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10 01, 2016

So You Want to be a Palaeontologist?

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Book to Help Advise Teachers about Palaeontology Careers

Many teachers are keen to encourage their pupils to consider a career in the sciences.  However, knowing where to turn when it comes to finding sensible advice can be a bit of a challenge even for the most dedicated member of the teaching team.  Many students develop an interest in the Earth sciences and there are a lot of exciting career paths to explore.  Help is at hand for any member of the teaching team who gets asked about working as a palaeontologist in the form of this excellent book written by Dr David Penney (Manchester University).

So You Want to be a Palaeontologist?

So You Want to be a Palaeontologist?

So you want to be a palaeontologist?

Practical advice and guidance.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

In this well-crafted publication, Dr Penney explains his own circuitous route into the profession and outlines the various different types of roles palaeontologists have.  The first two chapters provide a definition of palaeontology and explain why palaeontology has so much relevance today.  The rest of the book is dedicated to providing an overview of the various careers available to students and to enthusiasts who have a fascination for fossils.

Siri Scientific Press

For further information and to order a copy visit: Siri Scientific Press.

Topics covered include the roles palaeontologists perform in museums, universities and conservation projects, as well as examining jobs related to the science in the media, the fossil trade and within the arts.  For teachers and members of the careers profession aiming to provide guidance to students who wish to explore working in palaeontology, this book is a must have and it is highly recommended by Everything Dinosaur team members.  It is a most informative read.

Palaeontologists and Everything Dinosaur

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Commenting on how helpful the book is, a spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“This publication provides an insider’s view on the exciting and diverse career opportunities available to students who want to develop their interest in palaeontology into a full-time occupation.  It really is required reading for any teacher or educationalist wishing to assist aspiring palaeontologists.”

10 01, 2016

So You Want to be a Palaeontologist?

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Practical Career Advice for Fossil Fans

One of the most frequently asked questions sent into us is how do you go about getting a job as a palaeontologist?  We provide what information and support we can to budding fossil experts (and their mums and dads), but thankfully, assistance is at hand with the publication of this helpful and most informative guide on how to develop a career in palaeontology.  Author Dr David Penney, dissects his more than twenty years of experience in this scientific field and provides an overview of the type of career paths, those who have a love of fossils and all things prehistoric might want to consider.

Want to be a Palaeontologist?

So You Want to be a Palaeontologist?

Practical advice and guidance.

Practical advice and guidance.  So you want to be a palaeontologist?

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Always put a scale on your photographs!  The book is full of tips and advice on how to stand out from other potential job applicants, whether it is as a professional fossil dealer or a scientific illustrator (palaeoartist).

Defining Palaeontology

This well written publication defines palaeontology before setting out the various roles and activities that palaeontologists undertake.  Dr David Penney, expertly guides the reader through the wide variety of career options that the science now offers.  He covers the work of palaeontologists in museum related roles as well as providing a comprehensive overview of more academic focused avenues, whether as a researcher, a lecturer or a field technician.

For further information and to purchase an advance copy of this wonderful book: Visit Siri Scientific Press.

Illustrated with some lovely colour plates, including some insightful behind the scenes photographs, the main section of the book is dedicated to exploring the various and very diverse jobs that someone with an interest in fossils might want to consider.  There is helpful advice on obtaining qualifications, as well as some words of encouragement for those of us who spend our time blogging about palaeontology and fossil discoveries.

Palaeontologists and the History of Fossil Research

If you are searching for a book which outlines a history of fossil research, then look elsewhere, but if you really want a practical and sensible walk through of the career possibilities linked to this fascinating aspect of science, then “So you want to be a palaeontologist?” is a must have for your book shelf.

The book is not aimed at younger readers, but it has been written for a very broad audience.  Students, hobby fossil collectors, writers, artists and those interested in a career in science education would do well to get hold of a copy.  Everything Dinosaur recommends this publication in particular to mums, dads, grandparents and guardians of primary school children who are expressing an interest in science and palaeontology.

For advance copies of “So you want to be a palaeontologist?”: Siri Scientific Press Website.

Commenting on the book a spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“This is a must have for anyone seriously contemplating working in palaeontology.  It also makes a great gift for anyone who is considering aspiring to be amongst the next generation of palaeontologists, or indeed for the enthusiastic fossil collector who would like to become more involved with this fascinating area of science.”

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