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21 01, 2014

Reception Children Compose Beautiful Letter

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Helping a Reception Class with Writing

Following a dinosaur workshop with class RJ (Reception), team members set the class and their enthusiastic teacher Miss Jones, one of our “pinkie palaeontologist challenges”.  Could the children demonstrate their super writing skills by drafting and writing a letter to Everything Dinosaur following our visit?


Although, many of the children had only just turned five, they were keen to get involved and thanks to some group work, supported by the teaching assistant the class was able to work out what should go into the letter, how it should start and the best way to end it.  Sure enough, a few days after we set the challenge, we received a lovely thank you letter from the class.

Everything Dinosaur Receives Letter from Reception

Thank you letter received by Everything Dinosaur.

Class RJ’s letter, a lovely thank you letter from the class.

Picture credit: Class RJ

As part of our extension activities agreed with the teaching team after we had visited the school to conduct the dinosaur themed workshop, we naturally sent a reply.  In this way, the children could see how letter writing is compared with using email and other forms of communication.  With the new curriculum likely to place greater emphasis on information technology we were happy to help out and provide further support to the teaching team.

Everything Dinosaur Sent the Class a Reply

Everything Dinosaur replies to a thank you letter.

Thank you for your kind letter.  Everything Dinosaur replies to a thank you letter sent from a class.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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21 01, 2014

A Lovely Thank You Letter from Class RJ (Reception)

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Reception Class Sends in Thank You Note To Everything Dinosaur after Dinosaur Workshop

Everything Dinosaur team members are busy visiting schools all over the UK at the moment.  We need to become as fast as a speedy Struthiomimus in order to keep up with all our other duties at this time of year.  However, we do try and respond to every email, letter, drawing sent in and such like, especially from young dinosaur fans and budding palaeontologists.

Everything Dinosaur

After a school visit to work with some children in reception classes (aged 4-5) years, we received a thank you letter from class RJ.

Class RJ Say Thanks for the Dinosaur Workshop

Class RJ's letter

Class RJ’s letter.

Picture credit: Class RJ

Thank You Note

Miss Jones, (the teacher) emailed to say how much the children enjoyed learning about dinosaurs.  She went onto add that the children came up with the letter and helped to write the words.  Always a pleasure to hear from school children and we encourage such imaginative writing in reception classes, they can really help young children with their sentence construction and appreciation of grammar.  Naturally, we took time out of busy schedule to compose a reply and to email it over to the school.

Saying Thank You for the Thank You

Thank you for your kind letter.

Thank you for your kind letter.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The children under the expert guidance of their teachers and the support staff had prepared lots of questions in time for our visit to the school.  A number of classes had thought about the sort of questions they would like answered and then these were written down with the help of the teacher, we did our best to answer them all.

School Children Prepare Lots of Questions

Lots of questions prepared by school children.

Lots of questions prepared by school children.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

So many questions, the children were very enthusiastic and we were really impressed with their knowledge about prehistoric animals.  We were so pleased that these budding scientists enjoyed looking at the dinosaur bones.

When conducting dinosaur workshops for reception, it is important to consider extension activities that can take place once the visit is over to help reinforce learning and to check understanding.  In this way, Everything Dinosaur team members can further support the work of the teachers in the school.

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