Stay Away from Coastal Paths, Beaches and Cliffs

Much of the United Kingdom has experienced stormy weather over the last few days.  Such storms are not uncommon, indeed they are expected at this time of year, however, the ferocity of the storms, the flooding and the high winds has led to a great deal of damage.  There are something like one hundred flood warnings in place across England and Wales, including half a dozen or so in southern England and along the south coast that had been classified as “severe”, meaning that there is a “danger to life”.  Scotland too, has had its share of appalling weather, with another twenty or so flood warnings currently in place.

Fossil Collecting Advice

The Environment Agency has been producing updates so that coastal communities and those likely to be affected can be kept informed as the weather situation changes from hour to hour.  Maps of areas likely to be threatened by flooding have been produced and a number of councils and other public bodies have put out warnings.

The severe weather is likely to weaken cliffs, coastal paths and sea fronts, we strongly advise anyone considering going fossil hunting to postpone their trip, if it involves travelling to an area that might be affected by the bad weather.  Land slips and rock falls are very likely in the saturated strata, quarries too and other areas with over hanging rocks will also be dangerous.

Land slips and Rock Falls make Fossil Hunting on Beaches Very Dangerous

Dangerous Conditions for Beachcombers

Dangerous conditions for beachcombers.

Picture credit: Brandon Lennon

Take Care, Stay Safe

The arrow in the picture is pointing to a person, this gives a scale to the photograph showing a large rock fall on the Dorset coast.  The storms and high tides will expose a lot of fossil material in a number of places in the United Kingdom.  Everything Dinosaur’s advice at the moment for would-be fossil collectors, is to stay away from coastal paths, sea cliffs and beaches. Fossils exposed by the stormy weather will still be around to find after the bad weather has passed.  The material although likely to be dispersed, will still be there or thereabouts in a few days time and visiting such locations will be safer.

Take care and if in any doubt, simply don’t go.

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