New PNSO Suchomimus Dinosaur Model Reviewed

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Our thanks to prehistoric animal model collector and dinosaur fan William who sent in his review of the PNSO Suchomimus dinosaur model. William has stated that from the first images he viewed, he has found “Thabo” very pleasing. He describes the PNSO figure as one of the finest and most accurate Baryonychinae figures available.

PNSO Thabo the Suchomimus.
The new for 2023 PNSO Thabo the Suchomimus dinosaur model. A replica of a baryonychine from PNSO.

A Customer Reviews Suchomimus

The reviewer begins by commenting on the head sculpt. He explains that the nostrils are lower on Suchomimus compared to the Spinosaurini suggesting that Suchomimus and other members of the Baryonychinae subfamily were less aquatic, perhaps preferring to hunt in the shallows.

The colours chosen by PNSO are highlighted and the articulated jaw blends in well. The anterior of the jaws has the classical terminal rosette typical of the Spinosauridae.

Suchomimus model has an articulated jaw.
The new for 2023 PNSO Suchomimus replica has an articulated lower jaw.

The Body and the Limbs

The reviewer states that the flesh that was prominent along the spine has been recreated and any “shrink wrapping” of the figure avoided by the design team. The model has also been provided with a cloaca.

William exclaims:

“Thabo is a model that is fantastic from any angle, and it will make a great diorama figure.”

The musculature of the shoulder area is praised and the texture on the forelimbs highlighted. The size and proportions of the digits and their associated claws are commented upon and the hind limbs are also praised.

The reviewer explains that the blunt toe claws are realistic, the living animal having blunt toe claws as a result of its locomotion.

PNSO Thabo the Suchomimus.
The PNSO Thabo the Suchomimus dinosaur model.

PNSO Suchomimus Dinosaur Model

William highlights the bright, orange eyes which work well with the rainbow-coloured nasal crest. The body is described as being a deep, rich matt grey with a paler band running along the back and with stripes covering the tail. The skin texture of the figure is complimented and the numerous skin folds and wrinkles praised.

As with earlier reviews, William provides model measurements and information on the accessories supplied with the PNSO figure:

Scale: 1:35.
Length: 11.5 inches.
Height: 3.4 inches.

Packaging and Accessories:

Standard white PNSO box with clear, plastic trays to protect the model, art poster and transparent support stand.

Suchomimus supplies with posters and full-colour booklet
The Suchomimus figure is supplied with an A3-sized poster, a full-colour, 64-page booklet and a QR code on the product packaging links to a video which demonstrates how the model was created.

Information About Suchomimus

William also submitted some information about the dinosaur and its fossils.

Time Period: Early Cretaceous – 112 million years ago, fossils from the Elrhaz Formation.

Ténéré desert Niger Republic of Africa.

Family: Spinosauridae.
Subfamily: Baryonychinae.
Tribe: Ceratosuchopsini.
Species: Suchomimus tenerensis.

Weight: 2.8–4.2 Tons.
Length: 31-36 Feet.
Height: 12 Feet.

William explained that Suchomimus shared an extensive floodplain environment with other large theropods such as the early carcharodontosaurid Eocarcharia dinops and the abelisaurid Kryptops palaios. He also outlines some of the latest research that suggests that members of the Baryonychinae were not as well adapted to an aquatic life as later spinosaurids, whose nostrils were positioned higher up the snout.

Our thanks to William for providing Everything Dinosaur with such a comprehensive review.

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