Taking our Time – Making Preparations for a Busy Summer Season

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Preparing for a Busy Summer

It may have been one of the coldest springs in the UK on record but things are getting heated up at Everything Dinosaur as team members work on a number of projects and finalise plans for the summer.

Everything Dinosaur

The company’s busy timetable over the next few weeks is to complete the launch of its first own branded dinosaur themed clothing – the long awaited and much anticipated Tyrannosaurus rex skull sweatshirts.  Already a significant amount of the first stock has been sold, but we promise to help and assist all those who want one.  Watch this space for more news.

Look Out for the Logo on the New Everything Dinosaur Clothing Range

Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur logo.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Teaching Programme

The teaching programme is as busy as ever, with our hardworking teaching team trying to squeeze in all the scheduled school visits into what is, a fairly short summer term for schools.

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s clothing section of their award-winning website: Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Themed Clothing.

We also have a number of scheduled summer events and activities.  Our new dinosaur themed, quirky presentation tentatively entitled “kissing with dinosaurs” is coming along nicely although procurement seem to be struggling with the various odd requests that are coming in.  Can we utilise the Mastodon tooth?  Along the lines of the more bizarre requests received so far is the one for a gross of “wet wipes”. Not sure what they are up to but it sounds intriguing – we shall keep you posted.