Unique Dinosaur Artwork in Schools

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A Colourful Camarasaurus Collage

Whilst working with Key Stage 1 children carrying out a dinosaur workshop in school, one of our dinosaur experts was shown this lovely collage of a colourful sauropod by an eager, young dinosaur fan.  The dinosaur featured is a Camarasaurus (C. supremus for example).  It is certainly a very colourful collage.

Dinosaur Artwork

A Colourful Camarasaurus Collage

Colourful Camarasaurus collage

Colourful Camarasaurus collage.

Picture credit: Nithilea/Everything Dinosaur

The artwork was produced by Nithilea, as part of term topic in which the children learn all about dinosaurs in school.  We loved the idea of using bright and colourful tissue paper to create a very funky looking dinosaur.  Camarasaurus was a long-necked, plant-eating dinosaur.   Palaeontologists have estimated that this creature which was related to the brachiosaurs (member of the Macronaria) and it could reach lengths of up to 20 metres.

Our dinosaur experts were most impressed with the dinosaur artwork on display in the school.

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