Celebrating St George’s Day (The Exclusive Dragon Soul Parasaurolophus)

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Today is April 23rd, St Georges Day, the patron saint of England and a significant figure in the cultures of many other countries.  April 23rd is traditionally regarded as the day that St George died in the fourth century A.D.  St George is remembered for numerous deeds including the slaying of a fearsome dragon! Whilst team members have not spotted many dragons recently, we have spent time admiring the Nanmu Studio Jurassic series Dragon Soul Parasaurolophus. It is a stunning dinosaur replica.

Nanmu Studio Parasaurolophus Corpse
The Parasaurolophus corpse model box. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Dragon Soul Parasaurolophus

Nanmu Studio have produced several exquisite figures with the “Dragon Soul” designation. The Parasaurolophus corpse is typical, it being a special edition and a limited-edition figure too.

It is a fabulous polystone replica of a carcase of an adult Parasaurolophus. We think this is a replica of a Parasaurolophus walkeri corpse. The detail on the figure is amazing. The Nanmu Studio Dragon Soul Parasaurolophus (Nutcracker Soldier) is supplied with an Everything Dinosaur Parasaurolophus fact sheet. The figure has a declared scale of 1:35 so it works well with the Tyrannosaurus rex models in the Nanmu Studio Jurassic series range.

Nanmu Studio Dragon Soul Parasaurolophus corpse.
The remarkable polystone sculpture entitled Nanmu Studio Dragon Soul Parasaurolophus (Nutcracker Soldier) is in stock at Everything Dinosaur (whilst stocks last).

The actual replica is approximately 34 cm in length (curved length measurement).

It seems fitting that on a day we remember a slain dragon, that we feature a model of a dead Parasaurolophus.

To view the range of Nanmu Studio Jurassic series figures, including the limited-edition Dragon Soul Parasaurolophus (Nutcracker Soldier), whilst stocks last: Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series Prehistoric Animal Models.

Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Model

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“This is a truly spectacular figure! It is a beautiful model with stunning details. The polystone medium has permitted the artists to create a very special dinosaur replica.”