PNSO will be adding a replica of the armoured dinosaur Wuerhosaurus to their model range.  The PNSO Wuerhosaurus will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in a few weeks.  Team members have asked PNSO to make more models of dinosaurs from China.  Everything Dinosaur has received similar requests from model collectors and dinosaur fans.

PNSO Wuerhosaurus dinosaur model.

The new for 2024 PNSO armoured dinosaur model, Xilin the Wuerhosaurus. A fabulous replica of an armoured dinosaur from China.

The PNSO Wuerhosaurus Dinosaur Model

This armoured dinosaur was formally named and scientifically described in 1973 (Dong Zhiming). Wuerhosaurus is known from very fragmentary remains discovered in western China. The fossils come from the Lower Cretaceous Lianmuquin Formation. This formation is also known as the Lianmugin or the Lianmuxin Formation.  The design team at PNSO have created a wide-bodied stegosaur.  It is typical of Wuerhosaurus replicas in terms of its body shape.  However, the double row of plates running along the neck, back and down the tail are different.

Fossils remains ascribed to Wuerhosaurus homheni are in three museum collections. All the remains are fragmentary, and a complete reconstruction of this stegosaur is challenging. At first, the dorsal plates were thought to be much rounder and flatter than other stegosaurs. Subsequent research demonstrated that this was not the case. The plates appeared rounder due to breakage and the true shape of the plates is unknown.

Wuerhosaurus is one of the geologically youngest stegosaurians known.

The PNSO Wuerhosaurus model in lateral view.

The PNSO Wuerhosaurus model in lateral view.  Although the plates are much shorter than the dorsal plates of the better-known genus Stegosaurus, the design team at PNSO have tried to reflect current, scientific knowledge.

Model Measurements

The beautifully painted PNSO Wuerhosaurus figure measures 18.5 cm in length.  It is approximately 7 cm tall.  PNSO do not declare a scale for this new dinosaur figure.  The actual size of Wuerhosaurus homheni is not known.  It has been suggested that this dinosaur was around seven to eight metres in length.  Based on a maximum body length of eight metres, this new PNSO Wuerhosaurus model is in approximately 1:43 scale.

Xilin the Wuerhosaurus model measurements.

PNSO Xilin the Wuerhosaurus dinosaur model measures 18.5 cm long. The plates on the back give the model a height of approximately 7 cm.

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A spokesperson from the UK mail order company Everything Dinosaur praised PNSO for bringing out a Wuerhosaurus figure.

The spokesperson added:

“It is wonderful to see more armoured dinosaur figures being introduced.  We are delighted that a replica of a Chinese stegosaur is being added to the PNSO range.”

The new for 2024 PNSO Wuerhosaurus dinosaur model will be stock at Everything Dinosaur shortly.

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