Update on Everything Dinosaur’s Social Media Activities

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Checking on Everything Dinosaur’s Social Media Progress

It has been a very busy 2013 for Everything Dinosaur team members, what with all our outreach work with schools, universities and museums.  In addition, to packing and despatching all our customer orders we remain committed to updating all our social medial platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter etc.

As part of our New Year predictions, team members outlined the plans and targets for Everything Dinosaur’s social media activities over the next twelve months or so, these included the following:

  • Blog – to post up at least 365 articles in 2014 (if we do we will have posted up in excess of 2,800 articles it total on the Everything Dinosaur web log).
  • Ezine – to have 685 articles posted up on this platform by the year end
  • YouTube – to have produced another 35 videos and seen viewing figures go over the 800,000 mark in total
  • Pinterest – to have over 3,000 pins up on the Everything Dinosaur boards by December 31st 2014
  • Facebook – 1,200 likes and to continue to post up pictures, articles, snippets and so forth to encourage lively debate.
  • Twitter – 2,000 tweets

To read the article about Everything Dinosaur’s predictions, what news stories and features this blog will cover in 2014: Everything Dinosaur New Year Predictions – 2014.

Everything Dinosaur

Let’s just take a few minutes to review progress/plans to date concerning some aspects of Everything Dinosaur’s social media status.

The blog is scheduled to have on-going maintenance on it throughout the next few months.  At the same time, team members are committed to posting up another 365 articles over the year.  If the maintenance is completed and if the articles are posted up, in reality Everything Dinosaur will have nearly 2,900 on line articles.  An extremely creditable performance.

The Ezine target is quite a challenge.  To date the company has posted up around 560 articles on this particular platform.  Although, it is not a priority for Everything Dinosaur, this does equate to ten, original articles approved and up each month.  We shall see how things progress.

YouTube Videos

YouTube videos, we enjoy researching, writing and producing these short (five minute) videos and they have been very well received by our customers.  We intend to post up new videos at the rate of three per month and if our current viewing figures are repeated throughout the year, then we should go past the 800,000 views figure in the next twelve months or so.  Over the next few days we expect to break through the 600,000 views mark only having celebrated reaching half a million views early in December.

Celebrating Reaching the Landmark of 500,000 YouTube Views

Half a million views on Everything Dinosaur's Youtube channel.

Half a million views on Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur on Pinterest

As for the image platform, Pinterest, to date we have posted up around 1,590 pictures, articles and features, it is our aim to have over 3,000 up by the end of 2014, this equates to an effective doubling of our Pinterest presence, or to put it succinctly, we need to post up an average of thirty pictures a week to reach this target.  With our vast dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed database we certainly have the pictures and images to hand to enable us to do this.

With a target for Facebook likes of 1,200 genuine customer likes for the year, we have to earn a “like a day”, as Tyrannosaurus Sue says, so far we are just about on target to achieve this.  However, if you like this blog, our dedicated customer service and the fact that we are all round, nice people, feel free to visit our Facebook page and to give us a “like” it would be greatly appreciated.

Everything Dinosaur on Facebook

Click the logo to visit our Facebook page and to give our page a "like".

Click the logo to visit our Facebook page and to give our page a “like”.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Our Twitter Feed

Our Twitter feed, is another social platform that we have been very proud to be involved in.  We have supported anti-bullying campaigns, promoted educational events and “tweeted” in support of teachers, the National Autism Society and other notable bodies.  We shall continue to work with this platform this year, but we won’t “tweet for a tweet’s sake”, we shall restrict our correspondence to pertinent and relevant information only.  Two thousand tweets is around 1,300 for the year, or about twenty-five per week.

We shall see how we do, keeping you posted on Everything Dinosaur’s progress.

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