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14 09, 2023

Carnian Street Book Review

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Recently, Everything Dinosaur received a copy of “Carnian Street” the first novel by aspiring author David McGowen. The book focuses on the life of Emily, a college student in the gritty, run-down fictional Yorkshire city of Thewlington. Tired of the childish antics of her peers, Emily yearns for something better. She wants to explore, to travel and to experience what the world, present and past has to offer.

The author draws on his own experiences of having lived in Leeds, attended art college and having been born in Thailand to weave an intriguing storyline that traces Emily’s development away from her dysfunctional surroundings to that of a confident young woman.

"Carnian Street" front cover.
The front cover of “Carnian Street” by David McGowen. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

“Carnian Street”

With a title referencing a stage within the Late Triassic, readers can expect plenty of prehistoric animal encounters. The author is a fan of dinosaurs, however, the Dinosauria does not dominate the dialogue. This said, Baryonyx and a pair of Eotyrannus do make an appearance along with other fauna associated with the Wealden Formation. Inspired by one of the many enigmatic characters in this intriguing book Emily attempts to draw a Stegosaurus. An encounter is described in which this famous armoured dinosaur looks on whilst a kebab is consumed.

Readers are transported back in time to explore ancient landscapes and marine environments. Megalodon features along with fearsome toothed birds. The author drawing on his own imagination to populate the prehistoric landscape with bizarre and colourful creatures.

Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon Encounters

The harsh and brutal life on the long submerged Doggerland habitat is highlighted. The struggles for existence of our ancestors documented in visceral detail. The novel is aimed at a mature audience. It deals with adult themes. Strong language is used throughout the book and some of the dialect can best be described as “earthy”. It is suitable for ages fifteen and over.

“Carnian Street” is an imaginative composition. We suspect that nothing quite like it has been placed on bookshelves for a long while.

Book Details – “Carnian Street”

Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers

Published August 2023 | Price: £13.99/€15.95 | Pages: 405
6 plus| Paperback | ISBN: 9781398474031
Also available as an E-book.

Visit the website of Austin Macauley Publishers: Austin Macauley Publishers. Search on the website for “Carnian Street” to find the book.

15 08, 2023

Prehistoric Times Issue 146 Reviewed

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The summer edition of “Prehistoric Times” magazine has arrived at Everything Dinosaur. There is certainly a lot going on in issue 146. Tracy Lee Ford provides part two of his excellent feature on dinosaur skin. The focus is on theropods, and he provides a detailed explanation on how integumentary coverings are interpreted from fossilised skin impressions.

A theropod features on the front cover. A magnificent Acrocanthosaurus model painted by Sean Kotz. There is an article “Mud Monster” inside that explains how the figure was painted.

Prehistoric Times magazine issue 146
The front cover of the next issue of Prehistoric Times magazine (issue 146 – summer 2023). Picture credit: Mike Fredericks.

Thescelosaurus and the Tully Monster

The bird-hipped Thescelosaurus is discussed in an article written by Phil Hore and Gary Vecchiarelli. Several species have been described and this fast-running dinosaur was one of the last dinosaurs to roam the Earth. All fossil material having come from Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian faunal stage) strata.

The Thescelosaurus article contains lots of reader submitted artwork. Our favourites include the illustrations by Bill Unzen, Ethan Martinicky and Nick Papadimitriou. Phil Hore writes about the iconic Tully Monster – Tullimonstrum. Our congratulations to Wade Carmen, Samele Consolo and Mark Massion for their illustrations. A special mention to Diane Ramic for her striking Tullimonstrum and very colourful pink and blue Thescelosaurus.

The Tully Monster motif is continued as Andreas Forrer discusses his own personal experiences hunting for Tullimonstrum fossils and there is an article on a new book that examines the ancient fauna of Australasia.

“Prehistoric Times” Magazine

J. R. Lavas continues his long-running series documenting the art of Zdeněk Burian. In issue 146, the focus is on Burian’s illustrations of Cenozoic birds. The detailed and highly informative article features stunning artwork.

"Prehistoric Times" magazine issue 146. An article on the artwork of Burian.
Stunning “terror bird” artwork by Burian. A pair of Phorusrhacos squabble over a recent kill.

Picture credit: Zdeněk Burian

Look out for Burian’s magnificent condor artwork which can be found on page 7 of the magazine.

All the regular articles are included too. Book reviews, news about fossil discoveries and Randy Knol’s regular column outlining developments in the dinosaur model collecting world.

To subscribe to the quarterly “Prehistoric Times” magazine: Subscribe to “Prehistoric Times” magazine.

6 08, 2023

“The Tyrannosaur’s Feathers” by Dr Adam Smith and Jonathan Emmett

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A pleasant trip out to Wollaton Hall in Nottinghamshire for Everything Dinosaur team members today. This spectacular Elizabethan mansion was the venue for an event celebrating the publication of a marvellous dinosaur book for children featuring Tyrannosaurus rex. Entitled “The Tyrannosaur’s Feathers”.

"The Tyrannosaur's Feathers" by Dr Adam Smith and Jonathan Emmett.
The front cover of “The Tyrannosaur’s Feathers” written by Dr Adam Smith and Jonathan Emmett. UCLan Publishing/Stieven Van der Poorten.

“The Tyrannosaur’s Feathers”

Published by UCLan publishing and illustrated by the very talented Stieven Van der Poorten, “The Tyrannosaur’s Feathers” explains how our knowledge about T. rex has changed. Time for this famous, iconic dinosaur to get a makeover.

Comparing T. rex figures for the tyrannosaur's feathers book launch.
How our perceptions regarding Tyrannosaurus rex have changed. A model from the 1970s compared to a Safari Ltd feathered Tyrannosaurus rex (2015). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A friendly Velociraptor explains to T. rex that palaeontologists have learned a great deal about the Dinosauria. Under the guidance of a fellow theropod the T. rex is gradually transformed over the course of the book into a feathered, two-fingered, predator with lips, a tail lifted off the ground and correctly positioned arms. The authors provided a read through, even dealing with the difficulties of tyrannosaur nostrils and the dinosaur’s colouration.

To read Everything Dinosaur’s review of “The Tyrannosaur’s Feathers”: “The Tyrannosaur’s Feathers” Reviewed.

The Tyrannosaur's Feathers book launch.
Authors Dr Adam Smith (left) and Jonathan Emmett (right) with the Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton on display at Wollaton Hall in the background. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Celebrating the Book Launch

As part of the event to celebrate the book launch the authors conducted a special T. rex themed quiz. The budding young palaeontologists that attended did really well and it was surprising how much information the children had picked up from the read through and the scientific explanations offered by Dr Smith. A helpful tyrannosaur research timeline aided the quiz participants.

Tyrannosaur's feathers timeline chart
The authors had created a helpful timeline that explained how our knowledge regarding T. rex has changed. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Wollaton Hall with its spectacular T. rex exhibit was an excellent venue choice to celebrate the publication of this wonderful book for children. Our hosts even laid on gingerbread biscuits in the shape of a Tyrannosaurus rex. We wish UCLan publishing and everyone involved with “The Tyrannosaur’s Feathers” success.”

“The Tyrannosaur’s Feathers” – Book Details

Publisher: UClan Publishing

Published August 2023 | Price: £7.99 | Pages: 32
6 plus| Paperback | ISBN: 9781915235596

Visit the website of UCLan Publishing: UCLan Publishing. Search on the website for “Tyrannosaur” to find the book.

1 07, 2023

“Humans – Perspectives on our Evolution from World Experts”

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How did our species evolve? What does our evolutionary history tell us about being human? These questions and many more are posed in a fascinating new book edited by a leading researcher at the American Museum of Natural History. Entitled “Humans Perspectives on our Evolution from World Experts”, this new publication provides an insightful analysis into the origins and the future of our species.

Research scientist Sergio Almécija has compiled an eminent list of contributors. These experts, drawn from a variety of academic fields, share their insights on the study of human evolution. Leading figures in palaeontology, primatology, archaeology, genetics and anthropology reflect on some of the most profound questions centred around being human.

"Humans - Perspectives on our Evolution".
The front cover of the recently published book “Humans – Perspectives on our Evolution from World Experts”. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Evolution of Homo sapiens

Sergio Almécija has been fascinated by the multiple narratives surrounding our origins, behaviours and the prospects for our future. He has taken an innovative approach to his subject. A list of questions was compiled and then he contacted leading academics and researchers and recorded their thoughts.

Some of the questions included are:

  • Which discovery, research study, or book would you highlight as a “game changer” in the way we look at our own evolution? How did it influence your career or life?
  • If you had a one-shot round trip in a time machine, to which specific time period—past or future—would you go and why?
  • What will be shaping human evolution in the future? What will humans look like in 100, 100,000, or 1 million years?
Perspectives on our evolution.
How did our species evolve? Why us and not other hominids? What does it mean to be human? A new book examining human evolution with contributions from over a hundred leading academics and experts. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Perspectives on our Evolution

The eminent and accomplished cast of contributors to this new book includes Kay Behrensmeyer, Frans de Waal, Nina Jablonski, Mike Benton, Richard Leakey, Robert Sapolsky, and Ian Tattersall. In total, there are contributions from over a hundred distinguished scientists and researchers.

Published by Columbia University Press, “Humans Perspectives on our Evolution from World Experts”, is a remarkable book. It has been designed to permit the reader to dip in and out of it, to explore a variety of topics and to gain fresh insights and perspectives.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Highly respected researchers at the very top of their game provide an insightful and informative examination of what it is like to be human. It is a very fitting compendium that caters for an essential human characteristic – our curiosity.”

“Humans Perspectives on our Evolution from World Experts” – The Details

Published by Columbia University Press.
Available in both paperback, e-book and hardcover.
ISBN (Paperback) = 9780231201216.
Pages = 520.

Visit the website of Columbia University Press here: Columbia University Press.

Search for the author (Sergio Almécija) or by book title.

Contributors opine on the fundamental relationship our species has with the natural world and remark upon the key moments in time that have driven human evolution. In addition, many contributors provide invaluable advice for those members of our species considering embarking on similar careers.

The Everything Dinosaur spokesperson added:

“This book allows the reader to explore a cornucopia of ideas about humanity, our past, present and future. It is an engaging publication, a book that will leave you with a deep sense of wonder.”

26 06, 2023

Prehistoric Times Magazine (Issue 146)

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Our thanks to editor Mike Fredericks who sent into Everything Dinosaur an image of the front cover of the next edition of “Prehistoric Times” magazine. The next issue (summer 2023) is due to be despatched to the printers tomorrow.

Prehistoric Times magazine issue 146
The front cover of the next issue of Prehistoric Times magazine (issue 146 – summer 2023). Picture credit: Mike Fredericks.

“Prehistoric Times” Magazine

This quarterly magazine is extremely popular with dinosaur fans and prehistoric animal model collectors. Each issue features lots of amazing reader submitted artwork. The two prehistoric animals to be reviewed by Phil Hore are Tullimonstrum and Thescelosaurus.

In his email to Everything Dinosaur, editor Mike Fredericks stated:

“The new issue goes to the printer tomorrow. I think it will be an extra special issue. I interview a guy that creates 3D printed dinosaur models, and I interview the writers and artist of the beautiful new book Prehistoric Australasia.”

Subscribe to “Prehistoric Times” here: Subscribe to “Prehistoric Times” magazine.

The magazine has been published for more than thirty years. It has thousands of subscribers all over the world. Produced in the USA “Prehistoric Times” has a worldwide customer base. It has thousands of readers in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and it is extremely popular amongst Canadian dinosaur fans.

Issue 146 (Summer 2023)

Issue 146 (summer 2023) will include regular features such as news updates, model reviews and book launches. Expect more from Tracy Lee Ford in the excellent how to draw dinosaurs series. In this issue, Greg Paul provides his views on the influential artist Zdeněk Burian and Kenneth Carpenter tells of a new prehistoric national monument. In a few short weeks, the next issue will be landing in mailboxes.

Readers can expect prehistoric animal model reviews and an update on rare collectables from Randy Knol.

For dinosaur models, toys and prehistoric plush visit the award-winning Everything Dinosaur website: Visit the Everything Dinosaur Website.

24 06, 2023

The Tyrannosaur’s Feathers

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The appearance of Tyrannosaurus rex continues to be a source of fascination for vertebrate palaeontologists and dinosaur fans of all ages. For example, the debate about whether the “King of the Tyrant Lizards” was covered in a coat of feathers remains a hot topic. We are likely to remain wrapped up in the integumentary covering of T. rex controversy for the foreseeable future. That’s not the only issue with this tyrannosaur that is preoccupying scientists and academics at present. For an informative and enjoyable guide to the scientific debate grab a copy of “The Tyrannosaur’s Feathers”. This new book about T. rex will be published in August (2023).

"The Tyrannosaur's Feathers" by Dr Adam Smith and Jonathan Emmett.
The front cover of “The Tyrannosaur’s Feathers” written by Dr Adam Smith and Jonathan Emmett. Picture credit: UClan Publishing/Stieven Van der Poorten.

Dr Adam Smith

Talented author and palaeontologist Dr Adam Smith, working with Jonathan Emmett, a distinguished writer of books for children, has penned a helpful guide to this scientific debate. The premise of this delightful book, revolves around a know-it-all Velociraptor informing our eponymous hero that he looks old-fashioned and needs a makeover.

With an improved posture, some restyled body parts and a coat of shaggy feathers, T. rex gets a new look to match the latest scientific research.

“The Tyrannosaur’s Feathers”

Illustrated by Stieven Van der Poorten and aimed at young readers from six years and upwards “The Tyrannosaur’s Feathers” explains how new fossils and advances in scientific analysis have transformed our perceptions regarding this famous, apex predator.

"The Tyrannosaur's Feathers" the feathered T. rex.
Tyrannosaurus rex gets a makeover. A book explaining how our pecerptions about T. rex have changed. Picture credit: UClan Publishing/Stieven Van der Poorten.

Dr Smith has a passion for dinosaurs and marine reptiles. He has written more than twenty research papers and named several prehistoric animals. A curator at the Nottingham Natural History Museum at Wollaton Hall, Dr Smith looks after the museum’s collections and exhibitions.

To read an Everything Dinosaur’s blog post about “The Plesiosaur’s Neck”, the first collaboration between Dr Adam Smith and Jonathan Emmett: “The Plesiosaur’s Neck”.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“This is an amusing and well-crafted book. It explains how our views regarding Tyrannosaurus rex has changed since it was first named and described more than a century ago. It’s going to be essential reading for young dinosaur fans.”

“The Tyrannosaur’s Feathers” – Book Details

Publisher: UClan Publishing

Published 3rd August 2023 | Price: £7.99 | Pages: 32
6 plus| Paperback | ISBN: 9781915235596

Visit the publisher’s website: UClan Publishing.

13 05, 2023

“The Dinosaurs Rediscovered” Spotted

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It’s another case of dinosaur book bingo. A book entitled “The Dinosaurs Rediscovered” was spotted in a museum gift shop. This excellent and popular book was published in 2019. Professor Michael Benton is based at the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol.

Spotting "The Dinosaurs Rediscovered" book.
Another case of dinosaur book bingo. The book “The Dinosaurs Rediscovered” by Michael J. Benton spotted in a museum shop. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

“The Dinosaurs Rediscovered”

Mike Benton is a professor of vertebrate palaeontology. He studies the large-scale evolution of major groups such as the Dinosauria and other archosaurs. He explores the effects of mass extinctions, environmental change, and biological innovation on the evolution of reptiles, mammals and birds. Professor Benton has written dozens of books about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. He is a highly respected author.

To read an earlier blog post about “The Dinosaurs Rediscovered”: “The Dinosaurs Rediscovered” by Professor Michael Benton.

Professor Benton outlines the changes in palaeontology over the last twenty years. He discusses new fossil discoveries and the impact of new technologies on research. The book illustrates how our perceptions regarding the Dinosauria have changed. We are living in a “golden age” of dinosaur research.

Book Reviews

The book has proved to be extremely popular. It has been widely praised.

The eminent British palaeontologist Richard Fortey OBE stated that the book was an engaging account of the evolution of the “terrible lizards”. It is aimed at readers with a general interest in life in the past.

He commented:

“Mike Benton has brought together all the latest information in this succinct and well-illustrated book.”

Everything Dinosaur team members will see if they can spot more dinosaur books over the summer. We shall continue to play dinosaur book bingo. What other titles can we observe whilst on our adventures?

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Everything Dinosaur.

3 05, 2023

Dinosaur Book Bingo

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Occasionally, when Everything Dinosaur team members are not in the office or warehouse, they get the chance to unwind by visiting a bookshop. As they peruse the shelves and examine the titles a new game has developed. It is called dinosaur book bingo. Can a book reviewed by Everything Dinosaur be spotted in the shop?

"The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs" by Steve Brusatte.
The paperback edition of “The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs” by Steve Brusatte. A fabulous dinosaur book. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

“The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs”

Whilst taking a well-earned break from work to visit a regional shopping centre, team members indulged in a little bit of dinosaur book bingo. A paperback copy of the excellent “The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs” by palaeontologist Steve Brusatte was spotted.

Everything Dinosaur team members had the pleasure of reading an inspection copy in the early spring of 2018. The book was published in May 2018.

To read Everything Dinosaur’s review: “The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs” Book Review.

The paperback edition was introduced early in 2019.

A Highly Recommended Dinosaur Book

Dr Steve Brusatte is an American palaeontologist based at the University of Edinburgh. He has worked on numerous dinosaurs and pterosaurs including several important specimens that have been found in his adopted home of Scotland (Isle of Skye).

This is a highly recommended dinosaur book.

Dr Brusatte takes the reader on a journey. He chronicles the evolution of the first dinosaurs and plots their gradual rise to dominance over other reptilian contemporaries.  Dr Brusatte charts their progress through the end Triassic extinction event to their emergence as the dominant terrestrial megafauna on our planet. Tyrannosaurus rex and its relatives are thoroughly reviewed. The evidence for feathers in the non-avian Dinosauria is comprehensively covered.

For models of tyrannosaurs including feathered figures: Safari Ltd Dinosaur Models and Figures.

It is great to see this wonderful book on sale. We can tick this title on our dinosaur book bingo card.

2 05, 2023

Prehistoric Times Magazine Reviewed

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The latest edition of the publication for dinosaur fans and model collectors “Prehistoric Times” magazine has arrived at Everything Dinosaur’s offices. It is time to review issue 145 (spring 2023) and what a jam-packed edition it is. The stunning front cover artwork was produced by Kurt Miller. It features a Kelenken “Terror Bird” battling a Smilodon.

Kelenken is featured in the magazine along with an article on the remarkable Hypsilophodon. Both pieces are penned by Phil Hore (a little assistance from Gary Vecchiarelli with the hypsilophodontid article).

Prehistoric Times magazine issue 145
The front cover of Prehistoric Times magazine issue 145 (Spring 2023). Picture credit: Mike Fredericks.

From Feathers to Scales

The regular Tracy Lee Ford section – “How to Draw Dinosaurs”, switches its focus away from feathers and takes a look at different types of dinosaur scale. In contrast, the long-running review of Zdeněk Burian’s contribution to palaeoart looks at how the artist depicted Mesozoic mammals. The article by Jon Lavas is filled with amazing illustrations. It is wonderful to see some of Burian’s incredible, lesser-known illustrations.

On the subject of prehistoric art, Steve White discusses his new book “Mesozoic Art”, written in collaboration with Darren Naish. Some of the beautiful images from the book are re-printed in this issue.

Burian depicting prehistoric mammals.
A Gobi Desert scene showing Late Cretaceous mammalian and dinosaur fauna. Burian depicts two species of multituberculates. In the foreground the rodent-like Kryptobaatar, in the middle of the scene a group of Djadochtatherium matthewi can be observed whilst in the background a Protoceratops andrewsi wanders past. Picture credit: Zdeněk Burian.

Picture credit: Zdeněk Burian

“Prehistoric Times” Magazine

Everything Dinosaur would like to congratulate Marcus Burkhardt, John Sibbick, Andy Frazer and Dani Navarro. Just a few of the talented people who submitted Hypsilophodon artwork. The Kelenken article too, features some amazing illustrations. Congratulations to all the contributors with special mentions to Anders Bang, Jeff Nevens and magazine editor Mike Fredericks for their Kelenken artwork.

For further information about “Prehistoric Times” magazine: Subscribe to “Prehistoric Times”.

Cretaceous Sea Turtle Nests, Phil Currie and New Fossil Finds

There is a substantial amount of palaeontology featured in issue 145. Long-term friend of the magazine, palaeontologist Phil Currie contributes an entertaining piece examining dinosaur fossil expeditions from a hundred years ago. The Chelonia are included with a fascinating article documenting turtle nesting sites from the Cretaceous. In addition, the latest dinosaur discoveries and fossil finds are summarised in the Paleonews segment.

Randy Knol covers prehistoric animal collector news, reflecting on recent production figures including the new for 2023 CollectA Anomalocaris and Dino Dana Zuul. Editor Mike Fredericks takes time out of his busy schedule to review some of the latest book releases.

Our congratulations to all the contributors to issue 145. It is yet another well-crafted and thoroughly absorbing edition.

23 03, 2023

Prehistoric Times Magazine Issue 145 – Preview

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The editor of “Prehistoric Times” magazine sent team members at Everything Dinosaur a preview of the front cover of the next edition of the quarterly magazine. The dramatic front cover artwork, which features a South American “Terror Bird” attacking a sabre-toothed cat, was created by southern California artist Kurt Miller.

Prehistoric Times magazine issue 145
The front cover of Prehistoric Times magazine issue 145 (Spring 2023). Picture credit: Mike Fredericks.

Picture credit: Mike Fredericks

“Prehistoric Times”

The spring issue features artwork and information on two prehistoric animals, the dinosaur Hypsilophodon and the giant Kelenken (K. guillermoi) a “Terror Bird”, that we suspect was the inspiration behind the stunning front cover artwork.

Kelenken is known from the Middle Miocene of Argentina. Standing more than 3 metres tall, it is the largest member of the Phorusrhacidae to have been described to date. Body mass estimates vary, but some palaeontologists have suggested that this giant flightless bird weighed around 200 kilograms.

Spring 2023 Edition

The next edition of “Prehistoric Times” is due out in a few weeks. The magazine will also feature an article from the distinguished Canadian palaeontologist Phil Currie. Professor Currie will examine the key dinosaur discoveries that took place more than a century ago.

To learn more about the magazine and to subscribe: Prehistoric Times.

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