Colourful Thank You Letters From Year 2

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School Children Studying Dinosaurs Say Thank You

A few days ago Everything Dinosaur received a parcel from a teacher at a primary school we had visited (Great Wood Primary).  The teacher had asked her pupils to compose a thank you letter and to write about some of things they did during our visit to their school.   The parcel contained a set of thank you notes with lots of amazing and very colourful prehistoric animal drawings.  There were many different designs, although long-necked dinosaurs (sauropods), proved a particularly popular subject for the front of the card.

Thank You Letters

Dinosaur Themed Thank You Letters

Drawings of long-necked dinosaurs (Sauropods) proved to be popular.

Drawings of long-necked dinosaurs (sauropods) proved to be popular.

Picture credit: James and Olivia

Ellie drew a flying reptile on the front of her card and she enjoyed learning about Tyrannosaurus rex, whilst Amy chose to illustrate her card with lots of pink dinosaurs and liked learning about Triceratops the best.  Jake drew a very scary looking dinosaur on his thank you card, Lucy illustrated her card with a spiky dinosaur, Matthew (Matthewosaurus) was particularly impressed with the skull of the armoured dinosaur that he saw.

Our mailbag was full of lovely dinosaur cards.

Our mailbag was full of lovely dinosaur cards.

Picture credit: Elliot and Aki

Everything Dinosaur

Leah wrote that she “learned that T. rex had very big teeth“, Josh sent in a card covered with big ticks and asked how did the dinosaurs come alive?  A terrific question Josh, we think that all dinosaurs hatched from eggs, perhaps you can think of animals that are alive today that hatch from eggs, can you and your classmates come up with a list?  We loved the big smiling dinosaur on Toby’s card and Spencer wrote a very long letter, recalling lots of facts about dinosaurs that had come up in our work that day.  Our thanks to Dylan for his wonderful dinosaur drawing, the big bones that were in one of the boxes were part of the leg bones from a Stegosaurus, well spotted Dylan!

Spinosaurus and Spinosaurs by Max

Max drew a multi-coloured Spinosaurus.

Max drew a multi-coloured Spinosaurus.

Picture credit: Max

Lots of Fun!

Lucy said that she had lots of fun and liked handling the fossils, she even drew some bones on the front of her card, Ruby had a great time as well and she liked learning about teeth. Isobel sent in a lovely picture of a dinosaur with a big smile, must be a very friendly dinosaur.

Our thanks to all the pupils for creating such wonderful cards and to their teacher for taking time out of her busy schedule to send them into us.

Our Iguanodon gives Great Wood Primary a big “thumbs up”.

Iguanodon Gives the School Children a Big “Thumbs Up”!

Praise from a dinosaur!

Praise from a dinosaur!

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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