Everything Dinosaur team members have come up with a fun and easy chocolate dinosaur nests with eggs recipe. It is our way of providing a little a treat for children. We are also confident that many dedicated teaching professionals will enjoy these tasty cakes too.

Our recipe for dinosaur chocolate nests will provide a dozen or so little chocolate cakes. For a healthy, balanced diet, we suggest that would-be chefs are reminded by the grown-ups about the benefits of fruit and vegetables when it comes to eating sensibly.

Dinosaur chocolate nests. Chocolate dinosaur nests.
Super dinosaur chocolate nests which are fun and easy to make. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Simple and Inexpensive Recipe

Here is a list of ingredients to make 8 to 12 chocolate dinosaur nests.

  • Plain or Milk cooking Chocolate 225 grammes (8oz)
  • Packet of Breakfast Cereal Cornflakes or Shredded Wheat variety
  • Packet of Sugar Coated Mini-chocolate Eggs
  • Pack of Small Cake Cases

With our recipe there is some measuring involved. There is some mixing too, so this is a good exercise to help little ones with number confidence and manual dexterity. Please take care when supervising children when it comes to melting the chocolate.

Chocolate Dinosaur Nests

For full instructions on how to make these simple, dinosaur themed cakes: How to Make Dinosaur Chocolate Nests.

These chocolate nests also make super cakes for a dinosaur themed party. They are simple to create, require no baking and are very tasty. If you are having a dinosaur party, please, don’t forget the fruit and vegetables. After all, palaeontologists calculate that around seventy percent of all the Dinosauria were herbivores!

You can be quite imaginative, laying out a “Stegosaurus salad”, or perhaps some crunchy “Cretaceous cucumber” or “Camarasaurus carrots”.

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We hope all teachers, teaching assistants, parents, grandparents and guardians enjoy the early spring break.