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19 01, 2018

Reception and Key Stage 1 Study Dinosaurs and Rare Fossils

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Reception and Key Stage 1 Study Dinosaurs

Children at Hanging Heaton CE (VC) Junior and Infant School (West Yorkshire), had an exciting and very special Friday morning.  Class 1 and Class 2 are starting a topic all about dinosaurs, fossils and life in the past and to help start the term topic, Everything Dinosaur was invited into the school to deliver two dinosaur and fossil themed workshops.  An early morning start, to avoid the worst of the weather and traffic, permitted the Everything Dinosaur team member the chance to admire the tidy classrooms with their display boards ready to be adorned with various prehistoric animal facts, examples of writing and dinosaur inspired artwork.

Class 1 (Reception and Year 1) Have a Palaeontology Lab!

The FS2/Year 1 class have a palaeontology lab.
The FS2/Year 1 class have a palaeontology laboratory.

Picture credit: Hanging Heaton CE (VC) J & I School/Everything Dinosaur

Spacious and Tidy Classrooms

The spacious and well-appointed classrooms have lots of display boards, so that the children’s topic work can be highlighted.  Class 1, which consists of a mixed group of Reception and Year 1 children even have a part of the large classroom designated as a palaeontology lab, just the place to showcase all their dinosaur discoveries.

A Display Board in Class 2 Ready for Dinosaur Facts and Figures

A Key Stage 1 dinosaurs term topic display board - Dinosaurs!
Year 1/2 classroom ready for the dinosaurs term topic.

Picture credit: Hanging Heaton CE (VC) J & I School/Everything Dinosaur

Class 2 have a display board all ready to post up their dinosaur themed work.  The inflatable pterosaur makes a lovely addition, perhaps the children will learn about flying reptiles as part of their studies.  Prior to the two workshops, our dinosaur and fossil expert briefed the enthusiastic teaching team on how to maximise the learning from the sessions.  In addition, a number of extension resources were provided.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

Over the course of the morning, there were lots of opportunities for the teaching team and the learning support assistants to take plenty of photographs, all very useful when it comes to recalling and recounting activities.

Once back in the office, the dinosaur expert sent over some additional teaching resources to help support the two classes with the scheme of work.  A challenge for the children was could they design their own dinosaur?  We look forward to seeing the results.

For further information on Everything Dinosaur’s work in schools: Contact Everything Dinosaur.

19 01, 2018

The New Safari 2018 Collectors Booklet in Stock

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Everything Dinosaur Stocks the New for 2018 Safari Ltd Booklet

Everything Dinosaur stocks a range of collector booklets and recently the new for 2018 Safari Ltd collectors booklet has arrived.  This handy guide enables dinosaur model fans to see the full range of the prehistoric animal models that are currently produced by Safari Ltd, the majority of which are within the “Wild Safari Prehistoric World” portfolio.

The Safari Ltd Collectors Booklet

Available from Everything Dinosaur

Safari Ltd collectors booklet (2018)
Safari Ltd 2018 booklet.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The 2018 Safari Ltd collectors booklet is now available from Everything Dinosaur.  This handy guide to the Safari model range including the “Wild Safari Prehistoric World” series can be requested from us, or simply when placing an order, add a booklet to your shopping cart, it is free, only the subsidised postage to pay if it is ordered separately.

To view the prehistoric animal figures and dinosaur models from Safari Ltd at Everything Dinosaur: Wild Safari Prehistoric World Models.

New for 2018 Prehistoric Animal Models

Safari Ltd have something like 850 figures and sets within their huge range.  This year, they have added a whopping fourteen new sculpts of prehistoric animals for dinosaur and model fans to collect.  This total does include the Przewalski’s horse figure and the beautiful model of the Permian predator Dimetrodon (sail-backed reptile).

Lots of New Models Added to the Range in 2018

New from Safari Ltd (2018).
New figures from Safari Ltd for 2018 (prehistoric animals). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Replacing the Carnegie Collectables Series

With the retirement of the Carnegie  Collectables series of scale models, Safari Ltd have set about replacing some of these figures with new models, hence the introduction of a new Triceratops and Ankylosaurus, for example.  It is great to see such a wide range of new for 2018 model introductions.  The new figures (illustrated above), include both prehistoric mammals as well as dinosaurs and a substantial temporal range is represented.   All credit to Safari Ltd for making models of some lesser known dinosaurs such as Malawisaurus (M. dixeyi).  This sauropod heralds from the Sitwe Valley region of northern Malawi and it was first described ninety years ago by the English-born, South African palaeontologist Sidney Henry Haughton.

The New for 2018 Wild Safari Prehistoric World Malawisaurus Dinosaur Model

Malawisaurus dinosaur model.
The Wild Safari Prehistoric World Malawisaurus dinosaur model from Safari Ltd.

A Personal Favourite

We received an email from a collector last week that asked which of the new Safari Ltd models was our personal favourite?  It is quite hard to pick a single figure from such an excellent range, however, after a discussion, we agreed that the Macrauchenia replica with its beautiful colour scheme and attention to detail was probably our current favourite.  Which of these new models from Safari Ltd is your favourite?

Model collectors and fans of the Safari Ltd product range can peruse at their leisure all the new additions as well as viewing their favourites in the pocket-sized 2018 Safari Ltd collectors booklet.

The Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

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