New Prehistoric Times Magazine Issue 145 – Preview

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The editor of “Prehistoric Times” magazine sent team members at Everything Dinosaur a preview of the front cover of the next edition of the quarterly magazine. The dramatic front cover artwork, which features a South American “Terror Bird” attacking a sabre-toothed cat, was created by southern California artist Kurt Miller.

Prehistoric Times magazine issue 145
The front cover of Prehistoric Times magazine issue 145 (Spring 2023). Picture credit: Mike Fredericks.

Picture credit: Mike Fredericks

“Prehistoric Times”

The spring issue features artwork and information on two prehistoric animals, the dinosaur Hypsilophodon and the giant Kelenken (K. guillermoi) a “Terror Bird”, that we suspect was the inspiration behind the stunning front cover artwork.

Kelenken is known from the Middle Miocene of Argentina. Standing more than 3 metres tall, it is the largest member of the Phorusrhacidae to have been described to date. Body mass estimates vary, but some palaeontologists have suggested that this giant flightless bird weighed around 200 kilograms.

Spring 2023 Edition

The next edition of “Prehistoric Times” is due out in a few weeks. The magazine will also feature an article from the distinguished Canadian palaeontologist Phil Currie. Professor Currie will examine the key dinosaur discoveries that took place more than a century ago.

To learn more about the magazine and to subscribe: Prehistoric Times.