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23 05, 2024

Baobab Tree Origin and Dispersal Explained in New Scientific Paper

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The baobab tree origin has been explained in a newly published scientific paper in the journal Nature. The researchers plotted the genome of this amazing tree.  The iconic baobab (Adansonia genus) is synonymous with the island of Madagascar. These spectacular, large and long-lived trees have influenced human culture. They have inspired traditions, folklore and are a symbol of the culture of many indigenous people. The researchers were able to sequence the genome of all eight extant species. The scientists postulate that the ancestor of the extant species arose in Madagascar.

A grove of magnificent baobab trees

A grove of magnificent baobab trees.  Research has been undertaken to plot the genome and trace baobab tree origin.  Picture credit: Alex Antonelli (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew).

The Origin of the Baobab Tree

Colloquially known as “upside-down trees”, baobabs have a lot of cultural significance.  These huge trees with their diminutive canopies are also sometimes called the “tree of life”.  The scientists plotted the genomes of the eight recognised species and then worked out their evolutionary links and speciation.  The scientific paper is the result of a collaboration between researchers from Wuhan Botanical Garden (China), Royal Botanic Gardens (Kew, UK), University of Antananarivo (Madagascar) and Queen Mary University of London (UK).

Remarkably, the research demonstrates that baobab trees dispersed over vast distances, reaching both Africa and Australia. Over time an astonishing array of pollination mechanisms have evolved exploiting lemurs, bats and hawkmoths for a reward of sweet nectar.

The Adansonia genus originated relatively recently, however, the ancestral lineage of these trees can be traced back into the Cretaceous.

baobab tree origin.

The ancestor of the eight species of baobab tree known today most likely radiated from Madagascar. Two species underwent amazing long-distance geographical dispersal. One species reached Africa, the other species reached Australia. Picture credit: Queen Mary University of London.

Uncovering the Evolutionary History of the “Tree of Life”

Co-author of the paper, Professor Andrew Leitch (Queen Mary University of London), stated:

“We were delighted to be involved in this project uncovering patterns of baobab speciation in Madagascar followed by the astonishing long-distance dispersal of two species, one to Africa and another to Australia. This was accompanied by the evolution of some fascinating pollination syndromes involving hawkmoths, lemurs and bats.”

At Everything Dinosaur, we are aware of the impact of the baobab tree on collectors trying to build prehistoric animal dioramas.  We had been asked on numerous occasions on where customers could find a replica of an Adansonia.  Many diorama makers wanted to feature baobab trees amongst other prehistoric plants such as cycads and horsetails.  CollectA introduced a baobab tree model after the successful introduction of a ginkgo and cycad tree replica.

The CollectA design team deserve credit for creating a baobab tree model.

CollectA baobab tree.

The CollectA baobab tree model introduced circa 2015. This tree replica was added to the company’s African model range but has proved popular with model makers creating prehistoric scenes.

The CollectA model range that includes replicas of ancient trees and plants: CollectA Prehistoric Life Models.

The CollectA baobab tree replica is part of the company’s African model range.  It stands an impressive thirty-five centimetres high.  The newly published scientific paper (Wan et al) has uncovered a definitive link between the baobabs in Madagascar and the species found in Africa.

Fellow co-author Dr Ilia Leitch (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew explained:

“This work has uncovered new insights into the patterns of speciation in baobabs and shows how climate change has influenced baobab distribution and speciation patterns over millions of years.”

Baobab trees.

A stunning display of baobab trees. A new study published in the journal “Nature” has identified the origins of this iconic tree and explained its widespread dispersal. Picture credit: Alex Antonelli (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew).

Important Implications for Conservation

Past populations of Malagasy baobabs may have been influenced by competition from other types of trees and changes in local sea levels. The researchers also highlight important concerns regarding the conservation status and protection of several endangered baobab species.

Husband and wife team Andrew and Ilia Leitch added:

“We were delighted to be involved in this project uncovering patterns of baobab speciation in Madagascar before the astonishing long-distance dispersal of two species, one to Africa and another to Australia. The work also provides new insights into how climate change has influenced baobab distribution and speciation patterns over millions of years.”

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that this new study highlights the amazing evolutionary history of the baobab tree.  In addition, the genome mapping has highlighted the need to carefully monitor the remaining populations of some critically endangered baobab species.

Everything Dinosaur acknowledges the assistance of a media release from Queen Mary University London in the compilation of this article.

The scientific paper: “The rise of baobab trees in Madagascar” by Jun-Nan Wan, Sheng-Wei Wang, Andrew R. Leitch, Ilia J. Leitch, Jian-Bo Jian, Zhang-Yan Wu, Hai-Ping Xin, Mijoro Rakotoarinivo, Guy Eric Onjalalaina, Robert Wahiti Gituru, Can Dai, Geoffrey Mwachala, Ming-Zhou Bai, Chen-Xi Zhao, Hong-Qi Wang, Sheng-Lan Du, Neng Wei, Guang-Wan Hu, Si-Chong Chen, Xiao-Ya Chen, Tao Wan and Qing-Feng Wang published in Nature.

The Everything Dinosaur website: Models of Prehistoric Animals and Plants.

22 05, 2024

New Review of a Haolonggood Megaraptor Figure

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Our thanks to prehistoric animal model fan William who emailed Everything Dinosaur a review of a Haolonggood Megaraptor figure.  William had previously reviewed Shi Qian, the blue/grey Megaraptor model.  This time, William chose to review the second Haolonggood Megaraptor – Duan Jing Zhu.  This theropod dinosaur model is one of two Megaraptor models that have been recently introduced by Haolonggood.

The Haolonggood Megaraptor figure (Duan Jing Zhu).

The red/brown coloured Megaraptor model from Haolonggood (Duan Jing Zhu).

A Haolonggood Megaraptor Figure is Reviewed

William explained that he had seen this dinosaur model featured in YouTube video reviews. He knew that he wanted the pair (Shi Qian and Duan Jing Zhu). In his opinion, the figures were very special and demonstrated that Haolonggood listens to dinosaur model collectors.

Our reviewer praised the accurate sculpt and commented that the figures were nicely balanced, giving the impression that the dinosaur was moving quickly. The large and anatomically accurate claws on the hand were highlighted.

William stated:

“A very fine set of mega hand claws correctly positioned on each forelimb.”

To view the range of Haolonggood prehistoric animal models in stock: Haolonggood Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.

Haolonggood Megaraptor figure (Duan Jing Zhu).

The red/brown coloured Megaraptor model from Haolonggood (Duan Jing Zhu) in lateral view.

In the review that we had received, William explained that he liked the addition of lips on the figure, and he appreciated the articulated lower jaw. He also commented on the warm colours that the design team at Haolonggood had given the model.

In conclusion, both Haolonggood models were recommended, and the reviewer ended by thanking Everything Dinosaur for their excellent customer service.

William added:

“Let me take the final moments of my review too give praise where praise is due to Everything Dinosaur. A giant thank you to you all.”

To visit the award-winning and user friendly website of Everything Dinosaur: Dinosaur Models and Figures.

Our thanks to William for sending in his Haolonggood Megaraptor figure review.

20 05, 2024

The New CollectA Deluxe Dearc sgiathanach Model is in Stock

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The new for 2024 CollectA Deluxe Dearc sgiathanach model is now in stock.  A scale model of one of the largest pterosaurs known from the Jurassic is now available.  This pterosaur, known from a single specimen found on the Isle of Skye, was formally described in 2022 (Jagielska et al).  CollectA chose to give their Dearc figure a colour scheme reminiscent of the extant northern gannet.  Dearc sgiathanach was probably and animal that inhabited a coastal/marine environment.  The northern gannet is a creditable analogue.  Gannets are piscivores, just like Dearc and the northern gannet (Morus bassanus) is synonymous with the Isle of Skye.

The new for 2024 CollectA Deluxe Dearc,

The CollectA Deluxe Dearc pterosaur model.  The colours of this new for 2024 flying reptile were inspired by the northern gannet (Morus bassanus).  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To read about the discovery of Dearc: Fantastic Pterosaur Fossil from the Isle of Skye.

The CollectA Deluxe Dearc sgiathanach Model

This new CollectA rhamphorynchid measures around thirty-nine centimetres long. The beautiful head with its articulated jaw is approximately eleven and a half centimetres off the ground. Furthermore, the model is nearly fourteen centimetres wide. The CollectA Dearc sgiathanach model has a declared scale of 1:3. Customers will also receive a free Everything Dinosaur CollectA Dearc sgiathanach fact sheet.

To view the range of CollectA Deluxe figures in stock: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.

CollectA Deluxe Dearc.

The ruler next to the new CollectA Deluxe Dearc pterosaur figure helps to provide scale. The flying reptile figure measures approximately thirty-nine centimetres long.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Although the wingspan of Dearc sgiathanach is not known, calculations based on related flying reptiles indicate that it was one of the largest pterosaurs of the Jurassic.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur praised CollectA for introducing a Dear sgiathanach figure so soon after this Jurassic pterosaur was formally described.

Visit the award-winning Everything Dinosaur website: Dinosaur Models and Prehistoric Animal Toys.

19 05, 2024

An Amazing Dinosaur Model Collection

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Our thanks to Dave, an Everything Dinosaur customer, who sent in some photographs of his amazing model collection.  He began collecting prehistoric animal figures in January 2021. Since then, he has amassed a wonderful and eclectic collection.  To build up such an incredible dinosaur model collection is such a short space of time is quite remarkable.

Dinosaur model collection.

A beautiful and eclectic collection of prehistoric animal models and figures. Picture credit: Dave.

Picture credit: Dave

A Stunning Dinosaur Model Collection

At Everything Dinosaur, we enjoy seeing how our customers display their figures.  There is an active and very supportive model collecting community and we really appreciate all the photographs that we get sent.  This is an incredible collection, and our team members were able to spot some rare and difficult to find pieces.  We could spot some of our own personal favourites too.

Dinosaur model collection

Lots of Papo, Wild Safari Prehistoric World and CollectA figures on display. Picture credit: Dave.

Picture credit: Dave

Dinosaur model collecting has become an increasingly popular hobby in recent years. Hobbies involving building a dinosaur model collection boomed during the lockdowns of the pandemic. For many collectors, the thrill lies in the hunt for new figures and rare pieces. There is often a race to acquire a model before it is retired and out of production.

Dave commented:

“I am very pleased, and surprised, at the progress I have made in a little more than three years. I have managed to find many retired and difficult to obtain items along the way, but my quest is far from over and there are several pieces which still elude me.”

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur explained that the choice of figures is vast. There the “classic” models of our childhoods as well as beautiful, hand-painted figures inspired by movie franchises. The range of scientifically accurate figures is extremely large. Collectors often specialise in certain areas, such as collecting models from certain manufacturers or confining themselves to figures representing animals from the Jurassic or Cretaceous.

To view the extensive range of prehistoric animal models available from Everything Dinosaur: Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.

Displaying a Prized Collection

Beyond the collecting itself, many enthusiasts also take pleasure in displaying their prized prehistoric animals. Elaborate custom shelves and cabinets allow collectors to artfully present their miniature prehistoric figures. Some even go so far as to recreate entire dioramas and prehistoric scenes.

Dinosaur model collection.

A most impressive collection of prehistoric animal figures. Picture credit: Dave.

Picture credit: Dave

We have received photographs of elaborate prehistoric animal dioramas, complete with cycads, conifers and other prehistoric fauna.  However, how a collector chooses to display their figures is entirely down to them.  Every inch of shelf space has been exploited by this collector.  It is a truly remarkable prehistoric animal and dinosaur model collection.

Beasts of the Mesozoic figures dominate this section of the collection.

Articulated Beasts of the Mesozoic figures dominate this shelving unit. Picture credit: Dave.

Picture credit: Dave

Our thanks to Dave for sending into us these fantastic photographs.  This collection of exquisitely detailed dinosaur and other prehistoric animal models is truly impressive. It is clear that this collector has put an immense amount of time, effort and passion into building up such a comprehensive and awe-inspiring display.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Dinosaur Toys and Figures.

17 05, 2024

New Review of the Haolonggood Megaraptor Model

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Our thanks to dinosaur model fan William who sent into Everything Dinosaur his review of the recently introduced Haolonggood Megaraptor model (M. namunhuaiquii).  William has been an avid prehistoric animal model collector for some years.  He has recently started collecting Haolonggood prehistoric animal figures.  This is his review of the blue/grey Megaraptor model known as Shi Qian.

Haolonggood Megaraptor model (Shi Qian).

The blue/grey Haolonggood Megaraptor figure called Shi Qian.

Haolonggood Megaraptor Model Review (Shi Qian)

William explained that from the moment he first saw the Haolonggood models on a YouTube video he was impressed with them.  He considers them to be very special. Furthermore, he thinks they are rare and unique examples of dinosaur models.  Haolonggood is to be praised for listening to what collectors wish to add to their collections.

The Haolonggood model range: Haolonggood Prehistoric Animal Models.

The Megaraptor figure was described as:

“A superb and accurate sculpt from the slender snout to the nicely balanced tip of the right toe.”

The hands were highlighted, and the claws commended.  In proportion to their bodies, Megaraptors have some of the largest hands of any big theropod known to science.  The long, narrow articulated jaw was also praised.

William also commented:

“Shi Qian’s ocean blue-green hues are very pleasing to the eye.”

In conclusion, our reviewer advised collectors to pick up both the Haolonggood Megaraptor figures if they could.  In addition, William thanked Everything Dinosaur for helping dinosaur model fans to build up their collections.

William added:

“Parcel and packaging are strong and secure from their clear address labelling to the securing of the item in protective bubble wrap.”

Haolonggood Megaraptor models Shi Qian and Duan Jing Zhu.

The product packaging for the two Haolonggood Megaraptor models Shi Qian and Duan Jing Zhu. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Our thanks to William for sending into Everything Dinosaur his Haolonggood Megaraptor model review.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Dinosaur Models and Prehistoric Animal Figures.

16 05, 2024

Amazing Ichthyotitan Jawbones Go on Display and Hollywood Comes to Bristol

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The recently described Ichthyotitan jawbones are going on display and Everything Dinosaur sponsors a film all about dinosaurs.  Everything Dinosaur is proud to announce that they will be sponsoring the internationally acclaimed documentary “WHY DINOSAURS?” when it comes to the UK. Four special screenings have been announced – London, Sheffield, Bristol and the Lyme Regis fossil festival.

The special screenings will take place next month (June 2024), and the Bristol event has been scheduled to coincide with the giant jawbones of Ichthyotitan going on display.

The "Why Dinosaurs?" movie poster.

Four special screenings of the award-winning documentary “WHY DINOSAURS?” in the UK.  Everything Dinosaur is one of the sponsors of “WHY DINOSAURS?”.

Ichthyotitan Jawbones

The Bristol screening will take place on the evening of Wednesday June 5th. It will be hosted by The Bristol Aquarium. The fossilised remains of the giant marine reptile Ichthyotitan will be on display at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, to coincide with this exciting event.

To read Everything Dinosaur’s blog post about Ichthyotitan: Ichthyotitan a Huge Triassic Marine Reptile.

Dr Dean Lomax, the lead author of the scientific paper was busy this week helping to install the Ichthyotitan jawbones in their new home.

Installing the Ichthyotitan jawbones.

The Ichthyotitan jawbones going into their display case.  A curious Megaloceros looks on as the team installs the fossil bones. Picture credit: University of Bristol.

Fragmentary bones representing part of the jaw of an enormous ichthyosaur were found along the Somerset coastline. The first discovery was made by Paul de la Salle in 2016. Father and daughter Justin and Ruby Reynolds discovered more material in 2020. The bones are from a Late Triassic ichthyosaur estimated to have been about the size of an extant Blue Whale!

Commenting on the film and fossil display, Dr Dean Lomax stated:

“As an 1851 research fellow here at the University of Bristol, I wanted to bring the film to the city and give people an opportunity to walk the red carpet and watch this exciting dinosaur movie. Moreover, I’m very excited to say that the bones of the recently announced Ichthyotitan, the giant ichthyosaur co-discovered by then-11-year-old Ruby Reynolds and announced last month [in April], will also be on display at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, to coincide with the screening of “WHY DINOSAURS?”.

Ichthyotitan jawbones on display

Dr Dean Lomax, Ruby Reynolds, Deborah Hutchinson, Carol Skiggs, Justin Reynolds and Paul de la Salle inspect the new Ichthyotitan exhibit. Picture credit: University of Bristol.

The website of Dr Dean Lomax: British Palaeontologist Dr Dean Lomax.


The Bristol screening of “WHY DINOSAURS?” will take place on the evening of Wednesday June 5th.

This award-winning documentary follows dino-obsessed teenager James Pinto and his father on a global search to try to understand why people are fascinated with the Dinosauria. In their quest they interviewed more than sixty-five experts from various fields related to dinosaurs, including leading scientists and artists among Jurassic Park fans.

The documentary explores themes from museum displays to blockbuster films. It attempts to discover what fascinates us about these prehistoric creatures. James Pinto, who narrates the film, explained:

“This movie explores the myriad ways in which people connect with dinosaurs, providing a unique look into the lives and careers of those who study them.”

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of dinosaur and prehistoric animal models, it was only fitting that Everything Dinosaur should become involved with this amazing project.

Dinosaur fans lucky enough to attend the Bristol screening will have a rare opportunity to meet and interact with palaeontology experts.  Kallie Moore, the co-host of PBS Eons, Jessica Lippincott of the Wyoming Dinosaurium Project, and acclaimed palaeontologist, author and presenter Dr Dean Lomax, who is also a scientist at the University of Bristol will be in attendance.  Dr Lomax is interviewed in the documentary and is also an Executive Producer.

Details of the 4 "Why Dinosaurs?" screenings.

Details of the four “WHY DINOSAURS?” screenings.

Sue and Mike from Everything Dinosaur will be attending the Sheffield screening on June 1st.

Tickets for Dinosaur Fans

The event at the Bristol Aquarium will commence at 6pm with a red-carpet reception with the film documentary starting around 7.15pm. The evening will conclude with an engaging question and answer session giving the audience an opportunity to delve deeper into the making of the documentary and the scientific wonders it explores.

Producer, editor and filmmaker Tony Pinto was excited to be bringing this amazing project to the UK.  He went onto state:

“It isn’t the traditional computer-generated dinosaur reconstructions and celebrity-narrated prehistoric documentary. Instead, we introduce the genuine voices of working palaeontologists, science communicators, artists, and dinosaur fanatics to tell a brief history of palaeontology and explore the world’s fascination with dinosaurs in popular culture.”

Everything Dinosaur sponsors film documentary screenings.

Everything Dinosaur is one of the sponsors of the UK screenings.

Tickets are available from £15 to £20. This fantastic event promises to be a thrilling journey into the age of dinosaurs, appealing to enthusiasts of all ages.

For tickets visit: “WHY DINOSAURS?” – Buy Tickets.

15 05, 2024

A New Feefo Feedback Template for Everything Dinosaur

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Everything Dinosaur receives hundreds of customer comments and feedback.  The company has been registered with the independent ratings and review platform Feefo for seven years.  We are grateful for all the feedback that we receive.  Recently, Feefo introduced a range of upgrades and improvements that made sharing customer reviews on social media platforms easier.  The upgrades included the introduction of a new Feefo feedback template.  This template can be customised to show the Everything Dinosaur logo.

A new Feefo feedback template for Everything Dinosaur

The new Everything Dinosaur Feefo post template. This template is part of the upgrades and improvements made by the Feefo team making it easier to share reviews and customer comments. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The New Feefo Feedback Template

Everything Dinosaur is able to incorporate their own logo and branding into the new Feefo feedback template.  The company receives a large number of reviews.  However, we only post a small proportion on our social media pages like Facebook.  The new template helps to reinforce our branding and our relationship with our customers.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“This new customised Feefo feedback template, makes it easier to share genuine customer reviews on-line.  We are fortunate to have received hundreds of Google reviews as well as thousands of reviews on our own website, however, it is great to have the independently verified Feefo reviews too.  We intend to post up these Feefo reviews on our Facebook page.”

Everything Dinosaur has been awarded Feefo’s top award for customer service.  This accolade is called the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award.  The UK-based mail order company has won this award every year since it was introduced.

Platinum Trusted Service Award 2024

Everything Dinosaur has won the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award for 2024.

So far this year, over one hundred and twenty customer reviews have been posted up by Feefo.   Over three hundred reviews were received in the previous year.  In addition, the Feefo site logged over six hundred product reviews sent in by Everything Dinosaur customers.

To visit the award-winning and user friendly Everything Dinosaur website: The Everything Dinosaur Website.

14 05, 2024

The Limited-edition Beasts of the Mesozoic Triceratops “Steelhorn” Model

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Everything Dinosaur team members have created another YouTube video. This time, it is a YouTube #short.  The video features the limited-edition Beasts of the Mesozoic Triceratops figure “Steelhorn”.  Only a thousand of these articulated horned dinosaur models have been produced.

A YouTube #Short Highlights the “Steelhorn” Dinosaur Model

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

This short video highlights the twenty points of articulation and the interchangeable horns.  In addition, the limited-edition status of this model is confirmed by the narrator.  Only 1,000 “Steelhorn” models have been made.

Beasts of the Mesozoic Triceratops “Steelhorn”

The Beasts of the Mesozoic “Steelhorn” is a wonderful 1:18 scale figure.  This articulated dinosaur model is supplied with an Everything Dinosaur Triceratops fact sheet.  The model measures nearly forty-six centimetres in length.  A spokesperson for Everything Dinosaur confirmed that the model does have twenty points of articulation.

To view the range of Beasts of the Mesozoic models available from Everything Dinosaur: Beasts of the Mesozoic Models and Figures.

Beasts of the Mesozoic Adult Triceratops “Steelhorn”

The Beasts of the Mesozoic Adult Triceratops “Steelhorn” in lateral view. A fantastic articulated figure with twenty points of articulation. The figure is supplied with an Everything Dinosaur Triceratops fact sheet and interchangeable metal effect brow horns.

Triceratops is a popular dinosaur model.  Numerous Triceratops models have been introduced by manufacturers. In the Beasts of the Mesozoic range, there is a sub-adult Triceratops figure and an adult Triceratops as well as “Steelhorn”.

The Everything Dinosaur spokesperson added:

“This horned dinosaur figure was introduced in 2022.  It has stunning colours and is supplied with interchangeable metal-effect brow horns.”

Be the Face of Your Brand

The YouTube short featuring the Triceratops figure was narrated by Sue.  She chose the “Steelhorn” figure as it is one of her favourite models from the Beasts of the Mesozoic range.  The video was created as part of an initiative to help team members to be more confident when making presentations.  Sue commented that she enjoyed talking about prehistoric animals and model collecting with dinosaur fans.  There are more videos including YouTube shorts scheduled to be made in the future.  The next YouTube shorts will probably feature some of the new for 2024 CollectA prehistoric animal models.

Visit the award-winning and customer friendly Everything Dinosaur website: Dinosaur Models and Toys.

13 05, 2024

The New CollectA Nanuqsaurus – Stalking Dinosaur Model

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Everything Dinosaur team members are looking forward to receiving the new CollectA Nanuqsaurus – stalking dinosaur model.  This figure is expected to be in stock later in the year.  The model is part of the CollectA Age of Dinosaur Popular range.  This range of not-to-scale figures features over a hundred prehistoric animals.

The CollectA Nanusaurus - stalking.

The new for 2024 CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Popular Nanuqsaurus -stalking dinosaur model in lateral view.

The CollectA Nanuqsaurus – Stalking Figure

This new theropod dinosaur model measures a fraction under sixteen centimetres in length. It has been carefully crafted and represents Nanuqsaurus hoglundi. This dinosaur was formally named and described in 2014 (Fiorillo and Tykoski).

To read Everything Dinosaur’s blog post from 2014 announcing N. hoglundiAn Update on the New Arctic Tyrannosaur.

The name translates as “Polar Bear Lizard”. The binomial name being derived from the Greek and also the local dialect of the Alaskan Inuit people. The fragmentary fossils, including elements from the skull come from the famous Prince Creek Formation of Alaska.

To view the CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Popular range at Everything Dinosaur: CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Popular Models.

Honouring the Inuit People of Alaska

The holotype fossils represented an animal around five to six metres in length. However, subsequent fossil finds such as isolated teeth indicate that Nanuqsaurus could grow much bigger. An overall body length of around nine metres has been proposed. This would make the size of the polar dinosaur Nanuqsaurus comparable with other Late Cretaceous tyrannosaurs known from lower latitudes.  It is likely that Nanuqsaurus was a permanent resident of the Arctic.  It was probably the apex predator in the palaeoenvironment.

A team member from Everything Dinosaur confirmed that they were expecting this new Age of Dinosaurs Popular figure in stock later in the year (2024).

Visit the user-friendly website of Everything Dinosaur: Dinosaur Toys and Models.

12 05, 2024

A Profile of Everything Dinosaur Created by New Technology

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At Everything Dinosaur, we like to explore the future as well as the past.  After attending a recent training seminar, team members became involved in testing some of the latest aspects of artificial intelligence (AI).  One of the tasks we set the technology was to write a short article celebrating the ninety-eighth birthday of Sir David Attenborough.

To read this article: Happy 98th Birthday Sir David Attenborough.

It was decided to set the artificial intelligence software a more challenging task.  Could they write a company profile of Everything Dinosaur?

Are these the best dinosaur models?

Everything Dinosaur supplies a quality selection of prehistoric animal figures. Could AI write a profile of this award-winning company?  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

AI Generates a Company Profile

When asking the software to create a company profile a more nuanced approach would be needed. For example, the term “Everything Dinosaur” might result in the software trying to write about everything to do with the Dinosauria.  However, appropriate and careful questioning enabled the computer software to complete the task.

The AI generated company profile:

Title: Everything Dinosaur: Unearth the Wonders of Prehistoric World


Welcome to Everything Dinosaur, a vibrant and captivating company dedicated to igniting the spark of curiosity and fascination for the prehistoric realm. With our diverse range of products, educational resources, and unwavering passion, we strive to inspire the young and the young-at-heart to explore the captivating world of dinosaurs and ancient lifeforms.

Company Overview:

At Everything Dinosaur, we are driven by our love for palaeontology and our commitment to spreading knowledge about Earth’s extraordinary past. As avid enthusiasts ourselves, we have brought together an extensive collection of dinosaur-themed products, including meticulously crafted replicas, educational toys, books, puzzles, and more.  All designed to engage and educate dinosaur lovers of all ages.

Our Mission:

Our primary mission is to make learning about dinosaurs and palaeontology an enjoyable and enriching experience. We believe that by fostering curiosity and understanding, we can nurture a lifelong love for science and natural history. Through our products and resources, we aim to bring the wonders of the prehistoric world to the fingertips of enthusiasts, educators, and families worldwide.

Everything Dinosaur logo

The Everything Dinosaur logo. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Expertise, Quality, Community and Education

Expertise and Quality:

We take pride in our commitment to authenticity and accuracy. Our team of experts meticulously researches and collaborates with renowned palaeontologists to ensure that our products reflect the latest scientific discoveries. From lifelike models to scientifically accurate educational materials, we strive to provide the highest quality resources that captivate and educate.

Community and Education:

We believe in the power of community. We actively engage with educators, museums, and passionate individuals to promote dinosaur education globally. Our comprehensive website serves as a hub for knowledge, featuring articles, blog posts, and educational resources that delve into the remarkable world of dinosaurs and prehistoric life.


Whether you’re a budding palaeontologist, a parent seeking educational toys, or simply captivated by the allure of dinosaurs, Everything Dinosaur is here to inspire and educate. Through our friendly approach, commitment to accuracy, and dedication to fostering a love for palaeontology, we strive to make learning about dinosaurs an adventure that enriches lives and fuels imaginations. Join us in uncovering the mysteries of the prehistoric world at Everything Dinosaur!



The AI software chose to spell palaeontology using the Americanised format.  We changed this spelling to reflect British (English) spelling). Furthermore, human beings added the images associated with this article.

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