A Review of the Schleich Carnotaurus Dinosaur Replica by Everything Dinosaur

Schleich have introduced two new models into their “World of History Prehistoric Animals” model series in 2013.  These models are Carnotaurus and Styracosaurus.  Everything Dinosaur has produced a brief (5 minutes 45 seconds) video review of Carnotaurus, this new replica of “meat-eating bull”.

Schleich Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model

In this review, we discuss the discovery of Carnotaurus, reflect on this model and the recently introduced Papo version of this enigmatic theropod, plus we discuss how the model reflects the known fossil material ascribed to this genus.

Everything Dinosaur Reviews the Schleich Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Video Review

It is our intention to produce a video review of the Styracosaurus replica, in the meantime, we have concentrated on the Schleich Carnotaurus dinosaur figure, looking at the model’s pose, the details on the head and on the articulated jaws.  The skin texture for example, does reflect what has been seen in the fossil record, (impressions of the right side of the animal preserved alongside other holotype material).

A dinosaur model aimed primarily at younger dinosaur fans, but one that has a lot of merit as far as model collectors are concerned and it makes an intriguing contrast to other Carnotaurus models.

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Carnotaurus is a member of the Abelisauridae, a strange and enigmatic family of carnivorous dinosaurs known mostly from the Southern Hemisphere (not withstanding one controversial fossil claim from France).  They were unknown to science until about thirty years ago.  They seem to have been, like the tyrannosaurids, one of the last clades of meat-eating dinosaur to have existed.