Triassic Inspired Prehistoric Animal Diorama

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Triassic Prehistoric Animal Landscape

Our thanks to dinosaur fan and model maker Robert Townsend who has sent in to Everything Dinosaur some pictures of his Triassic inspired prehistoric landscape.  Robert has constructed a large Triassic diorama complete with prehistoric vegetation, a waterhole and dinosaur footprints in the substrate.  In the latest set of photographs emailed to Everything Dinosaur, the prehistoric landscape has been populated with a range of prehistoric animal models that represent extinct creatures from the Triassic.

The Triassic Inspired Prehistoric Animal Diorama

A Triassic montage.
The Triassic landscape by Robert Townsend.

Picture credit: Robert Townsend

A Terrific Triassic Diorama

The Triassic represents a transitional period in terrestrial faunas associated with the single, giant landmass Pangaea.  A number of reptile families died out towards the end of the Triassic and the Dinosauria emerged as the dominant terrestrial fauna.  Robert’s diorama includes a number of dinosaurs, such as the recently introduced Wild Safari Prehistoric World Coelophysis model and other theropods such as the larger Liliensternus (CollectA).

A Coelophysis Inspects a Hatching Dinosaur

The Wild Safari Prehistoric World Coelophysis model.
A Coelophysis mother and hatching egg.

Picture credit: Robert Townsend

For models of Coelophysis (whilsts stocks last) and other dinosaurs: Wild Safari Prehistoric World.

Triassic Dinosaurs

Coelophysis (C. bauri) is known from the famous Ghost Ranch area of New Mexico, from exposures that represent part of the Petrified Forest Member of the Chinle Formation.  More than 1,000 individual skeletons of this meat-eating dinosaur have been excavated and the palaeofauna of the Ghost Ranch location featured in the first episode of the iconic 1999 television series “Walking with Dinosaurs”.  The episode was entitled “New Blood” and highlighted the radiation of the dinosaurs.  Other prehistoric animals to feature in that episode, such as Postosuchus and Plateosaurus are also included in Robert’s excellent diorama.

A CollectA Plateosaurus is Threatened by a Liliensternus (CollectA)

A Liliensternus threatens the larger Plateosaurus.
The CollectA Liliensternus confronts the CollectA Plateosaurus.

Picture credit: Robert Townsend

For CollectA prehistoric life figures: CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Popular Models.

Triassic Fauna

Model maker Robert stated:

“I thought that you might like another selection of my latest prehistoric diorama pictures.  This time it’s from the Late Triassic of North America and Europe.  It is interesting to note that in the Late Triassic and Early Jurassic the continents of North America and Europe/Asia appear to have been so close together that there were plenty of land bridges to connect the two and that land animals could easily pass between them in either direction.”

A Postosuchus (left) Encounters the Extremely Long-necked Tanystropheus

Tanystropheus and Postosuchus at the waterhole.
A Postosuchus and a Tanystropheus at a Triassic waterhole.

Picture credit: Robert Townsend

It is great to see that model producing companies are prepared to make models of early dinosaurs along with prehistoric animal figures that represent animals from the Triassic.

Our thanks to Robert for sending in these fascinating pictures of his Triassic inspired diorama.

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