New Schleich Styracosaurus Dinosaur Model Reviewed

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Schleich 2013 Styracosaurus Dinosaur Model in Review

The second of the new Schleich replicas introduced into their “World of History/Prehistoric Animal” model series is this striking model of the horned dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of North America – Styracosaurus.  It is very appropriate for Schleich to add a Styracosaurus to their model range this year, as 2013 marks the 100th anniversary of the naming and describing of “spiked lizard”.  The first species of Styracosaurus was named in 1913 by Lawrence Lambe, Canada’s first professional palaeontologist.

The Schleich Styracosaurus Dinosaur Model (2013)

"Spiked Lizard!" celebrates 100th birthday!

“Spiked Lizard!” celebrates 100th birthday!

Schleich Styracosaurus Dinosaur Model

The model is painted a metallic blue, with speckles of white running in bands either side of the prominent backbone, which itself is painted a golden and orange colour.  These markings match the very colourful “eye flashes”, the skin covered holes in the huge neck frill.  The fenestrae (skin covered holes), are clearly visible in this model.

Some palaeontologists have speculated that a number of horned dinosaurs had such holes in their frills to help lighten them, whilst others have speculated that the holes only occurred as the animal grew and matured and perhaps the skin that covered them was used to flash warnings at rivals or to deter predators.  The large “eye flashes” on this Schleich replica would have made a stunning visual display and alarmed all but the most determined predator.

Spikes and a Single Horn

The spikes and the single horn are painted a white colour, to give the impression of solid bone.  The open beak of this dinosaur figure is also painted this colour and the detail around the mouth is remarkable, the row of teeth that can be made out in the maxilla for example.

The Styracosaurus model measures seventeen centimetres from the tip of the beak to the end of the somewhat stumpy tail.  Based on an adult Styracosaurus albertensis, which might have reached lengths in excess of five and a half metres, it is estimated that the scale of this replica is approximately 1:32 scale.  The model gives an impression of a stocky, powerful animal, one that would have weighed nearly three tonnes in real life.

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It is pleasing to note that the design team at Schleich have taken care to get the number of digits on the front feet correct and the skin texture on this replica is excellent, there are even folds of skin behind the heavy-looking neck frill.

The Robust Ceratopsian Styracosaurus (Schleich Styracosaurus Dinosaur Model)

Styracosaurus dinosaur model

Styracosaurus dinosaur model.

Picture  credit: Everything Dinosaur

This is a solid and robust model of a solid and robust horned dinosaur, one of the more spectacular ceratopsians known from the Campanian faunal stage of the Late Cretaceous.  This herbivorous dinosaur probably lived in herds and a fully grown Styracosaurus would have been a formidable adversary of the large tyrannosaurids that were the apex predators in North America during this part of the Mesozoic.

An attractive dinosaur model, a welcome addition to the Schleich model range, one that marks the 100th anniversary of the naming of the first species of Styracosaurus with some style.