Comparing New Schleich Velociraptors

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Schleich Velociraptors Designed for Creative Play

In May of this year, team members at Everything Dinosaur are expecting to receive stocks of the new Schleich Velociraptor (Velociraptor green, as it is referred to in some circles), this will mean that Schleich will have three Velociraptor models available.

Two of these models are in the larger prehistoric animal series, the third is in the “die kleinen Dinos” range.  This will mean that for the moment, Velociraptor figures make up 12.5% of the entire Schleich prehistoric animal model collection.  When the tyrannosaur models are considered, T. rex and Velociraptor figures make up a quarter of the entire “World of History” prehistoric animal offering from the German company.


From a palaeontological perspective, there have been a number of exciting discoveries made in the last few years concerning the Velociraptorinae.  Velociraptorinae is the term used to describe a sub-family of dromaeosaurids – small meat-eating dinosaurs.  Although scientists still debate the taxonomic relationships between different types of dromaeosaurids, including which ones may or may not have been more closely related to Velociraptor, new fossil finds has led to the describing of several new genera.  We have Linheraptor (L. exquisitus) named in 2010 and Tsaagan (T. mangas) discovered just a few years earlier.

Both these dinosaurs come from Asia, but recently, a paper on a new Late Cretaceous dromaeosaurid from North America was published.

To read more about this fossil discovery: New North American “Raptor” Described.

It is always a pleasure to see new interpretations of dinosaurs introduced into the model market.  Velociraptor is a perennial favourite with both young boys and girls and this dinosaur regularly features in the top five of our annual survey of the most popular prehistoric animals.  For instance, in 2013 Velociraptor was ranked at number four, up one place from the previous year.

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Schleich Velociraptor Models Compared

Comparing two Schleich Velociraptor dinosaur models.

Comparing two Schleich Velociraptor dinosaur models.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

In the picture above, the new Velociraptor-like model has been placed by the smaller Schleich Velociraptor from the series which we at Everything Dinosaur refer to as the “Schleich Dinosaurs”.  Although the models share the same colouration, the new figure is considerably larger, measuring around 18 cm in length and standing 12 cm high.

Schleich Velociraptor Dinosaur Models

The posture has been changed from the earlier pre-production, concept images that we have viewed.  The skull has been re-sculpted to permit it to have an articulated jaw and the model has been given a more classical “Velociraptorinae look”, with a longer snout.  The tail on the new model has been made longer and straightened, perhaps in response to comments received after the concept images were viewed.  This new version will also have moveable arms, a feature that will no doubt, prove very popular with this model’s target market, children aged from 3 years upwards.

The feet are not posed in the classical raised second toe posture of the “raptors”.  Both the other Schleich Velociraptor figures show this anatomical feature very clearly.  The second toe is somewhat enlarged in this new replica, but the claw tip is resting on the ground.

Track way evidence suggests that for most of the time this claw was probably held aloft with these types of carnivorous dinosaurs, but studies have shown that this second toe could be rested on the ground.  When walking or running, this claw was pulled up and back to avoid the tip being blunted.  When attacking this claw with its sharp tip, could swivel through 180 degrees and be used as a crampon to help these fierce predators hold fast when struggling with prey larger than themselves.  The three-toed, resting claws position is probably a concession aimed at the younger aged model market, as this pose helps the model stay upright and stable on an uneven surface such as a bedroom carpet.

 The New for 2014 Schleich Velociraptor Dinosaur Model

Velociraptor Dinosaur Model from Schleich.

Velociraptor dinosaur model from Schleich.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Model Colouration

The red and green colouration, along with the fearsome reputation of this particular dinosaur should make the Schleich Velociraptor a firm favourite.  This model will be suitable for children from three years of age and its large size makes it ideal for creative, imaginative play.

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The arm has bright red quills, a feature recorded on the fossilised ulna of Velociraptor spp.  For those model fans who prefer their dinosaurs to have slightly muted tones, there is always the “World of History” Velociraptor which was part of the original set of replicas introduced by Schleich back in 2012.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s short video review of this Velociraptor model simply click on the YouTube video link below.

Everything Dinosaur Reviews a Schleich Velociraptor

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur