Prehistoric Mammal Models to Make Welcome Return

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Wild Safari Prehistoric World

Many dinosaur fans and model collectors have been emailing Everything Dinosaur expressing their excitement about the new dinosaur models coming out this year from Safari Ltd.  The Iguanodon, Carcharodontosaurus and the Masiakasaurus models are replicas that we too, are looking forward to getting in stock.  However, it is worth remembering that in addition to the new models, Safari Ltd will be bringing back some prehistoric mammals.  The giant sloth, the baby Woolly Mammoth, Amebelodon and the glyptodont Doedicurus figures will also be available later on this spring.

Prehistoric Mammal Models to Return

Safari Ltd Teaser Poser – Models for 2016

As seen in Prehistoric Times magazine

Welcome back some old friends in 2016.

Picture credit: Safari Ltd/Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur Comments

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Bringing back some recently retired models makes a lot of sense for Safari Ltd.  With the retirement of the Carnegie Collectibles range of models, the Safari Ltd model stable has been depleted somewhat.  However, the re-introduction of some old favourites will help to boost the portfolio of replicas offered and also give collectors a chance to complete their model collections.  A new generation of model collectors can be exposed to these splendid prehistoric mammal models.”

To view the range of Safari Ltd models available from Everything Dinosaur: Wild Safari Prehistoric World Models.

The first of these re-introductions, the Doedicurus is already in stock at Everything Dinosaur, it is proving to be very popular.

A Very Colourful Glyptodont (Doedicurus Model)

Everything Dinosaur's illustration is in the centre.

Everything Dinosaur’s illustration is in the centre.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

It is great to see that the recently retired prehistoric animal models made by Safari Ltd are being re-introduced in the spring of 2016. Perhaps this will start a trend for Safari Ltd, whereby they introduce retired models in future years.  If this becomes a trend, this type of activity might be adopted by other manufacturers, could we see the return of the Papo Green T. rex figure, the Bullyland Iguanodon or even a Schleich Woolly Mammoth?

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