinosaur.

If you send us an email requesting to be added to our e-news database, then we shall add you to our subscriber list.  It would be helpful if you provided us with your name and surname this will enable our team members to personalise the correspondence.

Everything Dinosaur Newsletter

The first bulletin sent out by Everything Dinosaur will feature updates on the new Papo 2016 prehistoric animal models, a competition to win a lovely, very cute soft toy, as well as information on the biggest dinosaur discovered to date.  Our work in schools gets coverage with details on helpful educational resources to assist teachers and home educationalists with their course work.

The headline article features “Punch and Judy” the spectacular pair of Dimorphodon models which have just been introduced by Rebor.

“Punch” and “Judy” take Centre Stage in Everything Dinosaur Newsletter

The "Punch and Judy" show!

The “Punch and Judy” show!

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The models (above), are pterosaur figures, part of the Rebor range of replicas: Rebor Prehistoric Animal Replicas.

Future editions of our newsletter will include information on new model releases, the announcement of a major partnership programme with a figure and replica manufacturer and some exciting developments at Everything Dinosaur, including exclusive customer offers.

If blog readers would like to subscribe, then all you have to do is to drop us an email: Email Everything Dinosaur.

28 01, 2016

Fossils Found at Weston Rhyn Primary School

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Jupiter and Saturn Classes Study Dinosaurs

It certainly was a “dinotastic” day for children in Jupiter and Saturn classes at Weston Rhyn Primary, as these two classes spent the day learning all about prehistoric animals and fossils.  In a morning of dinosaur themed activities, the Year5/6 class (Jupiter), learned that sometimes animals believed extinct prove to be very much still with us, a little bit of homework for Mrs Jones (teaching assistant), as she was challenged to conduct some research into Coelacanths.  In addition, under the enthusiastic tutelage of the class’s teaching team the children had created a Mesozoic timeline listing all the geological periods that make up the so called “Age of Dinosaurs”.

Children Make Dinosaur Fossils

This gave our dinosaur expert an opportunity to check understanding and also allowed him to furnish the class teacher with some fact sheets to help populate the timeline with various well-known dinosaurs.  The budding young palaeontologists had a go at fossil casting as well as exploring the link between dinosaurs and birds.  Some of the children have chickens at home (one pupil even had quails).  Could they take a photograph of the bird’s feet – ample evidence here of the link between our feathered friends and meat-eating dinosaurs.

For models of iconic prehistoric creatures and replicas of fossil animals: Models, Replica Fossils, Toys and Games.

Plenty of Evidence of a Rich and Varied Teaching Programme in Key Stage 2

Children Make Dinosaur Fossils

Excavating their own fossils.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The fossil handling activities proved very popular and the Year 5/6 children were given the opportunity to work scientifically, investigating a strange fossil found at the bottom of a coal mine in Illinois (United States of America).

Saturn Class Get Busy with Dinosaur Research

In the afternoon, it was the turn of Saturn class and the children grappled enthusiastically with the problem of what to call a new dinosaur species.   We used a real life example to demonstrate some of the pitfalls when it comes to naming a new dinosaur, especially one with “big thighs”.  Not wishing to see Mrs Owen (teaching assistant), left out, our dinosaur expert asked her to find out about Sir Richard Owen, the English anatomist and scientist who was given the task of coming up with a name to describe what we now know as the Dinosauria.

Perhaps, Mrs Owen might even be distantly related to Sir Richard, we sent over some links and further information about the founder of the Natural History Museum (London) and asked the children could they design their very own blue plaque like the one erected at Sir Richard’s old school in Lancaster?

To learn more about Everything Dinosaur’s outreach work: Email Everything Dinosaur.

A Busy Day for Everything Dinosaur

All in all, it was a very busy day for our team member.  There were lots of questions from the children, he did his best to answer them all.  Even the tricky ones about how Velociraptor is wrongly portrayed in movies.  Once back in the office, there was just time to email over the promised extension plans and further teaching resources to help the school’s term topic before moving onto the next dinosaur teaching assignment.  The resources and additional information should help enrich the children’s learning experience and who knows, Weston Rhyn Primary might just produce some famous scientists in the future, perhaps some who will go on to be as famous as Sir Richard Owen!

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Visit Everything Dinosaur.

27 01, 2016

In Praise of Rebor Data Cards

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Rebor Data Cards Get a Mention

The ever-growing range of Rebor replicas has rightly earned plaudits from collectors and dinosaur model fans.  Since the first release, a 1:35 scale replica of Yutyrannus huali (Y-REX), the portfolio of Rebor models has grown to include more than a dozen figures, mostly theropods.  However, whilst there have been a large number of reviews, pictures and a great deal of feedback about the prehistoric animals, time to add a congratulatory note about the data card to the company’s accolades.

The “Bio Data Card” Y. huali The Rebor Y-REX

Included in the Rebor Y-REX model box.

Included in the Rebor Y-REX model box.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rebor Data Cards

It is always pleasing to see a manufacturer take extra care when it comes to providing information about the prehistoric animal which their replica is based on.  These data cards, referred to by Rebor as “bio data cards”, supplement the fact sheets that we, at Everything Dinosaur send out with purchases.  Fans of dinosaurs and model collectors generally appreciate the information provided.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of Rebor replicas: Rebor Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.

The provision of such data cards, tends to elevate Rebor above other model makers in our humble opinion.  We enjoy reading the data card, almost as much as we enjoy admiring the replica.

The “Bio Data Card” Tyrannosaurus rex (Rebor KING T-REX)

Brief details on the "tyrant lizard king".

Brief details on the “tyrant lizard king”.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture above shows the information card supplied with the excellent Rebor King T. rex figure (1:35 scale replica of Tyrannosaurus rex).

The Rebor Range of Prehistoric Animal Replicas

There are many reasons why the Rebor range has proved popular, the detailed sculpts, clever design, quality and value for money

Typical Review on the Everything Dinosaur Website (King T. rex replica)

“Lovers of the Papo dinosaur range & Jurassic Park will want this on their shelves.  Outstanding quality Rebor are a company that I will be keeping my eye on from now on.
The Model:
Sharp teeth & claws
Beautiful paint job
Articulated jaw
Detailed sculpt
Uniquely posed

When I say the teeth and claws are sharp I mean it, this should not be treated as a toy but a display piece.
Service from Everything Dinosaur was quick, helpful, and a pleasure would and most probably will be buying from again.
Now stop reading reviews and buy this Dinosaur  you will not be disappointed.”

Thank you MC for posting up this review, one of a great number of positive reviews we have received about the Rebor range and Everything Dinosaur’s customer service.

We would like to add that the data cards are also another good reason for purchasing these Rebor replicas.

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s website: Everything Dinosaur.

26 01, 2016

Prehistoric Mammal Models to Make Welcome Return

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Wild Safari Prehistoric World

Many dinosaur fans and model collectors have been emailing Everything Dinosaur expressing their excitement about the new dinosaur models coming out this year from Safari Ltd.  The Iguanodon, Carcharodontosaurus and the Masiakasaurus models are replicas that we too, are looking forward to getting in stock.  However, it is worth remembering that in addition to the new models, Safari Ltd will be bringing back some prehistoric mammals.  The giant sloth, the baby Woolly Mammoth, Amebelodon and the glyptodont Doedicurus figures will also be available later on this spring.

Prehistoric Mammal Models to Return

Safari Ltd Teaser Poser – Models for 2016

As seen in Prehistoric Times magazine

Welcome back some old friends in 2016.

Picture credit: Safari Ltd/Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur Comments

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Bringing back some recently retired models makes a lot of sense for Safari Ltd.  With the retirement of the Carnegie Collectibles range of models, the Safari Ltd model stable has been depleted somewhat.  However, the re-introduction of some old favourites will help to boost the portfolio of replicas offered and also give collectors a chance to complete their model collections.  A new generation of model collectors can be exposed to these splendid prehistoric mammal models.”

To view the range of Safari Ltd models available from Everything Dinosaur: Wild Safari Prehistoric World Models.

The first of these re-introductions, the Doedicurus is already in stock at Everything Dinosaur, it is proving to be very popular.

A Very Colourful Glyptodont (Doedicurus Model)

Everything Dinosaur's illustration is in the centre.

Everything Dinosaur’s illustration is in the centre.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

It is great to see that the recently retired prehistoric animal models made by Safari Ltd are being re-introduced in the spring of 2016. Perhaps this will start a trend for Safari Ltd, whereby they introduce retired models in future years.  If this becomes a trend, this type of activity might be adopted by other manufacturers, could we see the return of the Papo Green T. rex figure, the Bullyland Iguanodon or even a Schleich Woolly Mammoth?

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Everything Dinosaur.

25 01, 2016

Cambridge Plesiosaur Donated to Oxford Could Be New Species

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Potential New Plesiosaur Species

A nearly complete plesiosaur skeleton that came to rest in marine sediments now located in northern Cambridgeshire might just prove to be a new species.  The fossilised remains were excavated out of a layer of rock discovered in a fenland quarry in November 2014, by archaeologists from the Oxford Clay Working Group.

The Cambridge Plesiosaur

A nearly complete plesiosaur skeleton that came to rest in marine sediments now located in northern Cambridgeshire might just prove to be a new species.  Over the next four days the team were able to excavate and remove nearly 600 bone fragments that represent a considerable portion of the entire skeleton.  Only some limb elements are missing.  The fossil, nick-named Eve, represents an individual around five and a half metres in length, early indications are that the bones show similarities with another plesiosaur known from the Peterborough area, called Picrocleidus.

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Everything Dinosaur.

However, Picrocleidus is believed to have been much smaller, at less than half the length of this new discovery, and its fossils are associated with much younger Jurassic strata (Callovian faunal stage), whilst “Eve” was found in rocks dating from about 165 million years ago (Bathonian faunal stage of the Jurassic).

A Plesiosaur Specimen on Display

Plesiosaur specimen at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

A long-necked plesiosaur fossil specimen.  A plesiosaur fossil specimen on display at the Oxford University Natural History Museum.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Oxford Clay Working Group

Dr Carl Harrington, a member of the Oxford Clay Working Group, was the first person to find bones of this new sea monster.  Describing the find as “fantastic”, Dr Harrington recalled the moment he first uncovered the delicate skull bones:

It was one of those absolute “wow” moments.  I was the first human to come face-to-face with this reptile.”

The quarry is owned by building supplies company Forterra and this part of Cambridgeshire has become very well known for its Jurassic vertebrate fossil finds.  For example, the first fossils of the giant prehistoric fish Leedsichthys  (L. problematicus) were also found in the Peterborough area.  Forterra have donated the specimen to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, where the fossilised remains are currently being prepared and studied in more detail with a view to determining whether or not this is a new species of marine reptile.

An Artist’s Interpretation of the New Marine Reptile (Plesiosaur)

Scale bar = 1 metre.

Scale bar = 1 metre.

Picture credit: Nobomichi Tamura with additional annotation by Everything Dinosaur

For models and replicas of plesiosaurs and other marine reptiles: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life Models.

Plesiosaurs had two pairs of  oar-like paddles which they used to propel themselves through the water, recent studies suggest that, just like extant penguins, these marine reptiles, some of whom could reach lengths in excess of fifteen metres, actually “flew” through the water.

To read more about this research into plesiosaur propulsion: Computer simulations and marine reptile underwater flight.

Nice to see that Cambridge is prepared to donate a pair of oars to Oxford, their bitter rowing rivals.

24 01, 2016

New Papo Prehistoric Animals Make Their Debut – Part 2

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New Papo Models (Kaprosuchus and the Green Velociraptor)

Team members at Everything Dinosaur have been able to get up close to the five new prehistoric animal models to be added to Papo’s exciting model portfolio this year.  We have already reported on three of the models, namely the feathered Velociraptor, the new version of the Tyrannosaurus rex and the impressive Papo Baryonyx which should all be with us in just a few weeks time.

To read the report: Excitement Builds for New Papo Dinosaurs.

However, we want to turn our attention to the other two models which Papo intend to release later in the year.  Time to show some photographs and comment upon the new for 2016 Papo Kaprosuchus and the re-painted Velociraptor replica.

The New for 2016 Papo Kaprosuchus Prehistoric Crocodile Model

The pen provides scale.

The pen provides scale.

Picture vredit: Everything Dinosaur

Papo Prehistoric Animal Models

This really is the pick of the bunch, when it comes to the new model introductions this year.  It is a wonderful figure, a fantastic replica of the Cretaceous crocodile Kaprosuchus (K. saharicus).  This fast-running ancient predator certainly captured the imagination of dinosaur fans when it was formally described back in 2009.  West Africa 95 million years ago, must have been a very scary place with the likes of Kaprosuchus on the prowl.

The model reminds us of the Papo Nile Crocodile figure, but the teeth and the limb position are all “Boar Crocodile” that’s for sure.  The figure measures 23 centimetres in length, but naturally, had that impressive and powerful tail been stretched out behind the model, it would have been a lot longer.  Based on the known fossil record, Everything Dinosaur estimates that this prehistoric crocodile figure is in approximately 1:20 scale.

Papo Kaprosuchus Replica – A Splendid Prehistoric Crocodile

An impressive ancient crocodile model.

An impressive ancient crocodile model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A number of Papo prehistoric animal models have articulated jaws, but unlike them, this figure does not have an articulated lower jaw.  In this instance it is the upper that is articulated.  Once the mouth is opened those magnificent teeth are revealed in all their glory.  The attention to detail does the team at Papo great credit.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s existing range of Papo figures: Papo Prehistoric Animal Models.

New for 2016 the Papo Green Velociraptor

As well as introducing a feathered Velociraptor model this year, (see yesterday’s blog article), Papo will be adding a green version of their existing Velociraptor model.  The model has been painted with a distinctive green hue.  Team members at Everything Dinosaur have already nick-named this dinosaur “Echo” in honour of one of the “Jurassic World” raptors.

The Papo Green Velociraptor Dinosaur Model

A new Velociraptor figure from Papo for 2016.

A new Velociraptor figure from Papo for 2016.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Good news, for dinosaur fans, the introduction of this colour variant does not spell the end for the existing Papo Velociraptor (Everything Dinosaur product code MOPA011, Papo model number 55023), there are no planned retirements from the Papo range this year.  Everything Dinosaur will therefore be stocking all three Papo Velociraptor models in 2016.

Available in Quarter 2

Both the Papo Kaprosuchus and the Papo green Velociraptor models are expected sometime in quarter 2 of this year (around June or perhaps July or even earlier).  We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of these models in our warehouse.

23 01, 2016

Excitement Builds for New Papo Dinosaurs

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New Papo Prehistoric Animals Make Their Debut – Part 1

Team members at Everything Dinosaur got the chance to admire the five new Papo prehistoric animal models for 2016 recently, the first opportunity staff have had to get up close to the new Papo Baryonyx, green Velociraptor, the coloured variant running T. rex , Papo Kaprosuchus and the feathered Velociraptor.  The models, four of them dinosaurs, certainly are quite a striking bunch (not sure what the collective noun for a group of Papo models should be), we were able to take measurements and get an idea of approximate scale.

First up, the very quirky Baryonyx, much more colourful than the catalogue pictures had indicated.  It definitely reflects the Papo style.

The New for 2016 Papo Baryonyx Dinosaur Model

Available from Everything Dinosaur in a few weeks.

Available from Everything Dinosaur in a few weeks.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Papo Dinosaurs

It is certainly a very intriguing replica, with its stripes, rusty coloured neck, spikes and tripodal stance.  The new Papo Baryonyx measures 33 centimetres long and that elegantly sculpted upper jaw reaches some 16.5 centimetres into the air.  This new model is bigger than the Papo Allosaurus and only slightly smaller than the imposing Papo Spinosaurus, it is approximately the size of the Papo Running T. rex replica.  Based on these measurements, team members estimate that the Papo Baryonyx figure is around the 1:30 scale, but since the maximum size of Baryonyx is not known, this may be an underestimate on our part.

Everything Dinosaur expects this exciting new Spinosauridae to be in its store Everything Dinosaur in a few weeks time.

New Papo Baryonyx Figure is Coming Soon!

Papo Baryonyx dinosaur model.

Papo Baryonyx dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Papo Feathered Velociraptor

Also available in just a few weeks is the new Papo Velociraptor dinosaur model.

Papo Feathered Velociraptor Dinosaur Model

The Papo feathered Velociraptor model.

The Papo feathered Velociraptor model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Papo have gained a strong reputation for their theropod dinosaur models, and the existing Velociraptor model is a firm favourite amongst dinosaur fans and collectors.  The new feathered Papo Velociraptor is roughly the same size as the non-feathered Papo “raptor”, measuring 17 centimetres in length.  The tail has an attractive plume of feathers and, as you would expect from Papo the detailing and the paintwork are excellent.

A Close Up of the New Papo Feathered Velociraptor

A close look at the Papo feathered Velociraptor dinosaur model.

A close look at the Papo feathered Velociraptor dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Team members report that the hip height of this new dinosaur model is 7.5 centimetres approximately.  Like the Baryonyx, it too, will be available from Everything Dinosaur in just a few weeks.

Papo Running T. rex Colour Variant

Joining the feathered Velociraptor and the Baryonyx at Everything Dinosaur will be a new colour variant of the very successful Papo Running T. rex dinosaur model.  It is the same size as the existing figure in the Papo range but the paintwork is most impressive and eye-catching.

The New for 2016 a Papo Running T. rex Colour Variant

Papo Running T. rex new colour version

Papo Running T. rex new colour version.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Just like the Baryonyx and the Papo feathered Velociraptor this replica will have an articulated lower jaw and on our first viewing all team members were impressed with the new style and paintwork.  It is a super edition to the Papo model range.

Papo Running T. rex – A Very Well Painted Dinosaur!

A new version of the Papo Running T. rex.

A new version of the Papo Running T. rex.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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22 01, 2016

Beautiful Dinosaur Drawings from Dinosaur Fans

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Dinosaur Drawings from Dinosaur Fans

At Everything Dinosaur we get lots of letters, emails, pictures and drawings of prehistoric animals sent to our offices.  We read all our correspondence diligently and we also take the time to look at all the amazing illustrations, dinosaur drawing and photographs we get sent.  All those correspondents that require a reply do get one from our enthusiastic team.  Below is a lovely picture of a early meat-eating dinosaur, whose fossils are known from north-western Argentina.  This is Herrerasaurus and the drawing comes from Eashwar from India.

Herrerasaurus Illustrated

An Illustration of Herrerasaurus

Dinosaur drawings.

Herrerasaurus dinosaur drawing.

Picture credit: Eashwar

A predator of riverbanks and floodplains of the Late Triassic, Herrerasaurus is one of the largest members of the Dinosauria known from this part of the super-continent of Pangaea.  It measured up to five metres in length.

We also received a super drawing of the Cretaceous Microraptor, a dinosaur from northern China that could probably fly.

A Drawing of Microraptor by Eashwar

A dinosaur drawing.

A drawing of Microraptor.

Picture credit: Eashwar

Dinosaur Drawings

Microraptor (three species are known, all from Liaoning Province, China) was one of the smallest non-avian dinosaurs.  Various estimates for the length of this little dinosaur have been made, most of which suggest a length of between ninety centimetres and 1.2 metres, the majority of the length is made up of that impressive tail.

Thanks once again Eashwar for your drawings, we will post them up onto our social media pages, such as our Facebook page, Pinterest and Twitter feed.

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