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8 01, 2018

New Schleich Models in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

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New Schleich Prehistoric Animal Models in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

The first of the 2018 Schleich prehistoric animal models are in stock at Everything Dinosaur.  Five new figures are now available, the new for 2018 Schleich Triceratops, the new colour variant Therizinosaurus plus the Psittacosaurus, Oviraptor and the amazing Dinogorgon replica.

New for 2018 Schleich Prehistoric Animal Models in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

New Schleich prehistoric animals (2018).
New Schleich prehistoric animal models (2018).

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Schleich Prehistoric Animal Models for 2018

Four of the five models to have arrived to date, are dinosaurs, the exception is the confusingly named Dinogorgon.  Dinogorgon is a member of the Therapsida and, as such, is more closely related to us humans than it is to any dinosaur.  One group of the therapsids, evolved into large, sabre-toothed predators – the gorgonopsids (named after the Gorgons from Greek myth), Dinogorgon is a gorgonopsid, a member of an African subfamily (the Rubidgeinae), which were the apex predators in southern Africa at the end of the Permian.

The Schleich Dinogorgon Model

Schleich Dinogorgon.
The Schleich Dinogorgon model.

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This beautifully detailed figure measures around thirteen centimetres long and it is great to see Schleich making models of prehistoric animals that predate the Dinosauria.

Schleich Oviraptor Model

Schleich have also introduced a model of an Oviraptor into their dinosaur range.  The Oviraptor continues the trend to introduce feathered dinosaur representations into the company’s portfolio.  The figure is resplendent with its shaggy coat and prominent wing feathers.  The model stands some ten centimetres high, so it works in scale with larger replicas representing larger species.  The detail of the individual feathers on the Schleich Oviraptor has already attracted a number of favourable comments.

The Schleich Oviraptor Dinosaur Model

Schleich Oviraptor Dinosaur Model.
The new for 2018 Schleich Oviraptor dinosaur model.

To view all the new Schleich prehistoric animal figures currently in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Schleich Prehistoric Animal Models.

Schleich Therizinosaurus

Another theropod, but like Oviraptor, very probably not a hypercarnivore.  Schleich have introduced a new colour version of their popular Therizinosaurus figure.  Just like its predecessor, this model has an articulated jaw and moveable arms.

The New for 2018 Schleich Therizinosaurus (Colour Variant)

Schleich Therizinosaurus dinosaur model.
Schleich new Therizinosaurus (2018).

For models and replicas of prehistoric animals: Prehistoric Animal Figures and Dinosaur Models.

Schleich New for 2018 Triceratops Dinosaur Model

An old favourite has been remodelled for 2018 by Schleich.  The German-based company has introduced a large model of Triceratops.  The figure measures a whopping 21 centimetres long and it works well in scale with the Tyrannosaurus rex models introduced by Schleich.  The Schleich Triceratops has been given a vivid red colouration, in stark contrast to the battleship grey that covers the majority of the figure.

The New for 2018 Schleich Triceratops Dinosaur Model is in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

Schleich Triceratops dinosaur model (2018).
The new for 2018 Schleich Triceratops dinosaur model.

Schleich Psittacosaurus

The last of the new for 2018 figures to be featured is the splendid Schleich Psittacosaurus.  We know that Schleich will introduce more models in the near future but for the time being, we will conclude this brief overview of new prehistoric animal models by commenting on the Schleich Psittacosaurus.

The Schleich Psittacosaurus (2018)

Schleich Psittacosaurus (2018).
New for 2018, the Schleich Psittacosaurus dinosaur model.

Schleich Models Have Lots of Detail

This model shows lots of detail and the skull with its prominent jugals (bony projections) deserves praise.  The painting around the open mouth is particularly well done and it is good to see that Psittacosaurus has been given a set of bristles at the end of its tail, as the fossil record suggests.  The bright green colouration contrasts nicely with the muted, pale undertones of the belly, thus emphasising the idea (as supported by a recent scientific paper), that these types of dinosaurs were countershaded.

To read an article about countershading in Psittacosaurus: Calculating the Colour of Psittacosaurus.

All in all, it is a big Iguanodon’s thumb up from Everything Dinosaur for these new Schleich replicas.  We also look forward to commenting on the new for 2018 Tawa (T. hallae) figure when it arrives at our warehouse.

8 01, 2018

Schleich Extend Their Prehistoric Animal Model Range

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New Prehistoric Animal Models from Schleich

Schleich, the Germany-based model and figure manufacturer have extended their range or prehistoric animal models by adding six new models to the “Conquering the Earth” range.  All the dinosaurs and prehistoric animals are suitable for children from three years and upwards and they are designed to help encourage creative, imaginative play.

New for 2018 Prehistoric Animal Models from Schleich

New Schleich prehistoric animals (2018).
New Schleich prehistoric animal models (2018).

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Familiar and Less Familiar Prehistoric Animals

One of the new additions is a model of the famous three-horned dinosaur Triceratops.  This dinosaur tends to be well-represented in most prehistoric animal model ranges, but Schleich have branched out in recent years adding replicas of less well-known ancient animals, all of which come with a helpful booklet that provides a few details on the extinct creature that the figure represents.  Take for example, the new for 2018 Tawa model (Tawa hallae), a model of a Triassic dinosaur that even the most ardent young dinosaur fan may struggle to know much about.  Schleich have also introduced a number of feathered dinosaur models, the huge Therizinosaurus, the beautiful Oviraptor and the bristle-backed, plant-eater Psittacosaurus.

The New for 2018 Schleich Tawa hallae Dinosaur Model

The Schleich Tawa hallae dinosaur model.
The new for 2018 Schleich Tawa dinosaur model (T. hallae).

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Fossils of this fast-running dinosaur come from sedimentary deposits in New Mexico.  These rocks have been dated to around 215 million years ago and Tawa hallae has helped palaeontologists to better understand the evolution of lizard-hipped dinosaurs and meat-eating dinosaurs in particular.

Schleich Prehistoric Animal Models – Detailed and Accurate

From the initial draft sketches through to the final decoration by hand, all the Schleich prehistoric animal figures are based on the fossil evidence helping young people to learn about life in the past.  Schleich models allow children to play and to learn at the same time.  These very tactile replicas are ideally suited to little hands and they help to encourage creativity and independence.

Not Just Dinosaurs – The Schleich Dinogorgon Figure

Schleich Dinogorgon.
The Schleich Dinogorgon model.

The design team at Schleich are keen to help children to broaden their horizons.  They don’t just produce dinosaur models, for instance, new for 2018 is a beautiful model of a fearsome predator that lived long before the first dinosaur evolved.  The Schleich Dinogorgon model (see above), is a representation of what was once termed a “mammal-like reptile”.  Indeed, these creatures are more closely related to modern mammals than they are to dinosaurs.  By creating replicas of some of the more unusual animals in the fossil record, Schleich helps young children to learn about the evolution of life on Earth.

To view the range of Schleich figures and replicas available from Everything Dinosaur: Schleich Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.

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