Beautiful Nanmu Studio Carnotaurus Images

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Our thanks to dinosaur model fan and collector Chaitanya who sent into Everything Dinosaur some pictures of the recently acquired Nanmu Studio Carnotaurus model. It is a beautiful replica of a large abelisaurid. Our thanks to Chaitanya for sharing the images with us.

Nanmu Studio Figures in India (Carnotaurus)
The Nanmu Studio Carnotaurus double horn demon figure. Picture credit: Chaitanya.

Nanmu Studio Carnotaurus

Four Nanmu Studio Carnotaurus figures were recently added to the Nanmu Studio Jurassic series model range. There are two colour variants “true colour” and “demon”. There were also two model variants introduced. One model variant had two intact skull horns, the other had a broken horn.

The Carnotaurus figure shown in the photographs is the “demon” double horn model variant.

Nanmu Studio Figures in India (Carnotaurus)
The Nanmu Studio Carnotaurus figure – double horn demon. A close-up view of the head and torso. Picture credit: Chaitanya.

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Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur praised the photographs.

The company spokesperson commented:

“Carnotaurus is an immensely popular theropod dinosaur amongst fans of the Dinosauria. Nanmu Studio has produced some excellent figures and their recently introduced Carnotaurus figures have been beautifully painted. We are grateful to Chaitanya for sending into us the photographs.”