Velociraptor Portrait by PNSO

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A Velociraptor Illustration by PNSO

We wanted to post up another beautiful dinosaur illustration by the talented Chinese palaeoartist Zhao Chuang (Peking Natural Sciences Organisation).  So, without further ado, here is a beautiful drawing of the head and neck of a Velociraptor.

A Beautiful Drawing of the Head and Jaws of Velociraptor

A Velociraptor drawing.

An illustration of Velociraptor.

Picture Credit: Zhao Chuang

A Pictorial Guide to Palaeontology

Taken from “A Pictorial Guide to Palaeontology” by Zhao Chuang and Yang Ying, this Velociraptor illustration is devoid of feathers.  However, although Velociraptor may have been feathered, the head and neck could have been bare.  Some members of the vulture family, including species from the Old World as well as the Americas, lack feathers on the neck and head.  This allows them to feed on the carcasses of other animals without getting their feathers caked in blood.  In addition, the bare head and neck play a role in thermoregulation.  Lack of insulating feathers around the skull and neck, permit these large birds to lose heat to their surroundings, helping them to keep cool.

The bare-necked Velociraptor illustrated by Zhao Chuang may reflect similar themes, related to avoiding getting dirty feathers whilst feeding and thermoregulation.