New Carnegie Collectibles Concavenator Dinosaur Model Reviewed

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Model of Concavenator (Safari Ltd) Reviewed by Everything Dinosaur

It is always pleasing so see replicas of some of the more unusual dinosaurs introduced, especially if it is a model of a bizarre European theropod.  Concavenator, known from just a single fossil specimen, has just been added to the Carnegie Collectibles model series made by Safari Ltd.

This is a colourful dinosaur model, the only new addition to the Carnegie Collectibles range this year.  Everything Dinosaur team members have produced a short (under five minutes) video review, in which we discuss the merits of this replica and attempt to shed some light on this dinosaur’s strange hump/crest that ran backgrounds from near the base of the tail.

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Carnegie Collectibles Concavenator model

Everything Dinosaur’s Concavenator Dinosaur Model Review

Everything Dinosaur reviews the Carnegie Collectibles Concavenator dinosaur model.

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

Short Video Review

In this video, our team members speculate that this carnivorous dinosaur was not a predator that lived on the open plains of Las Hoyas, but that it was similar to the theropod called Eotyrannus (E. lengi).  It may have been a forest dweller, a cursorial predator of the animals that shared its woodland home.  If this is the case, then it begs the question what larger theropod dinosaurs may be awaiting discovery in the Lower Cretaceous sediments of this part of the Iberian mountains.

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