Fantastic Papo Mosasaurus Model Arrives in Costa Rica

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Our thanks to prehistoric animal model collector Alberth, who is based in Costa Rica, for sending into Everything Dinosaur some photographs of the recently acquired Papo Mosasaurus model. It is always a pleasure to hear from Everything Dinosaur customers. We supply model collectors all over the world including many customers in Cental America.

Papo Mosasaurus model arrives in Costa Rica
Alberth was so keen to send Everything Dinosaur a photograph of the new model that the product packaging can still be seen in the shot.

The Papo Mosasaurus Model

The Papo Mosasaurus model is one of two marine reptile models being introduced by Papo this year. A Kronosaurus figure is due out in quarter 3/4 of 2023. The Mosasaurus marine reptile model measures over twenty-five centimetres long and it has an articulated jaw. Alberth emailed to say that the model had arrived in Costa Rica.

Papo Mosasaurus model
The new for 2022 Papo Mosasaurus model, complete with its dorsal fin. We think that this figure is reminiscent of the giant mosasaur seen in the “Jurassic World” film franchise.

Looking Forward to the Arrival of the Papo Woolly Rhino Figure

There are lots of passionate Papo model fans. Alberth in Costa Rica was delighted with the Mosasaurus figure. A request has already been received to email an alert when the reissued Papo Woolly Rhino model becomes available.

Perhaps we will receive some pictures of this model too, when it arrives in Costa Rica.

The new Papo Mosasaurus model, it has a fan in Costa Rica.
Our thanks to Alberth an Everything Dinosaur customer based in Costa Rica who sent in some photos of the recently arrived Papo Mosasaurus model.

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We are very grateful for Alberth for sending in the photographs. We would like to say “muchas gracias”.