Happy New Year

Just time to wish all our blog readers and Everything Dinosaur customers a happy new year.  We are going to be very busy in 2018 and we have a lot to look forward too, but first we say a big thank you to all our customers who supported us in 2017 and a special thank you to all those people who gave our Facebook page a “like” over the last twelve months or so.

Happy New Year from Everything Dinosaur

Happy New Year 2018.
Happy New Year from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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More than a 1,000 Facebook Likes in Twelve Months

The picture above will be posted up onto Everything Dinosaur’s Facebook page.  On January 1st 2017, our Facebook site had 3,303 “likes” and we set ourselves the challenge of getting up to 4,000 “likes” by the end of the year.  We are proud to announce that over the last twelve months, we have earned over 1,000 Facebook “likes” and we currently have a total of 4,345.  Our thanks to everyone who gave us a “like” on our Facebook page, we are truly humbled.

We believe customer service is the key to getting "likes".
Over 4,300 Facebook “likes”.

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Everything Dinosaur New for 2018

Everything Dinosaur has big plans for 2018, look out for more stock of the exceptionally rare PNSO models, plus the launch of the Beasts of the Mesozoic replica range along with new figures from Eofauna Scientific Research, CollectA, Schleich, Mojo Fun and Papo.

In the meantime,

Happy New Year!  We wish everyone a peaceful and prosperous 2018.

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