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All the reviews posted on the Everything Dinosaur website are genuine. They have come from real people who are customers. Genuine reviews are the only type of review that team members are interested in and willing to post up onto our website for visitors to read.

We have three main sources of review. Firstly, we receive reviews from Feefo, the independent customer ratings company. All the feedback, comments and reviews we receive are checked by Feefo to ensure that they come from real customers. In addition, we receive reviews on products and our customer service from shoppers. Purchasers send us product reviews and feedback, by visiting the review section on product pages and subsequently leaving a comment.

Thirdly, we receive Google reviews. These are made visible on the Google platform. Each review is from a real person, a customer of Everything Dinosaur. We also receive ratings on the Everything Dinosaur Facebook page.

Platinum Trusted Service Award
Everything Dinosaur has won the prestigious Feefo Platinum Trusted Service award every year that it has been offered. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

For example, you can find the independent Feefo reviews about Everything Dinosaur here: Feefo Customer Reviews About Everything Dinosaur.

Fake Reviews

Sadly, there are many companies that do not take such an ethical approach. Testimonials and feedback do influence purchase behaviour. A person is more likely to buy a product or place an order with a website, if they see positive reviews.

There are individuals and companies quite prepared to provide fake reviews.

Everything Dinosaur received the following email:


Do you need stick and non drop GMBs, Trustpilot, sitejabber, facebook, resellerratings reviews?

We use real mobile IPs.
Each review is made from a different IP address.
We don’t use proxies,VPN.

All reviews are posted from aged and phone verified Google accounts.
All reviews are posted based on the geo location of your business.

Looking for a positive response,

Thank You!”

Please Note

This is a genuine email, offering Everything Dinosaur reviews. We have not changed any of the grammar or corrected the spelling in this email.

Our Response

An email such as this, is deleted immediately. We have always been honest with our customers. Every review posted on our website, is absolutely genuine. Everything Dinosaur will never knowingly post up a fake review.

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to develop, we expect the profusion of fake reviews to grow. They will become increasingly difficult to spot. At Everything Dinosaur, we remain committed to providing our customers and site visitors with genuine comments and feedback from customers.

Genuine Reviews

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Everything Dinosaur currently has over 360 5-star Feefo reviews. Our company has received over 250 5-star Google reviews. In addition, we have thousands of customer comments, product reviews and feedback posted up on our own website. Every single one of these is genuine. We would never knowingly post up fake reviews.”

The spokesperson explained that they were extremely grateful for all the reviews, comments and feedback the company received. Team members appreciated customers taking the time to provide feedback and reviews.

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning and genuine website: Visit Everything Dinosaur.