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4 06, 2022

Mary Anning and the “Sea Dragon”

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The 2022 Cheltenham Science Festival is due to begin on Tuesday, 7th June (2022) and the award-winning director James Morgan’s film “Sea Dragon” will be featured. This delightful short tells the story of Mary Anning’s ground-breaking fossil discovery that challenged the worldview of 19th century England.

The film will be shown as part of Dr Dean Lomax’s presentation entitled “Mary Anning and the Sea Dragons” which is taking place at the Helix Auditorium on the evening of the 8th of June (2022).

Sea Dragon - a natural history heist.
“Sea Dragon” – a natural history heist. The film is directed by James Morgan and produced by Terhi Kylliainen. Starring Kiara Holley-Paliano as Mary Anning, Harvey Dean as Joseph Anning and Nathaniel Parker as Mr Fairfax it tells the story of a fossil discovery in the cliffs along the Dorset coast and the ideological battle that commences when its significance is brought to light. Picture credit: Becklow Films, design by Matt Needle.

A Changing World – A Changing Society

Set in 1812, on the stunningly beautiful Dorset coast, young fossil hunter Mary Anning (played by Kiara Holley-Paliano) finds herself locked in an ideological battle with a devious auctioneer (Nathanial Parker) over the fate of an ichthyosaur fossil specimen.

The auctioneer considers the fossil skull to be from a crocodile, but Mary thinks differently, and our feisty protagonist sets out with her brother Joseph to rescue the specimen. This is the story of a young girl with the courage to challenge convention. A person not prepared to accept the doctrine of the time but to consider the evidence of her own eyes and in a beautifully conceived scene set in a Georgian drawing room, to confront the accepted view of the world.

Mary Anning "Sea Dragon""
Kiara Holley-Paliano as Mary Anning portrayed in the film “Sea Dragon” directed by James Morgan. Picture credit: Becklow Films.

Exploring New Worlds

At its heart, “Sea Dragon” is an archetypal story of how an individual can force society to change. Directed by James Morgan, an award-winning director of film and television, this short film explores new worlds both social and palaeontological. Mary Anning, who rarely received any credit for her discoveries during her lifetime, helped to erode established beliefs about how the world was ordered. She challenged Georgian society. Her contribution to the nascent sciences of palaeontology and geology eroded long held and established views as surely as the Dorset cliffs with their fossil treasures crumble into the sea.

Sea Dragon Movie Poster
Sea Dragon (short, 2021). A young fossil hunter Mary Anning makes a ground-breaking discovery, challenging the worldview of 19th century England. Picture credit: Becklow Films, design by rathbleedart.

Commenting on the significance of this short, Director James Morgan stated:

“I hope the film does justice to the spirit of Mary Anning, and also poses questions about the
assumptions that still lay buried in our own foundations. As the ground continues to move
beneath our feet – we can only hope that we have learnt to listen to the small voice in the
corner of the room. Because small voices with the courage to see things differently are the most
powerful catalysts of positive change.”

Film director James Morgan.
James Morgan the director of the short film “Sea Dragon”. Championing the small voice in the corner of the room. Picture credit: Ben Sadd.

Our thanks to producer Terhi Kylliainen for her assistance in the compilation of this article.

“Sea Dragon” will be shown as part of Dr Dean Lomax’s presentation entitled “Mary Anning and Sea Dragons” at the Cheltenham Science Festival 2022 (Helix Auditorium, 5pm on the 8th of June).

The film website: The Film “Sea Dragon”.

The website of the director: James Morgan Film Director and Photographer.

21 05, 2022

Mary Anning Statue Unveiled at Lyme Regis

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A statue commemorating the life and work of the pioneering palaeontologist Mary Anning has been unveiled in her hometown of Lyme Regis. Mary Anning (1799 – 1847), made some remarkable fossil discoveries along Dorset’s “Jurassic Coast”, although during her lifetime, her contribution to the nascent sciences of geology and palaeontology was not fully recognised.

The statue, created by artist and sculptress Denise Dutton, is placed on the seafront close to the sea defences, permitting Mary a view of Lyme Bay and the cliffs and shoreline that she explored with her brother Joseph as a child. During her lifetime she made several highly significant fossil discoveries in the Lower Jurassic marine beds, including the first ichthyosaur specimens to be scientifically studied, plesiosaurs and the first pterosaur fossil to be found outside Germany.

The unveiling of the Mary Anning statue at Lyme Regis (Dorset)
The statue commemorating the life and work of Mary Anning is unveiled. Picture credit: Mary Anning Rocks

Mary Anning Rocks

Young Evie Swire was the inspiration behind the charity Mary Anning Rocks, when she enquired on returning from a fossil hunting trip at Lyme Regis “why isn’t there a statue to Mary?” A fund-raising campaign was organised and on what would have been Mary’s 223rd birthday, Evie, now a teenager and her fellow campaigners unveiled the beautiful statue commemorating a key figure in the history of the Earth Sciences.

Mary Anning statue unveiled at Lyme Regis
Crowds flocked to see the new statue of Mary Anning unveiled, some people even dressed up like Mary. Picture credit: Mary Anning Rocks.

Supporting and Celebrating the Role of Women in the Sciences

Everything Dinosaur was one of the first organisations from outside Lyme Regis to back the campaign and to help raise awareness. Since the charity’s inception, Everything Dinosaur has helped to promote and support the fundraising.

Mary Anning’s discoveries in the 19th Century helped shape scientific understanding of prehistoric life, but her work was never properly credited due to the fact that she was a woman and because of her lowly social status. A large crowd turned out for the unveiling, and team members at Everything Dinosaur are looking forward to one day soon returning to Lyme Regis and paying our respects to Mary Anning and her statue.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We did so want to be there at the unveiling. The statue of Mary is not only a tribute to her, but it also helps to raise awareness of and celebrate the role of women in the sciences.”

Mary Anning Statue Unveiled
A close view of the statue of Mary Anning which was created by leading artist and sculptress Denise Dutton. Mary is holding an ammonite fossil in her left hand. Picture credit: Mary Anning Rocks.

Anya Pearson one of the hard-working trustees of the Mary Anning Rocks charity exclaimed:

“It was a monumental day for a monumental Woman – At last!!!”

Our congratulations to all those people who have worked so hard to ensure that Mary Anning can be honoured in this way.

8 05, 2022

Happy Birthday Sir David Attenborough

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Today, May 8th, is Sir David Attenborough’s birthday. The naturalist, broadcaster and campaigner is ninety-six years of age and his enthusiasm for the natural world continues to shine through in the myriad of projects with which he is currently involved.

Sir David Attenborough
Sir David Attenborough veteran naturalist and broadcaster. Today, May 8th (2022) is his 96th birthday. Many Happy Returns Sir David!

Prehistoric Planet

Sir David’s energy and enthusiasm for the natural world shows no sign of deteriorating despite him being just a few years short of his centenary. For example, he is the narrator of a new five-part, nature documentary television series about dinosaurs that will premiere on Apple TV+ on May 23rd (2022) entitled “Prehistoric Planet”.

Produced by the BBC Studios Natural History Unit with visual effects by Moving Picture Company, the television series will be shown over five consecutive nights examining different dinosaur dominated environments during the Cretaceous.

Prehistoric Planet television series.
The television series “Prehistoric Planet” starts on May 23rd (2022). The programmes are narrated by Sir David Attenborough. Picture credit: Apple TV+.

The veteran broadcaster has become an active campaigner raising awareness about climate change, global warming and the impact of our species on the planet. He remains as busy as ever, but we at Everything Dinosaur hope he takes a little time out of his busy schedule today to enjoy his birthday.

Happy birthday Sir David Attenborough.

2 01, 2022

Mary Anning Statue Approved by Dorset Council

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Marvellous news for the start of 2022, the plans to locate a permanent statue commemorating the work of Mary Anning and her contribution to the Earth sciences have been approved by Dorset Council. The idea to erect a permanent memorial to the most famous former resident of Lyme Regis had been proposed in the past, but it was young, fossil fan Evie Swire and her mum who kick-started the project once more in 2018 with the launch of their charity Mary Anning Rocks.

Plans have been approved to erect a life-size bronze sculpture of Mary Anning. The memorial, designed by Denise Dutton, is likely to be unveiled in the late spring of 2022 and it will, in a small way, help to redress the great imbalance between statues of men and women in the UK. Approximately eighty-five percent of all the statues erected in Great Britain acknowledge the achievements of men. It is therefore fitting that a memorial to Mary Anning should be put on permanent display close to where she made some of her most important scientific discoveries.

Mary Anning Statue Approved
Approval has been given for the erection of a permanent statue honouring Mary Anning. Picture credit: Denise Sutton/Mary Anning Rocks.

Mary Anning Rocks

The charity, which team members at Everything Dinosaur have supported, has raised over £100,000 and plans are well advanced to place a statue of Mary Anning overlooking the beach to the east of the town of Lyme Regis. The charity wants to acknowledge and remember Mary Anning and her contribution to the nascent science of palaeontology. The statue will commemorate Mary and her dog Tray, which accompanied her on her fossil hunts. Unfortunately, the dog was killed in a landslide. The statue which will be within sight of Black Ven and Golden Cap will also provide a reminder to visitors of the dangers of straying too close to the cliffs as well as providing tourists with a focal point for remembrance and respect.

Part of the coastal defences of Lyme Regis
Part of the coastal defences at Lyme Regis. The statue commemorating Mary Anning is likely to be located at the end of the town’s sea defences to the east of Lyme Regis.

Unveiled in May 2022

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“This is fantastic news! We congratulate all those involved in helping to create this memorial to Mary Anning. The bronze, life-size statue will make a fitting tribute to one of the most influential figures in the early years of the science of palaeontology and perhaps help to inspire more girls to take up a career in the sciences.”

Mary and Joseph Anning are buried here.
The grave of Mary and Joseph Anning. Visitors to St Michael’s Church at Lyme Regis leave fossils found on the beach on the grave.

A date for the unveiling ceremony has yet to be confirmed but it has been suggested that the unveiling will take place on Saturday 21st May (2022).

16 08, 2021

The Passing of Dr Angela Milner

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Team members at Everything Dinosaur were very saddened to hear the news of the death of Dr Angela Milner formerly the senior dinosaur researcher in the Dept of Palaeontology at the London Natural History Museum. Dr Milner passed away on the morning of the 13th August (2021). During her long career, she played a prominent role in vertebrate fossil research and authored many books about dinosaurs.

Dr Angela Milner talks about Baryonyx.
The death of Dr Angela Milner was announced on Friday 13th August, 2021. Dr Milner talks about the discovery of Baryonyx walkeri and discusses the famous thumb claw. Picture credit: Natural History Museum (London).

Baryonyx walkeri

The Everything Dinosaur blog has featured the work of Dr Milner on numerous occasions. We have blogged about her work on the evolution of birds, her research into Archaeopteryx, using the famous “London” specimen in the collection of the Natural History Museum and discussed her contribution to a better understanding of the evolution of tyrannosaurs. Perhaps, she is most closely associated with the theropod dinosaur Baryonyx walkeri. In 1986, Natural History Museum colleagues Alan Charig and Angela Milner published in the journal Nature, a formal, scientific description of Baryonyx walkeri.

Baryonyx scientific paper
The scientific paper announcing Baryonyx walkeri by Alan J. Charig and Angela C. Milner (London Natural History Museum).

In 2011, the contribution of Dr Milner to vertebrate palaeontology was recognised when the specific name of a new carcharodontosaurid from the famous Tendaguru Formation of Tanzania – Veterupristisaurus was named in her honour (V. milneri).

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We were all very sad when we heard this news. Our thoughts are with Dr Angela Milner’s family and friends.”

13 05, 2021

“Locked In Time” Unlocks the Lives of Long Extinct Animals

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Twelve thousand years ago two, adult bull, Columbian mammoths fought an epic duel on the Nebraskan plains. There was to be no winner, both animals died a slow and agonising death as their massive tusks became entangled and these behemoths could not separate. In 1962, surveyors discovered their tomb, the two combatants still locked together face to face. A remarkable fossil discovery providing an unprecedented insight into a single event that took place thousands of years ago. Dr Dean Lomax documents this astonishing fossil find in a new book that looks at fifty snapshots in deep time recording the lives and behaviours of animals etched into prehistory.

Locked in Time by Dean Lomax and illustrated by Bob Nicholls
Published by Columbia University Press “Locked in Time” examines 50 extraordinary fossils that provide a remarkable glimpse into the lives and behaviours of long extinct animals. Picture credit: The University of Manchester.

Stunning Illustrations by Bob Nicholls

Dr Dean Lomax (University of Manchester), examines some of the most extraordinary fossils ever found in five carefully crafted chapters. The book entitled “Locked in Time” provides an insight into the lives, activities and behaviours of long extinct creatures as revealed in a remarkable fossil record. Renowned palaeoartist Bob Nicholls provides the sumptuous illustrations that brings Dean’s narrative to life.

Fighting Columbian mammoths
One of the dramatic illustrations from the book. The pair of Columbian mammoths (Mammuthus columbi) that died face to face when their tusks became locked together during combat. Picture Credit: Bob Nicholls.

From Burrowing Giant Ground Sloths to Fighting Dinosaurs

From dinosaurs fighting to their deaths (as depicted on the front cover), the last ever journey of an ancient horseshoe crab, mating insects trapped in time, to giant burrowing ground sloths, this book takes readers on a global journey deep into our planet’s fascinating past. Aimed at the general reader, “Locked in Time” offers an unprecedented glimpse into the real-life behaviours of prehistoric animals.

Dr Dean Lomax at the Wyoming Dinosaur Centre
Author Dean Lomax sits next to a dinosaur limb bone at the Wyoming Dinosaur Centre. Dr Lomax helps to provide an insight to the lives of the real animals that their fossils represent. Picture Credit: University of Manchester.

Ten Years in the Making

“Locked in Time” takes the reader on a journey across continents and through millions of years of Earth’s history. It has been meticulously researched and Dr Lomax is a most eloquent and well-informed tour guide.

When asked what inspired him to compile such a fascinating insight into life in the past, Dean responded:

“I’ve spent more than a decade researching and writing Locked in Time, having been inspired by an incredible Jurassic fossil I first saw in 2008. My hope is that the book, and the fossils therein, will encourage you to look at fossils and prehistoric life with an entirely new perspective, helping to show that these once living, breathing animals were as real as you and me.”

Published by Columbia University Press and priced at around £25.00, this book is highly recommended.

Find “Locked in Time” here: The Website of Columbia University Press.

25 02, 2021

Coins Commemorate Mary Anning

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Coin Collection Celebrates the Contribution of Mary Anning

The Royal Mint in collaboration with the London Natural History Museum has launched a commemorative coin collection honouring the celebrated palaeontology pioneer Mary Anning.  From selling seashells on the seashore to a coin collection which includes a gold proof coin valued at over £1,100.00 ($1,540.00 USD) featuring an image of an ichthyosaur, the contribution to science of the most famous former resident of Lyme Regis in Dorset is being honoured in a very special way.

One of the Commemorative Coins Features an Ichthyosaur

A coin features an ichthyosaur (Temnodontosaurus).

One of the coins that commemorates Mary Anning features an illustration of an ichthyosaur (Temnodontosaurus).

Picture Credit: The Royal Mint

The “Tales of the Earth” Series

This is the second coin collection in The Royal Mint’s “Tales of the Earth” series, celebrating the remarkable fossil record of the British Isles. Whilst the original series featured the first dinosaurs to be named and described (Iguanodon, Megalosaurus and the armoured dinosaur Hylaeosaurus), there are no dinosaurs on these three coins, after all, dinosaur fossil remains from the “Jurassic Coast” are exceptionally rare.  The marine shales explored by the Anning family in Georgian times revealed the remains of huge sea monsters and occasionally pterosaurs, such as Dimorphodon which features on another of the coins that make up this set.

Honouring Mary Anning – The First Fossil Remains of Dimorphodon Were Found in 1828

Coin honours Mary Anning.

From the Royal Mint, a coin has been issued which honours the discovery of the first pterosaur fossil in England by Mary Anning.

Picture Credit: The Royal Mint

The renowned British palaeo-artist Bob Nicholls who designed the trio of dinosaurs that featured on the first set of “Tales of the Earth” commemorative coins, returns to bring back to life three prehistoric creatures that reflect the contribution to palaeontology made by Mary Anning.  The third coin features a beautiful illustration of a Plesiosaurus.

A Plesiosaurus Features on One of the Commemorative Fifty Pence Coins

Honouring Mary Anning (Plesiosaurus 1823).

Picture Credit: The Royal Mint

With the assistance of Sandra Chapman of the Earth Sciences Department at the Natural History Museum, each of the coin design’s created by Bob Nicholls are a scientifically accurate reconstruction of the creatures and their ancient Early Jurassic environment.  By using the latest colour printing techniques, the intricate characteristics of each of the prehistoric marine reptiles have been captured to illustrate accurately how these creatures looked like on Earth millions of years ago, making them appear dynamic and adding a new level of visual fidelity to the coins.

Commemorative Coins to Celebrate the Contribution of Mary Anning

Coins minted to honour Mary Anning.

A trio of coins that have been minted to honour the contribution to science of Mary Anning.

Picture Credit: The Royal Mint

Commenting on the addition of this coin collection, the Divisional Director of Commemorative Coin at The Royal Mint, Clare Maclennan stated:

“It is an absolute pleasure to continue the popular Tales of the Earth commemorative 50p coin series in conjunction with the Natural History Museum.  The next collection in the series celebrates fossil hunter and pioneering palaeontologist Mary Anning, with three coin’s featuring Anning’s astonishing discoveries of Temnodontosaurus, Plesiosaurus and Dimorphodon.”

The coins each with a face value of fifty pence are available in a number of formats at various price points permitting coin collectors and dinosaur fans the opportunity to acquire them.  For the record, the gold coin valued at over £1,000 is a limited edition piece, just 250 have been produced.

The Temnodontosaurus Coin in a Presentation Acrylic Block

Acrylic block containing one of the Mary Anning commemorative coins.

An acrylic block which features the 50p commemorative Temnodontosaurus image honouring Mary Anning.

Picture Credit: The Royal Mint

A Mysterious Coin Found at Lyme Regis

Back in 2015 Everything Dinosaur reported on the discovery of a mysterious metal token that was found by a metal detectorist at Lyme Regis.  It was speculated that this coin-like object could have been the property of Mary Anning.  We wonder what Mary would have made of the coin collection created by The Royal Mint commemorating her contribution.

Did This Metal Token Once Belong to Mary Anning?

The Mary Anning Disc

Stamped on the disc are the words “Mary Anning and the year 1810 marked in Roman numerals.

Picture Credit: Lyme Regis Museum with additional annotation by Everything Dinosaur

To read more about the Mary Anning disc: Mysterious Token Linked to Mary Anning.

12 02, 2021

Happy Birthday Charles Darwin

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Happy Birthday Charles Darwin

From the Beagle to barnacles, today marks the 212th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, the famous English naturalist who shaped modern science with his theories related to natural selection and evolution.  Born this day in 1809, Darwin travelled to the Galapagos Islands aboard HMS Beagle and his observations about the fauna he encountered during his voyage through much of the Southern Hemisphere led him to speculate that organisms changed over time by a process of natural selection.  When Darwin’s theories were finally published in 1859 in the soon to be famous book “On the Origin of Species by Natural Selection*“, there was a great deal of controversy generated.

Young Charles Darwin

Young Charles Darwin.

An image of a young Charles Darwin.

Picture Credit: Darwin Heirlooms Trust

His studies of the natural world, including research into barnacles and his ground-breaking classification of the infraclass Cirripedia (barnacles are a marine arthropod), helped to establish his reputation in zoological circles.  His work remains a cornerstone within biology and related disciplines including palaeontology.

Happy 212th birthday Charles Darwin.

*Like a lot of Victorian academic publications Darwin’s famous book had a very long title, the full title of the 1859 publication is “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life”.

An avid collector, Darwin amassed a huge number of samples and specimens over his long career, some of his collection still contains a few surprises.  To read a related article about Darwin’s extensive and remarkable collection: The Lost Fossils and a Cabinet of Curiosities.

8 05, 2020

Happy Birthday Sir David Attenborough

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Happy Birthday Sir David Attenborough

Today, May 8th, is Sir David Attenborough’s birthday.  Sir David Attenborough has enjoyed the best part of seventy years as a broadcaster, narrator and television presenter.  His energy and enthusiasm for the natural world shows no sign of deteriorating despite him being just six years short of his centenary.  Over recent years, the veteran broadcaster has become an active campaigner raising awareness about climate change, global warming and the impact of our species on the planet.  He remains as busy as ever, with the BBC producing a new five-part television series narrated by Sir David, highlighting how natural forces such as ocean currents, seismic activity, sunshine and volcanoes contribute to maintaining a sustainable natural world.  A source close to Everything Dinosaur has stated that the series is entitled “A Perfect Planet”.

Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough.

A gentleman and a scholar.  Sir David Attenborough is 94 years old today.

Many Happy Returns

The television programmes will also highlight how some animals such as snub-nosed monkeys, wolves and bears are having to adapt as the world around them changes.  Birdlife from the Galapagos islands including vampire finches will also feature in the series.

Commenting on the significance of these programmes, Sir David stated that:

“To preserve our perfect planet we must ensure we become a force for good”.

The fifth and final episode will look at how our species has impacted upon the environment and the billions of other organisms that share our world.

Sir David added:

“Our planet is one in a billion, a world teeming with life.  But now, a new dominant force is changing the face of Earth: humans”.

Team members have been lucky enough to have corresponded with Sir David Attenborough, he remains as enthusiastic as ever and passionate about conservation.  Many happy returns Sir David, stay safe, keep well.

Sir David Attenborough – A Nonagenarian Passionately Campaigning to Raise Awareness About Climate Change

Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough veteran naturalist and broadcaster.  An active campaigner raising awareness about climate change and global warming.

Picture Credit: BBC

7 03, 2020

Happy Birthday Zhao Chuang

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Happy Birthday Zhao Chuang

Today, we celebrate the birthday of renowned Chinese palaeoartist Zhao Chuang, one of the leading lights behind scientific illustrations in Chinese scientific literature.  Fans of dinosaur and prehistoric animal models will also be aware of his work through the PNSO product line and their range of museum quality figures.

Celebrating the Contribution to Scientific Illustration of Zhao Chuang

Compsognathus illustration by Chuang Zhao.

A beautiful feathered Compsognathus catches its lunch (artwork by Zhao Chuang).

Picture Credit: Zhao Chuang/Everything Dinosaur

Illustrating Many Scientific Papers

This palaeoartist has been tasked with illustrating a number of scientific papers and press releases.  Interpreting scientific data and helping to depict a long extinct animal, place it within the context of the fossil discovery and in essence, to bring the animal back to life.  The picture (above), illustrates a Compsognathus.  It is shown as a brightly coloured, feathered dinosaur.  The artist is helping to promote the idea that far from being slow, sluggish animals, many dinosaurs were very bird-like.

Illustrating Ancient Landscapes and Ecosystems

The Late Cretaceous of northern China

Northern China in the Late Cretaceous.  A dromaeosaurid (left) takes evasive action as a herd of hadrosaurs approach the waterhole.  An armoured dinosaur (Pinacosaurus grangeri), has nothing to fear from the duck-billed dinosaurs or the small theropod but decides it is time to leave as well.

Picture Credit: Zhao Chuang

It was Zhao Chuang who created all the spectacular prehistoric artwork that was put on display as part of the “Dinosaurs of China – Ground Shakers to Feathered Flyers” exhibition in Nottingham (England).  As a palaeoartist at the Peking Natural Science-Art Organisation (PNSO), Zhao Chuang has worked with numerous members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and he has also collaborated with dozens of leading scientists from other research institutions around the world.  His work has been published in many academic publications.

Many happy returns.

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