Dino Toy Forum Soon to be Up and Running Again

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Dino Toy Forum and Dinosaur Toy Blog Temporarily Down

Fans of dinosaur and prehistoric animal models may have encountered some difficulty logging onto the Dino Toy Forum and the related Dinosaur Toy Blog  over the last few days.  With so many new replicas due to be introduced this year it can be a little frustrating for all the enthusiastic and dedicated forum members.  However, Everything Dinosaur has been assured that the current difficulties will soon be sorted and these vibrant forums will soon be up and running again.

Dinosaur Toys

The reason for the downtime, is that both these sites are currently in maintenance mode prior to transfer to a new server, normal service will be resumed very shortly.

Information and Updates About Dinosaur Toys Will Soon be Available

dinosaur toys and models.

New models in the CollectA Deluxe and “Prehistoric Life” series. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

 Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Over the last few days, Everything Dinosaur team members had received a number of emails from forum members asking what might have happened, we have been doing our best to allay any concerns replying to all those received, a spokes person from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We are confident that it will be business as usual very shortly.  It has to be remembered that these sites are a real labour of love for the forum administrators and they have fit in updates, amendments and any changes into their busy work schedules.  All concerned should be congratulated for doing such an excellent job.”

Small Problem Dealt With

Speaking on behalf of the Dino Toy Forum and the Dinosaur Toy Blog, Adam Stuart Smith, one of the leading lights of these two sites, stated:

“Yes, there has been a small hiccup during the migration and there have been some small difficulties with the login page.  However, we are working hard to resolve the problem and that both the blog and the forum will be up and running again ASAP.”

Everything Dinosaur has been assured that nobody’s streams and comments have been lost, everything will be functioning back to normal very soon.

In the meantime, Adam recommends checking the Dino Toy Blog for additional information and updates.


Just as promised, those clever people behind the Dino Toy Blog and the Dino Toy Forum have sorted everything out, and these sites are now up and running once again.

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