New Review of a Haolonggood Megaraptor Figure

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Our thanks to prehistoric animal model fan William who emailed Everything Dinosaur a review of a Haolonggood Megaraptor figure.  William had previously reviewed Shi Qian, the blue/grey Megaraptor model.  This time, William chose to review the second Haolonggood Megaraptor – Duan Jing Zhu.  This theropod dinosaur model is one of two Megaraptor models that have been recently introduced by Haolonggood.

The Haolonggood Megaraptor figure (Duan Jing Zhu).

The red/brown coloured Megaraptor model from Haolonggood (Duan Jing Zhu).

A Haolonggood Megaraptor Figure is Reviewed

William explained that he had seen this dinosaur model featured in YouTube video reviews. He knew that he wanted the pair (Shi Qian and Duan Jing Zhu). In his opinion, the figures were very special and demonstrated that Haolonggood listens to dinosaur model collectors.

Our reviewer praised the accurate sculpt and commented that the figures were nicely balanced, giving the impression that the dinosaur was moving quickly. The large and anatomically accurate claws on the hand were highlighted.

William stated:

“A very fine set of mega hand claws correctly positioned on each forelimb.”

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Haolonggood Megaraptor figure (Duan Jing Zhu).

The red/brown coloured Megaraptor model from Haolonggood (Duan Jing Zhu) in lateral view.

In the review that we had received, William explained that he liked the addition of lips on the figure, and he appreciated the articulated lower jaw. He also commented on the warm colours that the design team at Haolonggood had given the model.

In conclusion, both Haolonggood models were recommended, and the reviewer ended by thanking Everything Dinosaur for their excellent customer service.

William added:

“Let me take the final moments of my review too give praise where praise is due to Everything Dinosaur. A giant thank you to you all.”

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Our thanks to William for sending in his Haolonggood Megaraptor figure review.