Dinosaur Drawings from Dinosaur Fans

At Everything Dinosaur we get lots of letters, emails, pictures and drawings of prehistoric animals sent to our offices.  We read all our correspondence diligently and we also take the time to look at all the amazing illustrations, dinosaur drawing and photographs we get sent.  All those correspondents that require a reply do get one from our enthusiastic team.  Below is a lovely picture of a early meat-eating dinosaur, whose fossils are known from north-western Argentina.  This is Herrerasaurus and the drawing comes from Eashwar from India.

Herrerasaurus Illustrated

An Illustration of Herrerasaurus

Dinosaur drawings.

Herrerasaurus dinosaur drawing.

Picture credit: Eashwar

A predator of riverbanks and floodplains of the Late Triassic, Herrerasaurus is one of the largest members of the Dinosauria known from this part of the super-continent of Pangaea.  It measured up to five metres in length.

We also received a super drawing of the Cretaceous Microraptor, a dinosaur from northern China that could probably fly.

A Drawing of Microraptor by Eashwar

A dinosaur drawing.

A drawing of Microraptor.

Picture credit: Eashwar

Dinosaur Drawings

Microraptor (three species are known, all from Liaoning Province, China) was one of the smallest non-avian dinosaurs.  Various estimates for the length of this little dinosaur have been made, most of which suggest a length of between ninety centimetres and 1.2 metres, the majority of the length is made up of that impressive tail.

Thanks once again Eashwar for your drawings, we will post them up onto our social media pages, such as our Facebook page, Pinterest and Twitter feed.

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