Dinosaurs Inspire a Creative Writing Exercise

The Literacy Co-ordinator at Yeading Infant and Nursery School turned to Everything Dinosaur to help motivate Key Stage 1 pupils when it came to a novel creative writing exercise.  Mrs Siyani, wanted to motivate Year 1 and Year 2 pupils to write and a visit from a fossil expert from Everything Dinosaur was just the ticket when it came to enthusing the children to think up and write stories with a prehistoric animal theme.

Dinosaurs and Fossil

The pupils discovered a strange object out in the school vegetable patch.  It was identified as a dinosaur’s egg.  Under the teaching team’s supervision, the children had to write letters to our dinosaur experts explaining what they had found and asking for help in looking after the eggs.  Would a dinosaur expert be able to visit the school?

Had the School Children Found a Dinosaur’s Egg?

Dinosaur egg discovered by children.

Dinosaurs inspire young children to write.

Picture credit: Yeading Infant and Nursery School

Visit from Everything Dinosaur

Prior to the visit the children had created various displays all about dinosaurs.  The girls and boys had made posters with lots of facts on them and explained using a comic strip format how the egg was discovered.  During a break from the dinosaur workshops, the fossil experts were give a tour of the school work by the budding palaeontologists.

A number of creative writing extension ideas and activities came out of the school visit, including one where the children were encouraged to write thank you letters to the team members.  The dinosaur themed creative writing exercise certainly proved inspirational for the children and the teaching team.

An Example of One of the Letters Sent into Everything Dinosaur

Letter sent to Everything Dinosaur.

Tiya, sketches the egg.  A letter sent to team members at Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Yeading Infant and Nursery School

A spokesperson for Everything Dinosaur stated:

“When working with the teaching team we wanted to help them come up with dinosaur themed creative writing ideas for Key Stage 1.  From our huge mail bag that we received, our school visit must have been very successful”.

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