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Everything Dinosaur are a team of teachers, parents and dinosaur enthusiasts who write about anything and everything to do with dinosaurs, fossils and other prehistoric animals.  The blog was established in 2007 with the aim of providing open access to news about palaeontology, research into dinosaurs and updates on fossil discoveries.  Our blog articles also provide an insight into Everything Dinosaur’s work with schools, museums and other educational bodies as we strive to help inform and educate with regards to the amazing history of our planet.

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One of our objectives is to provide updates on palaeontology and other elements of the Earth sciences but in a way that minimises the technical terms and use of jargon.  We try to write articles that can be read by those who don’t have a formal scientific training, but share our interest in all things related to palaeontology.  Articles that can be used by fellow teachers, articles that showcase the work of others, articles whose aim is to inform and to educate.

Company Formed in 2005

Our company, Everything Dinosaur: Everything Dinosaur was formed in 2005, we celebrate it’s anniversary on August 1st each year, our cake baking is getting better!  Everything Dinosaur specialises in the supply of dinosaur and prehistoric animal related toys, models, books, posters, clothing and other dinosaur themed merchandise.  Every single item that gets put onto our website is tested and has to be approved by our own dinosaur experts.  We are passionate about what we do and hopefully this blog helps to keep our customers informed about our activities, new products and our adventures.

When we started this blog, we agreed that we would try to produce an article every day.  We have just about managed to do that and now our blog posts number in excess of 3,600.  In addition, we made a promise that we would read every comment, respond to every email, reply to every question that we got asked.  We have just about managed to stick to this principle too.  Not bad for a bunch of H. sapiens.

Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur