New Haolonggood Baryonyx Model (Wei Ding Guo) Reviewed

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Our thanks to dinosaur fan William who sent in a review of the Haolonggood Baryonyx model.  William chose to review Wei Ding Guo, the brown coloured Baryonyx.  William suggested that this model represented a female.  The blue colour variant (Shan Ting) probably represented a male.  Haolonggood have chosen to depict Baryonyx as a lithe and agile animal.  Both Haolonggood Baryonyx models have articulated lower jaws.

William praised the design team and suggested that these figures had been inspired by Dr Scott Hartman’s interpretation of Baryonyx walkeri.

Haolonggood Baryonyx Wei Ding Guo model.

A stunning image of the new for 2024 Haolonggood Baryonyx model Wei Ding Guo wading through some water.

The reviewer stated:

“I really like the brown colouration with the admixture of mottling. It is all very natural and the heavy claw on both hands is expertly done.”

The Haolonggood Baryonyx Model (Wei Ding Guo)

William had been on a special quest to obtain accurate models of Baryonyx. He suggested that the late William Walker, who discovered the holotype fossils, would have been proud to own these Haolonggood figures.  Both models measure twenty-six centimetres in length and stand nine centimetres high.  Haolonggood have proposed a scale of 1:35 for their Baryonyx dinosaur models.

This Haolonggood Baryonyx model was described:

“A most excellent and accurate example of the species to add to one’s collection.”


Haolonggood Baryonyx dinosaur model (Shan Ting).

The Haolonggood Baryonyx dinosaur model in the blue colour scheme (Shan Ting).

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Praising Everything Dinosaur

William very kindly praised Everything Dinosaur team members.

He stated:

“Now let me take the final moments of my review to give praise where praise is due to Everything Dinosaur.”

He thanked the team for their efforts sourcing such a huge variety of prehistoric animal figures and models.

Our thanks to William for his kind words and for his comments praising Everything Dinosaur.

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