New Schleich Prehistoric Animal Models for 2014

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Schleich Dinosaurs for 2014

Everything Dinosaur team members have been busy looking at the first samples of the new Schleich 2014 dinosaur models.  This German company intends to introduce four not to scale models this year, there is a long-clawed Therizinosaurus, a new Tyrannosaurus rex model, a new raptor (Velociraptor spp.) and a brightly painted horned dinosaur called Pentaceratops.

New Dinosaur Models for 2014 from Schleich

Four new Schleich dinosaur models to look forward to.

Four new Schleich dinosaur models to look forward to.

Picture credit: Schleich

The picture (above) shows the four new for 2014 Schleich dinosaur models, the T. rex (left), the Pentaceratops in the centre with the blue Therizinosaurus just behind it.  The new Velociraptor figure can be seen to the right of the image.

Schleich Dinosaurs

Over the next few days or so, Everything Dinosaur will be posting up new images and further information concerning these prehistoric animal models.  We expect to have them in stock in May of this year.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s current range of Schleich dinosaurs: Schleich Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.

The four dinosaurs in the picture date from the Cretaceous although T. rex and Pentaceratops lived in North America, whilst Therizinosaurus and Velociraptor fossils herald from Asia.