The New CollectA Nanuqsaurus – Stalking Dinosaur Model

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Everything Dinosaur team members are looking forward to receiving the new CollectA Nanuqsaurus – stalking dinosaur model.  This figure is expected to be in stock later in the year.  The model is part of the CollectA Age of Dinosaur Popular range.  This range of not-to-scale figures features over a hundred prehistoric animals.

The CollectA Nanusaurus - stalking.

The new for 2024 CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Popular Nanuqsaurus -stalking dinosaur model in lateral view.

The CollectA Nanuqsaurus – Stalking Figure

This new theropod dinosaur model measures a fraction under sixteen centimetres in length. It has been carefully crafted and represents Nanuqsaurus hoglundi. This dinosaur was formally named and described in 2014 (Fiorillo and Tykoski).

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The name translates as “Polar Bear Lizard”. The binomial name being derived from the Greek and also the local dialect of the Alaskan Inuit people. The fragmentary fossils, including elements from the skull come from the famous Prince Creek Formation of Alaska.

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Honouring the Inuit People of Alaska

The holotype fossils represented an animal around five to six metres in length. However, subsequent fossil finds such as isolated teeth indicate that Nanuqsaurus could grow much bigger. An overall body length of around nine metres has been proposed. This would make the size of the polar dinosaur Nanuqsaurus comparable with other Late Cretaceous tyrannosaurs known from lower latitudes.  It is likely that Nanuqsaurus was a permanent resident of the Arctic.  It was probably the apex predator in the palaeoenvironment.

A team member from Everything Dinosaur confirmed that they were expecting this new Age of Dinosaurs Popular figure in stock later in the year (2024).

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