A Unique Jurassic Park Inspired Dinosaur Diorama

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A Jurassic Park Inspired Dinosaur Diorama

Our thanks to James who sent into Everything Dinosaur some photos of his Jurassic Park inspired dinosaur diorama.  James has used many of the prehistoric animal models he purchased from Everything Dinosaur to recreate some of his favourite scenes from the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World movie franchise.  There are lots of different dinosaur models and replicas featured in the photographs.

Can you identify all the prehistoric animal replicas and toys?

A Pack of Papo Velociraptors Confront a Dilophosaurus

Four against one! Velociraptor pack versus a Dilophosaurus.

Four Velociraptors confront a Dilophosaurus.  Four Papo Velociraptors confront a single Dilophosaurus.  The Dilophosaurus replica is the ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus figure.  A splendid and very colourful frill has been added to the Dilophosaurus making it very reminiscent to the Dilophosaurus “spitters” that were first seen in the original 1993 film Jurassic Park.

Picture credit: James

A Tyrannosaurus rex About to Eat a Goat

A goat meets a T. rex

A goat about to have an unfortunate encounter with a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Picture credit: James

The photograph (above), shows a T. rex about to consume a goat, a recreation of a famous scene from the film Jurassic Park, when the Tyrannosaurus rex makes its debut in the movie franchise.  The goat model is a PNSO Animals of Asia replica, can you work out which T. rex model is in the picture?

Tyrannosaurus rex Battles a Carnotaurus

T. rex defeats a Carnotaurus.

Tyrannosaurus rex fights a Carnotaurus.  In a dramatic recreation of a famous scene from the most recent film in the movie franchise, a Carnotaurus is attacked by a T. rex.

Picture credit: James

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A Dinosaur Diorama

In the latest film to be released in this franchise (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom), that came out in 2018, there is a scene in which the hero Owen Grady (played by Chris Pratt) is saved from a Carnotaurus by the island’s T. rex.  James has recreated this scene and (below), he has depicted the scene that precedes the T. rex attack when the Carnotaurus does battle with a horned dinosaur.

A Carnotaurus Battles Sinoceratops

Carnotaurus battles Sinoceratops.

A Carnotaurus does battle with a Sinoceratops.

Picture credit: James

The Carnotaurus is the Wild Safari Prehistoric World replica that was introduced in 2019.  The horned dinosaur is the excellent Nanmu Studio Sinoceratops dinosaur replica.

A Pair of Horned Dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park Paddock

Horned dinosaurs at Jurassic Park.

Pachyrhinosaurus and Sinoceratops roaming around Jurassic Park.  Horned dinosaurs at home in Jurassic Park.  The PNSO Pachyrhinosaurus can be seen in the foreground.

Picture credit: James

Everything Dinosaur Comments

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Our thanks to James for sending in such a fantastic collection of images.  We think we can guess what his favourite film franchise is.”

A Close-up View of the ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus 

ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus in a Jurassic Park diorama.

The ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus dinosaur model features in the Jurassic Park diorama.  James has added small rocks, pieces of bark and made his own plant models.

Picture credit: James

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