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New Models and the Return of PNSO Figures

Everything Dinosaur’s latest newsletter features a variety of new prehistoric animal additions to the UK-based company’s product portfolio, plus the return of some old and exceedingly difficult to obtain favourites.  A shipment of PNSO figures has recently arrived and these take pride of place at the top of the January newsletter with the Chinese stegosaurid Chungkingosaurus taking centre stage.

The Everything Dinosaur Newsletter Features the PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Chungkingosaurus Figure

PNSO Chungkingosaurus features in Everything Dinosaur mailshot.
PNSO Age of Dinosaur figures feature in the latest Everything Dinosaur mailshot.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

PNSO Models and Figures in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

This beautifully crafted dinosaur model measures a whopping fifty-two centimetres long and the magnificent head is nearly twenty centimetres off the ground.  This is not the biggest model in the range, the sauropod replica (Huanghetitan), stands thirty-nine centimetres high and is nearly seventy centimetres long.  The future of the PNSO product line remains in serious doubt and a number of figures have already gone out of production.  Fortunately, Everything Dinosaur has been able to secure some stocks.

To view the PNSO Age of Dinosaurs range available from Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs.

Schleich and Safari Ltd Figures

A cornucopia of prehistoric animal figures is featured in the middle section of the Everything Dinosaur January Newsletter.  Safari Ltd have introduced thirteen new models into the Wild Safari Prehistoric World range for 2018, but just for good measure, Everything Dinosaur has added the Przewalski’s horse replica as well.  After all, models of this relic from the last Ice Age are few and far between and the Safari Ltd “Winner’s Circle” figure is a particularly good example.

To view the range of Wild Safari Prehistoric World models available from Everything Dinosaur: Safari Ltd, Wild Safari Prehistoric World.

New for 2018 Prehistoric Animal Figures (Schleich and Safari Ltd)

Prehistoric animal models (new for 2018).
New Wild Safari Prehistoric World and Schleich figures (2018). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The first of the Schleich 2018 prehistoric animal figures are also featured in this section of our newsletter.  Just like the models opposite them, they have all been beautifully painted and prices at Everything Dinosaur start at just £5.99 plus P&P.   The Schleich Psittacosaurus, Dinogorgon and the lithe Tawa are already proving to be very popular with dinosaur fans and model collectors.

To view the new for 2018 Schleich figures including the very latest models: Schleich Prehistoric Animal Models.

Elephants, Tullimontrum and Prehistoric Animal Additions

Animals with a proboscis are also featured in our latest newsletter.  One of these is familiar, the other, is one of the most bizarre animals known to science.  As well as bringing in the PNSO Age of Dinosaurs range, Everything Dinosaur has also been able to stock a small number of the PNSO Family Zoo figures, including the White Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus and the amazing African Elephant figure (illustrated below).  PNSO stands for the Peking Natural Sciences Organisation and their brief is not limited to extinct creatures, they have produced some wonderful models of animals living today.  However, just like the figures themselves, the animals the models represent are also rare.

The PNSO Family Zoo African Elephant Figure and the Paleo-Creatures Tullimonstrum

Featured replicas in the January 2018 mailshot.
Paleo-creatures Tullimonstrum and the PNSO Family Zoo African Elephant model. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the huge range of models and figures available from Everything Dinosaur: Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.

The Paleo-Creatures Tully Monster (Tullimonstrum)

January’s newsletter also featured an update on the Paleo-Creatures Tully Monster figure.  Some more of these hand-crafted replicas have arrived back in stock, replicas of one of the most unusual animals to have ever existed on planet Earth.  Known from one location, the Mazon Creek fossil beds of Illinois, this marine creature looks like an alien with its long proboscis ending in a mouth and eyes on horizontally positioned stalks, even the taphonomy of this Lagerstätte is poorly understood.  Scientists debate whether T. gregarium was a vertebrate or an invertebrate, the taxonomic classification of this little creature that lived in around 300 million years ago, remains controversial.

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