Ancient Sea Reptiles a New Book Review

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To coincide with World Book Day (2nd March, 2023), here is Everything Dinosaur’s review of “Ancient Sea Reptiles” by Darren Naish. We have had an inspection copy of this eagerly awaited publication for a few weeks, and now that the book is officially available, we thought it an opportune moment to post up our thoughts and comments.

Ancient Sea Reptiles
Ancient Sea Reptiles by Dr Darren Naish. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Ancient Sea Reptiles

Dr Naish provides a comprehensive overview of Mesozoic marine reptiles. These denizens of the deep are in safe hands as the accomplished author guides readers through their evolutionary history before going on to dedicate individual chapters to each of the main marine reptile groups.

The Dinosauria may have dominated terrestrial environments. This carefully crafted and beautifully illustrated book leaves the reader in no doubt as to the majesty and variety of reptiles that thrived in the Mesozoic seas.

A less confident writer might have struggled to provide an overview of the anatomy of this extremely diverse group of marine adapted reptiles. Sea turtles, shark-shaped reptiles, plesiosaurs, thalattosuchians and mosasaurs are all tackled with aplomb, and the evolutionary changes required to adapt to an aquatic lifestyle are reviewed in a single compendious chapter. For example, the function of the plesiosaur’s neck is explained and the likely swimming styles of various body plans is clearly elucidated through the skilful use of descriptive text.

Exquisite Photography

Photographs of important fossil discoveries are included along with detailed and informative notes. A glossary is also provided to assist readers with terminology. Some of the lesser-known Mesozoic marine reptiles such as the Triassic sauropterygians, Cretaceous sea snakes and the mesosaurs – the world’s first aquatic reptiles, have their own dedicated chapter.

The paddle bone of a leptonectid ichthyosaur.
The paddle bone of a leptonectid ichthyosaur.

Stunning Artwork and Life Reconstructions

“Ancient Sea Reptiles” is richly illustrated with striking specimens and life reconstructions from many highly respected palaeoartists. The author also contributes to the illustrations providing drawings and cladograms.

Ancient Sea Reptiles - the author provides many of the cladograms and animal illustrations.
The author provides many of the cladograms and prehistoric animal illustrations.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur praised the book and commented:

“This is an extensively researched and most informative volume written in an easy to understand language that will please the academic and general reader alike. Ancient Sea Reptiles is highly recommended.”

To purchase Ancient Sea Reptiles by Darren Naish, visit the publisher’s website and search for either the book title or the author: Visit the Publisher’s Website.