Free Dinosaur Party Food Labels

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Dinosaur Party Food Labels for Your Little Monsters

Everything Dinosaur was asked the other day by a customer how to encourage children to try different party food.  This is no mean task as young children tend to eat in what we call the “tsunami” style and we are not referring to the mess that a dozen or so excited, enthusiastic dinosaur fans can cause at a dinosaur themed party.  If one child tries something then others will follow, by the same token if one child rejects some item of dinosaur party food then those around him or her are likely to do the same.

Dinosaur Party

To avoid such problems and in order to help offer a range of healthy dinosaur party food, Everything Dinosaur has created a couple of simple dinosaur themed party food labels.   Staff get emailed: contact Everything Dinosaur and our dedicated team members email out two dinosaur themed labels for party food.  Each label features a different dinosaur, a meat-eater (Concavenator) for those food items which are meat-based and a second label with a herbivorous, horned dinosaur (Kosmoceratops).  This second label can be used for non-meat based food items.  The box under the dinosaur image is for grown ups preparing the food to write a description.  Mums and dads can get quite creative with labels such as “sauropod salad”, “Cretaceous cheese sandwiches” and “Jurassic jam”.

One of the Everything Dinosaur Party Food Labels (Dinosaur Themed Party)

Kosmoceratops encourages young children to eat their greens.

Kosmoceratops encourages young children to eat their greens.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Party Food Labels

The labels have proved very popular and it is amazing how quickly young children will tuck into a salad if it is labelled with a dinosaur.  The pictures can be coloured in and they make a useful addition to the check list of dinosaur themed items required to help make a dinosaur party a roaring success.

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