A Video Showing the New Schleich Dinosaur Models (2014)

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Schleich New Dinosaur Models Captured on Video

Team members at Everything Dinosaur were given special permission to make a short video that shows the four new dinosaur models being introduced by Schleich this year.  We have already posted up pictures of the new Velociraptor, the Tyrannosaurus rex, the brightly painted Schleich Pentaceratops (our favourite) and the long-clawed and fearsome looking Therizinosaurus.  These models are currently in production and they will be available from Everything Dinosaur in May of this year.

Schleich Dinosaur Models

A Short Video of the New for 2014 Schleich Dinosaur Models

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

All these models are not to scale and they are going into the Schleich “World of History” dinosaur model range, that brings this particular series up to a total of sixteen replicas.

The Therizinosaurus will have moveable front limbs, as will (we think), the Velociraptor.  The T. rex and the Velociraptor will also have articulated jaws.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s current range of Schleich “World of History” models: Schleich Prehistoric Animal Models and Toys.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“These four new models represent a 25% increase in the larger-sized prehistoric animal replicas offered by this German manufacturer.  It is pleasing to see investment being made in the design and production of new dinosaur models.”

The current Schleich “World of History” range already features a Tyrannosaurus rex and a Velociraptor, the new T. rex and the bright green Schleich Velociraptor figure, which should be available from Everything Dinosaur in May, are not replacements but they are designed to complement the existing model range.