Stunning Sinosauropteryx Wedding Guests

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In January, Everything Dinosaur received an order for two PNSO Sinosauropteryx models. These are popular prehistoric animal figures but we did contact Claire, the customer, just to check that they had not purchased an additional figure in error. Claire replied to our email and reassured us stating:

“Thank you for emailing! No, the purchase of a second PNSO Sinosauropteryx figure was not a mistake. My fiancé and I are planning to use them as cake toppers for our wedding.”

Intrigued, we asked Claire would it be possible for her to send us a picture of her dinosaur themed wedding cake.

Sure, enough over the weekend we were sent a photograph of the fabulous cake.

Sinosauropteryx wedding guests.
PNSO Sinosauropteryx models used as cake toppers for a spectacular dinosaur themed wedding cake. Picture credit: Claire.

Picture credit: Claire

PNSO Sinosauropteryx Wedding Guests

What a spectacular wedding cake. Even the two PNSO Sinosauropteryx models have been dressed up for the occasion. The cake looks beautiful, and we love the little flourishes such as the ammonite fossils on the side and the cascading waterfall made from blue icing.

Cutting the dinosaur themed wedding cake.
Claire and her husband Bradley cutting the dinosaur themed wedding cake. Picture credit Claire.

Picture credit: Claire

We at Everything Dinosaur would like congratulate the happy couple. We wish Claire and Bradley every success and happiness as they build their new lives together.

To view the Sinosauropteryx figures that featured on the wedding cake and the rest of the PNSO prehistoric animal replicas: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs.