Everything Dinosaur Celebrates Australia Day

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Celebrating Australia Day with “Aussie Dinosaurs”

Today, January 26th, is Australia Day, the day when Australians celebrate “all things to do with Australia including the cricket” as one colleague described it.  It was not until 1994 that this day become a public holiday down under but in homage to Australians everywhere, we thought we would mark the twentieth anniversary of this day becoming a public holiday by putting up links to some of the many Australian dinosaur and prehistoric animal articles Everything Dinosaur team members have written and posted on this blog site.

An Illustration of an Aussie Armoured Dinosaur

Minmi paravertebra illustrated.

An Aussie armoured dinosaur.  An illustration of Minmi paravertebra.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Over the last twenty years or so there have been a number of new dinosaur species named and described by Australian scientists, very many of these from the fossil rich “Badlands” of Queensland around the small town of Winton.

There have also been a number of prehistoric marsupials fossils also found over the last two decades, which has helped extend our knowledge of the diversity of this particular group of mammals and to shed light on the possible causes of extinction for much of the country’s mega fauna.

Fossil Discovery Linked to Marine Mammals: Riddle of the Sea Cow.

New research into Mega Fauna Extinction (Australia): New Research on Australian Mega Fauna Extinction.

Dinosaur Discoveries from Queensland: A Trio of Dinosaurs from Down Under.

We hope Australians everywhere enjoy their national day.