Rebor Data Cards Get a Mention

The ever-growing range of Rebor replicas has rightly earned plaudits from collectors and dinosaur model fans.  Since the first release, a 1:35 scale replica of Yutyrannus huali (Y-REX), the portfolio of Rebor models has grown to include more than a dozen figures, mostly theropods.  However, whilst there have been a large number of reviews, pictures and a great deal of feedback about the prehistoric animals, time to add a congratulatory note about the data card to the company’s accolades.

The “Bio Data Card” Y. huali The Rebor Y-REX

Included in the Rebor Y-REX model box.

Included in the Rebor Y-REX model box.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rebor Data Cards

It is always pleasing to see a manufacturer take extra care when it comes to providing information about the prehistoric animal which their replica is based on.  These data cards, referred to by Rebor as “bio data cards”, supplement the fact sheets that we, at Everything Dinosaur send out with purchases.  Fans of dinosaurs and model collectors generally appreciate the information provided.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of Rebor replicas: Rebor Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.

The provision of such data cards, tends to elevate Rebor above other model makers in our humble opinion.  We enjoy reading the data card, almost as much as we enjoy admiring the replica.

The “Bio Data Card” Tyrannosaurus rex (Rebor KING T-REX)

Brief details on the "tyrant lizard king".

Brief details on the “tyrant lizard king”.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture above shows the information card supplied with the excellent Rebor King T. rex figure (1:35 scale replica of Tyrannosaurus rex).

The Rebor Range of Prehistoric Animal Replicas

There are many reasons why the Rebor range has proved popular, the detailed sculpts, clever design, quality and value for money

Typical Review on the Everything Dinosaur Website (King T. rex replica)

“Lovers of the Papo dinosaur range & Jurassic Park will want this on their shelves.  Outstanding quality Rebor are a company that I will be keeping my eye on from now on.
The Model:
Sharp teeth & claws
Beautiful paint job
Articulated jaw
Detailed sculpt
Uniquely posed

When I say the teeth and claws are sharp I mean it, this should not be treated as a toy but a display piece.
Service from Everything Dinosaur was quick, helpful, and a pleasure would and most probably will be buying from again.
Now stop reading reviews and buy this Dinosaur  you will not be disappointed.”

Thank you MC for posting up this review, one of a great number of positive reviews we have received about the Rebor range and Everything Dinosaur’s customer service.

We would like to add that the data cards are also another good reason for purchasing these Rebor replicas.

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s website: Everything Dinosaur.