ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus A New Review

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Our thanks to “Jurassic James” for sending into Everything Dinosaur his review of the ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus dinosaur model.

Late Jurassic Predator Dilophosaurus
The ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Everything Dinosaur website: Dinosaur Models and Toys.

James placed his review on the Everything Dinosaur website here is his dinosaur model review.

“This is one model I was torn with whether to buy or not. It was a split decision between this or the Rebor versions. I am so glad I opted for this version I’m sure the Rebor is great too but I just think this model has better detail for the scale it is in. That having been said I haven’t got the Rebor figure so maybe their models are just as good.”

He went onto add:

“I personally like models that are similar to “Jurassic Park/Jurassic World”. This model to me is based on the colouring we see on the dinosaur from the original “Jurassic Park” movie but with some differences. For instance, the deep red head frills, so maybe it is a different variant, a male or a mature female as the one in the film was supposed to be a juvenile. I also have the green T. rex by ITOY Studio and found mine to be better than the promotional images colour wise having more yellow shades as it looked bright green on the promotional images but I find this gave more character and detail.”

The ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus.
ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus dinosaur model.

A Highly Detailed Display Base

Commenting on the base, James went onto say:

“The base that comes with this figure is of the highest quality something else that attracted me to it. The only slight issue I have with mine is there are two small metal rods that line up with the dinos feet and mine will only line up with one at a time. This in no way effects the balance of the dinosaur and it also balances perfectly without the base. I do think the pose works well with the base though as it looks as if the animal is looking out for danger before taking a drink.

Thank you once again to Everything Dinosaur for a swift and excellent service.”

How to Position the Dilophosaurus on its Base

We noted the comment about placing this model onto its display base, so a team member from Everything Dinosaur explained how to position the ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus on its base. Check the holes in the base of the feet are clear of any obstruction, then place the front foot in position first. When this foot is in position, carefully wiggle the rear of the model and gently ease the back foot into place on the second metal rod.

A note to model collectors, the rods are supposed to be bent, these add extra security helping to stabilise the figure.

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