New CollectA Prehistoric Animal Models in Stock

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The new for 2023 CollectA prehistoric animal models have arrived at Everything Dinosaur. Eight new prehistoric animal figures to collect. New CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Popular not-to-scale models have arrived. In addition, two new CollectA Deluxe figures, the Mosasaurus and the impressive Ruyangosaurus are also in stock.

New CollectA prehistoric animal models.
Six new for 2023 CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Popular, not to scale figures are now in stock at Everything Dinosaur.

CollectA Prehistoric Animal Models

Six of the new figures are new additions to the CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Popular range. There are four new dinosaurs – Triceratops horridus – confronting, Hadrosaurus, Brighstoneus and the Ceratosuchops – fishing spinosaurid figure.

The other two new figures to be introduced are both scale models in the CollectA Deluxe range. The 1:40 scale CollectA Deluxe Mosasaurus has an articulated lower jaw. There is also a replica of the giant Asian sauropod Ruyangosaurus. The Ruyangosaurus model (R. giganteus) has a declared scale of 1:100.

New CollectA Deluxe figures in stock at Everything Dinosaur.
The CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale Mosasaurus model and the 1:100 scale CollectA Ruyangosaurus replica have arrived at Everything Dinosaur.

Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson for the UK-based, mail order company commented:

“These are the first batch of new for 2023 CollectA models to arrive at our warehouse. We have been busy contacting all our customers who asked to be informed when these figures became available. The last two new for 2023 CollectA models Stegouros and Koolasuchus are expected in the late spring.”

To view the range of not-to-scale CollectA prehistoric animal figures: CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Popular Models.

Anthony Beeson

Sadly, our dear friend Anthony Beeson, passed away last year. Anthony was the inspiration behind the CollectA range of prehistoric animal figures. His enthusiasm and dedication to the CollectA brand has enabled CollectA to introduce new models. Such was Anthony’s passion for these models that there is a huge inventory of new replicas and models all waiting to be produced. The CollectA range will continue to grow, and Anthony’s unbounded energy and drive has ensured that there will be lots of new model introductions for many years.

To view the range of scale figures and replicas in the CollectA range: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Animal Figures.